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Sephora Collection x OLLY: Lustrous Hair
60 Gummies
60 Gummies
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Sephora Collection x OLLY: Lustrous Hair

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What It IsAn expert blend of biotin, keratin, and powerful antioxidants to help you look your best 24/7.
What Else You Need to KnowSay hello to OLLY Lustrous Hair, an expert blend of biotin, keratin, and powerful antioxidants to help your hair look its best.* *This supplement can treat all hair types and textures: straight, wavy, curly, coily, fine, medium, and thick. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Ingredient Note: All Sephora Collection products comply with the most rigorous international laws on product safety—going beyond satisfying European and US Cosmetics regulations. They also satisfy the strictest internal requirements of development, quality, traceability, and safety, and lead by example with a Restricted Substance List that excludes more than 1,400 substances.
21 ingredients
Soothing, Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Inflammatory
Hydrating, Soothing
Vitamin E
Ascorbic Acid
Brightening, Anti-Aging
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Beauty Vitamins, Worth the Hype? 💊
Beauty Vitamins, Worth the Hype? 💊
We’ve all seen the hype and IG adds! Are these vitamins and beauty supplements worth it? After using them a few months I can tell you YES! Here’s what I use to get my glow on ✨ Multivitamin Ritual - Essential for Women Works in 1 month. These are the holy grail of multivitamins! They smell like mint, are easy to digest, and can be taken anytime of the day. Super clean, contains only 9 ingredients and no synthetic fillers. After just one month I feel more energized. My favorite part is that I don’t have to take a separate omega-3 capsule and no stomach discomfort! Contains: 💊Boron, Folate, Iron, Magnesium, Omega-3 💊Vitamins B12, D3, E and K Beauty Supplements SEPHORA COLLECTION - Sephora Collection x OLLY: Lustrous Hair aka OLLY Undeniable Beauty Works in 1 month. Noticeable hair and nail growth! Contains: ✨Biotin - promotes hair and nail growth ✨Keratin - nourishes hair ✨Antioxidant vitamin C - protects skin OLLY - Glowing Skin Vitamin Gummies Berry Work works in 2 months. Skin looks healthier and more hydrated overall. Contains: ✨Hyaluronic Acid - plumps and hydrates skin ✨Collagen - strengthens skin ✨Sea Buckhorn - nourishes skin SEPHORA COLLECTION - Sephora Collection x OLLY: Flawless Complexion Works in 3 months. Lessened breakouts and increased healing time. Contains: ✨Minerals Zinc and Selenium - regenerates skin ✨Antioxidant Vitamins A and E - clears complexion ✨Botanicals - phytonutrients to nourish cells OLLY - Skin Bright Supports Even Tone & Bright Pigment Works in 1 month. Noticeable brighter skin and anti-aging effects. Very important for me, because I live in an area of high sun exposure. Contains: ✨Lutein and Zeaxanthin - brightens and protects skin ✨Antioxidant pomegranate - protects from pollutants Prescription Med - My GLOW Formula #Apostrophe - Spironolactone[products]#[FiveStars] Works in 6 months. For me it worked in 2 weeks. After I was able to clear up my skin by the trial and error of following a twice daily skincare regimen. The only thing I couldn’t get rid of was my painful, cystic acne around my jawline. This type of acne hormonal. Spirinolactone in low doses works by blocking androgens to clear up hormonal acne on women. After a consult with an MD at Apostrophe, it was determined this was right for me. I couldn’t be happier! I haven’t had a single cystic pimple since I started.
Essential for Women
Ritual-Essential for Women
“On Wednesdays, we wear pink!”
“On Wednesdays, we wear pink!”💞👚💅🏼 . . ❤️Ladies & gents, we are officially halfway through the week, and let me tell you I am READY for the weekend! I’ve slowly been adjusting to being back home on the west coast🌁 and slowly but surely recovering from my honeymoon-induced jet lag✈️ I’m not going to lie, the smell of roses🌹 is one of my absolute favorite scents in the world, so when I found out that @traderjoes sells not only a rose water facial toner, but a rose face oil for about $4-6 I stocked up! . . 🌹💦Rose water has tons of benefits when used topically on skin! It helps reduce inflammation and redness😡, and can balance your skin’s pH levels (more on that later). The antioxidants in rose water also help protect the cells in the skin against UV damage☀️, so spritz 💦a little on your face before applying sunscreen to increase protection! . . Additionally, 🌹rose water acts as an inhibitor (something that reduces chemical activity of an enzyme) to both elastase and collagenase. 🧐Now why is this important?Elastase and collagenase are enzymes that help breakdown elastin and collagen: proteins that helps keep your skin firm and bouncy🙌🏼. . . 🌹💦Rose water showed 24.15% effectiveness at inhibiting elastase activity and 26.39% at inhibiting collagenase activity👩🏼‍🔬. Now while the anti-aging effects may not be as visible/impressive as microneedling, Vitamin C, or using retinoids, it’s a great product that is easily available to most people and doesn’t require a prescription or a trip to the dermatologist. Plus it smells heavenly😇. . . 😍Out of the two, the facial oil is my favorite product and becoming one of my favorite facial oils (of which I have way too many😂). I found that it helps keep my skin hydrated by locking in all the products I use underneath and allowing them to really penetrate my skin. Not to mention, I am loving the price point💰 . . If you do have sensitive skin, do a patch test of the 🌹rose water first prior to applying. Although fragrance is the last ingredient, it’s always better to be safe! . . Do you have a favorite Trader Joe’s skin care product?
Bright Crystal Eau de Toilette
VERSACE-Bright Crystal Eau de Toilette