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Ghost Conditioner

Ghost Conditioner

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What It DoesPacked full of natural ingredients like moringa seed oil, sunflower seed extract, and vitamins and minerals, this moisturizing conditioner strengthens your mane, promotes hair growth, and protects against color-fading UV rays.
What It IsA moringa oil-infused conditioner that weightlessly protects, detangles, and hydrates fine and easily weighed down hair.
What Else You Need to KnowThis nourishing conditioner is light enough for everyday use while being hydrating enough to revive even the dryest, most parched hair. The Ghost line's champion ingredient—moringa seed oil—works to hydrate, detangle, and smooth hair for a glossy, easy-to-style finish. A hint of grapefruit and oatmeal blend together to leave hair with a light, fresh fragrance.
47 ingredients
Jojoba Seed Oil
Soothing, Hydrating, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant, Comedogenic, Fungal Acne
Soothing, Hydrating, Anti-Inflammatory
Sugarcane Extract
Exfoliating, Anti-Oxidant
Apple Fruit Extract
Soothing, Anti-Oxidant
Cetearyl Alcohol
Ascorbic Acid
Brightening, Anti-Aging
Cetyl Alcohol
Green Tea Leaf Extract
Soothing, Hydrating, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant
Isopropyl Alcohol
Fungal Acne
Cocoa Seed Butter
Soothing, Hydrating, Anti-Oxidant, Comedogenic
Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil
Anti-Aging, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant, Fungal Acne
Simmondsia Chinensis
Soothing, Hydrating, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant
Castor Oil
Soothing, Hydrating, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant
Vitamin E
Lemon Fruit Extract
Exfoliating, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant
Sunflower Seed Extract
Soothing, Hydrating, Anti-Oxidant
Soy Protein
Soothing, Hydrating, Anti-Aging
Hydrogenated Castor Oil
Fungal Acne
Hydrolyzed Soy Protein
Soothing, Hydrating, Anti-Aging
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VERB - Ghost Conditioner 

VERB - Ghost Conditioner VERB - Ghost Shampoo Perfect for my fine hair! I am always looking for a great shampoo and conditioner that won’t weigh my hair down. My hair is very fine and straight. I find if I use drugstore products my hair “gets used” to them. Maybe that’s because I am the type of person who will wash their hair almost every day. This shampoo and conditioner are from Sephora, $20 each. They’re about the size of a pop can. The smell is nice and light. These products don’t weigh my hair down and my hair feels so silky and smooth after! The shampoo and conditioner are sulfate, paraben, and gluten free. It’s also sold in recycled packaging :)
Ghost Conditioner
VERB-Ghost Conditioner
Today’s gonna be a quick chat
Today’s gonna be a quick chat about verb 🖤 The motto of the Ghost Shampoo is “Weightless + Color Safe + Cleanse” and that of the Ghost Conditioner is “Protect + Detangle + Soften” - this duo is supposed to weightlessly condition fine hair, protect color and leave hair tangle-free. It’s infused with Moringa oil to infuse the hair shaft with essential nutrients that will naturally smooth frizz and promote radiant shine for all hair types 🖤 The first time I used this duo, I used a good amount of conditioner and as always when I use conditioner, hair mask or not, I do let it sit in my hair for a good little while. I found the conditioner’s softening and detangling effects so amazing that I didn’t even feel the need to use leave-in conditioner afterwards, that’s how good my hair felt. I did end up using a little bit, but only because it’s completely ingrained in me to do this after every wash and condition, ever since I started dying my hair and it’s become so damaged. Seriously, I used so little of verb ‘ Leave-In Mist, though - probably a third of what I’d usually use after any regular conditioner. I still need more time with this duo to really get to know it, but so far I am very impressed!
Ghost Conditioner
VERB-Ghost Conditioner