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Artist Color Eye Shadow
M-847 - burgundy
M-847 - burgundy
D-716 - crystalline papaya
D-562 - taupe platinum
D-552 - crystalline gray beige
D-320 - golden khaki
D-410 - gold nugget
D-712 - crème brulee
D-750 - frosted peach
D-826 - fig
D-652 - celestial earth
D-830 - garnet rose
D-206 - celestial blue
D-236 - lagoon blue
D-306 - bottle green
D-104 - black diamond
M-126 - chalk
M-530 - eggshell
M-500 - ivory
M-510 - vanilla
M-402 - mimosa
M-532 - sugar coated candy
M-518 - nude
M-535 - oat
M-540 - gray beige
M-536 - milk tea
M-546 - dark purple taupe
M-549 - dark taupe
M-600 - pink brown
M-603 - cinnamon
M-608 - red brown
M-631 - cappuccino
M-619 - espresso
M-647 - speculoos
M-650 - cookie
M-705 - canyon
M-720 - apricot
M-732 - orange
M-738 - auburn
M-742 - tomato
M-748 - coral
M-806 - antique pink
M-820 - dark purple pink
M-842 - wine
M-853 - neon pink
M-856 - fresh pink
M-924 - purple
M-928 - eggplant
M-322 - khaki
M-240 - prussian blue
M-226 - abyssal blue
M-106 - slate
M-100 - black
ME-122 - snow
ME-512 - golden beige
ME-554 - gunmetal
ME-400 - butter cup
ME-734 - tangerine
ME-644 - iced brown
ME-728 - copper red
ME-614 - graphite brown
ME-612 - silver brown
ME-840 - pink chrome
ME-930 - black purple
ME-912 - orchid
ME-224 - navy blue
ME-216 - electric blue
ME-302 - peacock
ME-304 - emerald
ME-310 - fire tree green
ME-108 - steel
ME-116 - silver
S-516 - sand
S-864 - baby pink
S-814 - light rosewood
S-560 - taupe
S-606 - pinky earth
S-632 - hazelnut
S-324 - bronze khaki
S-622 - black brown
S-300 - pine green
S-312 - mint green
S-314 - nile green
I-528 - pearl
I-414 - yellow ivory
I-520 - pinky sand
I-514 - pink ivory
I-524 - pinky beige
I-648 - golden fawn
I-328 - bronze
I-538 - pearly gray beige
I-544 - pink granite
I-808 - english pink
I-834 - grape
I-918 - lavender
I-220 - sapphire

Artist Color Eye Shadow

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Why It's SpecialGlittery under eyes and cheeks are not the goal here. Thankfully, this highly-pigmented shadow is completely fallout-free.
What It IsA high-pigment eyeshadow that delivers intense, blendable color payoff in one swipe.
What Else You Need to KnowArtist Color Eye Shadow is a professional-quality formula that boasts superior blendability; vivid, one-swipe color payoff; and up to 12-hour wear thanks to rich, silicon-coated pigments. Choose one shade or create your own eye shadow palette with 121 high-impact colors and five unique finishes. This product is an Allure Best of Beauty award winner.
29 ingredients
Tocopheryl Acetate
Sorbitan Sesquioleate
Fungal Acne
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Everyday routine
Everyday routine
In the AM I wash my face with VERSED - WASH IT OUT Gel Cleanser then I rub in 4 drops of VERSED - HYDRATION STATION Booster With HA . It says to use 1-3 drops but I found it works better to use a little more. Moving on to make up, I shake up the Glossier. - Perfecting Skin Tint and apply 4 finger tips worth to my forehead cheeks and chin. Then I mix a little Glossier. - Cloud Paint and MAYBELLINE - STROBING LIQUID™ ILLUMINATING HIGHLIGHTER together on my hand and tap cheeks until satisfied. I use my finger to apply MAKE UP FOR EVER - Artist Color Eye Shadow . I put a little SEPHORA COLLECTION - Colorful Shadow & Liner on the inside of my eye and line with KVD VEGAN BEAUTY - Tattoo Eyeliner
Artist Color Eye Shadow
MAKE UP FOR EVER-Artist Color Eye Shadow