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Diorshow Waterproof Pro Liner
456 Matte Lime
456 Matte Lime
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Diorshow Waterproof Pro Liner

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Why It's SpecialThis adjustable liner gives you eyeliner looks of a makeup artist in one clean and perfectly-controlled stroke. The retractable tip design hugs the lash line so you can create an instantly buildable, thin to thick line. The beveled tip does not require sharpening and retains its ergonomic shape with each application. Featuring a waterproof, gel-like formula enriched with a high concentration of pigments, it delivers unprecedented glide and intensity for foolproof application.
What It IsA revolutionary eyeliner that fuses the easy application of a pencil with the glide and intensity of a liquid liner.
18 ingredients
Hydrating, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant
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Yes, eyeliner can be creative too!
Yes, eyeliner can be creative too!
Unlike eyeshadows or lipsticks, eyeliner seems to leave us less choices, and we tend to stick to a few brands. Previously, I would usually keep only one eyeliner at a time. But now I find out the creativity that eyeliners can create! Most of us will have one eyeliner that's black or brown. How many of you haven't tried colored eyeliner? Trust me. You will fall in love with them! For a very long time, I only use liquid eyeliner for the reason of clean and crisp line. However, then I found eye pencil is firm enough to create a definite line and soft enough to blend more naturally with glide (and not that easy to make a mistake). DIOR's Diorshow Pro liner in the shade Brow is my daily eyeliner. Besides, I have an eyeliner from SHU UEMURA in the shade Violet Brown to get some creative looks and for some special occasions. The Diorshow Pro liner in brown is suitable for all daily occasions from work to study, casual to formal. The pencil tip is in a beveled shape that uncommon to see, which looks like an eyebrow pencil. I can get an intense fine line by laying the pencil and use the sharp edge, and it requires no sharpening. The unique shape makes this pencil outstanding when I'm trying to get a thick line, just point the pen to the lash line perpendicularly and use the thick plane. In addition, as an oily skin I can say this is one of the most water-proof eyeliners I've ever used. Nevertheless, I don't recommend this for makeup beginners as it might be difficult to operate. The Violet Brown one is my favorite item for hanging-out. Perfect when I'm going to shopping or date with my besties. It's so cute and fairy when matches with pink and violet tone eye makeup. Sometimes you need a colored eyeliner to bring in some vitality! The body is very tiny to help draw a precise and sharp line. This eye pencil from SHU UEMURA has a soft gel texture, which makes it super silky and smooth to smudge, yet it also magically firm a film as soon as you draw it on, which makes it long-lasting and anti-smudging. It won't be smudged even I rub it with a finger. This is also tagged as water-proof, slightly inferior than DIOR's eyeliner, but still put up a good performance. DIOR - Diorshow Waterproof Pro Liner
Diorshow Waterproof Pro Liner
DIOR-Diorshow Waterproof Pro Liner