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Gemini Eyeshadow Palette

Gemini Eyeshadow Palette

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What It IsA palette with 10 bold, pigmented shades in matte and metallic textures, from soft, warm neutrals to cool, olive tones, to satisfy every attitude.
This Palette Contains10 x Eyeshadows in Luna (matte honey beige), Gemini (metallic vermilion with a gold shift), Lorelei (matte classic mustard), Polkadot (matte warm tawny brown), Cupcake (matte true brown), Mochi (matte olive mustard), Fire OG (matte olive-green), Goalz (metallic golden lime), Leo (matte army green), Bonnie (matte pitch black)
What Else You Need to KnowChange comes easily, depending on your mood. Get the best of both worlds with the Gemini palette. The olive tones and warm yellows mix and match beautifully. To intensify the metallic shades, apply them with a wet brush.
12 ingredients
Isopropyl Palmitate
Fungal Acne
Butylene Glycol
Soothing, Hydrating, Fungal Acne
Hydrogenated Lecithin
Soothing, Hydrating
Soothing, Anti-Inflammatory
Soothing, Hydrating, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant
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the melt cosmetics Gemini pale
the melt cosmetics Gemini palette It's definitely expensive at $58 but it is a really unique palette.
Gemini Eyeshadow Palette
MELT COSMETICS-Gemini Eyeshadow Palette
Melt Cosmetics Four Twenty Palette 🖤💚
Melt Cosmetics Four Twenty Palette 🖤💚
I’ve been a huge fan of Melt Cosmetics for a few years now. I’m a huge sucker for green eyeshadow palettes and even though I have their Gemini palette I knew I needed the MELT COSMETICS - Four Twenty Eyeshadow Palette when it came out. It retails for $58 and can be found on Sephora and Melt’s website. For the most part I’m super happy with this palette! When you put Gemini and Four Twenty next to each other they are very similar! But I noticed when applying Four Twenty the shades are different. Most people probably wouldn’t notice but I do see a difference in the shades so for me that justifies having both palettes (but I also feel like you could get away with having just one and it being practically the same). Their is a lot of kick back in the pan but I’m okay with this because they are extremely pigmented. There were times where I only had to dip my brush in once to get the pay off I needed. They blended really beautifully as well. Like all the mates are gorgeous! My only issue was with the shade Shatter. It’s the only “shimmer” in the palette. Melt’s website says to apply it with your finger but you get zero pay off this way. With a brush or tapping with your fingers nothing comes off. I physically had to wipe my finger on my eyelid (which can be rough on the eyelid and I don’t like doing) in order to get anything. It’s advertised as a sheer wash of gold specks, which it is. It’s really gorgeous on the lid, but it’s a pain to put on. I think this palette is completely overpriced but it’s gorgeous, pigmented, and I don’t regret purchasing it at all. If you love the color story I do think it’s worth it.
Four Twenty Eyeshadow Palette
MELT COSMETICS-Four Twenty Eyeshadow Palette