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Hydrating Lip Balm

Hydrating Lip Balm

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What It DoesThe balm seals in moisture, helping to protect lips from the effects of any kind of weather so they look and feel comfortable.
What It IsAn ultra-emollient lip balm that contains a soothing and conditioning blend of natural oils, vitamins and butters to combat dry lips and improve their smoothness and texture.
21 ingredients
Sweet Almond Oil
Soothing, Hydrating, Anti-Oxidant, Comedogenic, Fungal Acne
Avocado Oil
Hydrating, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant, Comedogenic
Shea Butter
Hydrating, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant, Fungal Acne
Castor Seed Oil
Soothing, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant, Fungal Acne
Almond Oil
Soothing, Hydrating, Anti-Oxidant, Comedogenic, Fungal Acne
Soothing, Hydrating, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Aging
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🔎Petroleum products in skincare
🔎Petroleum products in skincare
I figured I would give these slides I made their own post since so many people seemed to find it helpful. ⚠️DISCLAIMER: I’m not a skincare expert. This information is based on my own internet research. It’s easy to find conflicting information about almost any topic or Ingredient, so don’t freak out if you use some of these ingredients. I grew up using all things Vaseline & cheap drugstore products in the house... I think I first had reservations about Vaseline when trying to use it as a lip balm replacement. It didn’t offer anything beyond the illusion of hydration at first, leaving me craving a reapplication. When I learned about what it actually does I understood why. In 2020 there are so many petroleum product free products available at affordable prices, but it’s important to note that these ingredients are still prevalent in so many drugstore skincare products & even in highend products like La Mer crème. Aside from Vaseline brand, it’s uncommon to find information regarding the refinement process of petroleum products in the US, making it harder to know what’s safe... These ingredients are still so prevalent despite the concerns simply due to their very cheap manufacturing costs. They’re also in shampoos, conditioners & body lotions. The use of these ingredients skincare products has been banned in Europe if the full refinement history is not disclosed. Why people use Vaseline: There are 2 different types of moisturizers. Products like essences & serums hydrate the skin without the waxes & emollients that make creams & lotions thick, so they don't clog pores or feel greasy or heavy. This first type adds moisture to the skin & the other stops or “blocks” the natural moisture that your skin produces from being lost to the atmosphere. Due to the large molecule size of Vaseline, it coats of the outer layer of your skin to prevent water loss, but cannot be truly absorbed. (See my last 2 posts to discover an interesting moisturizing product that actually has the same molecular size as our skin particles!) So in theory, Vaseline is used as a skin protectant. Vaseline brand petroleum jelly is purified & refined to a level that the FDA considers non-carcinogenic. Personally I would steer clear of it for lip balm because there are so many other options to hydrate without the consumption risk. 👄I added a slide of a few popular lips balms w/ petrolatum is the 1st ingredient. It’s also important to think about the cleanliness of your Vaseline container. Considering it will trap any bacteria on your skin or wounds under it, what bacteria may already exist in the container? I know for me growing up, the family Vaseline jar in the bathroom was pretty gross. A lot of people still swear by this stuff, just look up “Tyra Vaseline frenzy” on YouTube... but if you have sensitive or acne prone skin, I personally don’t recommend it. Try something like pure vitamin E oil in a dropper to minimize bacteria. It will nourish dry lips & dry skin patches!
 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly, Original
Vaseline- 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly, Original