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#56 5-0 Grind (matte)
#56 5-0 Grind (matte)
#57 It's Electric (metal)
#58 But First Coffee (matte)
#59 Vacation Goals (matte)
#60 – Backstage (metal)
#61 Snuggle Weather (cream)
#62 Palm Street (matte)
#63 Adventuring (matte)
#64 Room Service (cream)
#65 – Spiked (matte)
#66 – Offshore (cream)
#67 Sink or Swim (metal)
#68 – Spark (metal)
#69 Werk It (metal)
#70 – Margs (matte)
#71 Treat Yo Self (metal)
01 Brunch Date (matte finish)
03 Oui! (cream finish)
04 Somewhere In Spain (cream finish)
06 Tan Lines - (cream finish - shade is pictured on the far left of image)
07 Love Love (matte finish)
09 Labyrinth City (matte finish)
10 Yum Yum (cream finish)
11 Fire Side (cream finish)
12 Celebrate (matte finish)
14 Twolips (matte finish)
21 Pineapple Express (cream finish)
22 A Little Magic (matte finish)
23 After Hours (matte finish)
24 Deep Water Bay (cream finish)
25 First Class (matte finish)
26 All Washed Up (matte finish)
27 Hong Kong By Night (metal finish)
28 Popsicle Lips (cream finish)
29 Malt Shake (cream finish)
30 Matinée (cream finish)
31 Golden Gate (matte finish)
32 Berry-Licious (cream finish)
33 Wanderlust (matte finish)
35 Take A Bite (matte finish)
36 Spring Break (cream finish)
37 Hot In Havana (cream finish)
38 Off-Limits (matte finish)
39 Desert Trip (cream finish)
41 Take A Spin (metal finish)
42 No Cell Service (metal finish)
43 In The Clouds (matte finish)
44 Woof (matte finish)
45 City Beat (matte finish)
46 Ice Breaker (metal finish)
47 Cash Money (cream finish)
48 Just Add Tinsel (metal finish)
49 Ouch! (metal finish)
50 Trippin (matte finish)
51 Festival Lights (metal finish)


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What It IsA high-pigment, lightweight lipstick that provides full-coverage color in one swipe. Available in 40 shades and three finishes: matte, cream, and metal.
16 ingredients
Yellow 5
Titanium Dioxide
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No, makeup does not cause acne
No, makeup does not cause acne
🎥PRESS PLAY🎥, Take me swimming on the first date and I won't get a second one 😂🙌 But in all seriousness, after receiving the hundreds of comments left about my skin, I wanted to clarify ➡️ No, makeup does not cause acne and most of the time, acne is extremely hard to treat even with a good skincare routine or a healthy diet. Please, try to understand that everyone's skin is different ❤️ Love you guys soooo much!! ☺️ - 🎶Song: Don't Wanna Know (JELLYFYSH REMIX) • 💄Products Used 👇 beautyblender - Classic Makeup Sponge Pink ARMANI beauty - Luminous Silk Foundation ICONIC - Seamless Concealer benefit - Hoola Matte Bronzer MORPHE - Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Bling Boss Eyeshadow Palette SEPHORA COLLECTION - #LIPSTORIES Lipstick 😍
Brown lipsticks competition, guess who is the winner💋
Brown lipsticks competition, guess who is the winner💋
💄Shiseido VisionAiry Gel Lipstick - Woodblock 212SHISEIDO - VisionAiry Gel Lipstick Lipstick with a velvety glossy texture. It's a pure brown shade with no red undertone. 💄Pat Macgrath Labs LuxeTrance Lipstick - Attitude PAT McGRATH LABS - LuxeTrance Lipstick This is a more moisturizing series. The shade is a rich dry rose with a brown undertone. It has a creamy texture and provides ideal coverage. 💄Hourglass Confession Ultra Lipstick - I've been HOURGLASS - Confession Ultra Slim High Intensity Refillable Lipstick It has the exact same shade and texture as Pat's Attitude. The only difference is that Hourglass is scented, oh, and the packaging of course. 💄Sephora Collection Lipstories - Yum Yum 10 SEPHORA COLLECTION - #LIPSTORIES Lipstick It's a pure chocolate color shade with a yellow undertone. It has a moisturizing texture that gives a gloss. It provides only moderate coverage. 💄Shiseido Shimmering Rouge - BR304  It has a yellow undertone with golden shimmers. It feels more like a tinted lip balm than anything else.
I’ve got a LipStory for you💄
I’ve got a LipStory for you💄
💄 The $9 SEPHORA COLLECTION - #LIPSTORIES Lipstick is one of 40 colors and comes in 3 finishes: metal, cream and matte. My first dip into the LipStories pool is No. 51’s Festival Lights. It is a warm-toner, dark copper with a pearl finish. It can be built up, but I really like it defused with a clear gloss. I really want to try the other colors and formulas. If you have tried any other and think one would work on me, then leave it in the comments below. Recommend? Yes.
Sephora Collection - Lip Stories, shade 07
Sephora Collection - Lip Stories, shade 07
SEPHORA COLLECTION - #LIPSTORIES Lipstick Shade 07, Love Love PRODUCT A cream matte lipstick that is said to be lightweight and provide full pigment color in one swipe. It is a matte lipstick, so the formula is on the drier side, but not as dry as some of the matte lipsticks I have previously used. OPINION I purchased this lipstick because I thought the shade would be great to tone down darker lipsticks, but I ended up liking the color on its own too. I don’t think this provides the full one-swipe pigment as claimed, but I think it does give good color payoff. This lipstick is $9, which falls somewhere in the drugstore range, in my opinion, so I think it is well worth it if you are looking for an affordable option, though I do recommend wearing a lip balm under the matte shades. I give this product a 4/5 stars.