Dermaplaning- What an Esthetician Wants You To Know!

Oct. 19, 2020
Dermaplaning often gets confused with just shaving your face- and I understand why. They're similar in the fact that they both remove dead skin and hair! But a dermaplaning tool differs from your typical leg razor. Dermaplaning can do a lot more, which makes it a popular service offered by estheticians.
Professional dermaplaning CAN be mimicked at home. Before we get into how to safely dermaplane, remember that this involves you putting a literal razor to your face. You can easily cut yourself. Beware! It's always better to get it professionally done, and it's typically inexpensive.
What can it do?
  • Brighten Dull Skin
  • Remove Peach Fuzz
  • Create a smooth base for makeup
  • Exfoliate
  • Help your skincare products penetrate better
DON'T dermaplane if you have:
  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Rosacea
  • Keratosis pilaris 
  • Hirsutism
  • Cuts or abrasions
  • Shaky hands
  • Over-exfoliated skin
  • Textured skin
The tool I use at home is this one from amazon - costs $4.99 for 3!
But there are many similar options on the market. I prefer these for home use because they are less sharp than professional scalpels, meaning it will be harder to cut yourself. I don't recommend buying medical scalpels online or using them on your face at home.
How to do it:
Use a gentle cleanser and cleanse as you normally would.
Isopropyl alcohol will do! This tool is going to be very up close and personal with your skin, you want to make sure it's extremely clean.
You can dermaplane on wet or dry skin, I prefer dry. I find that it removes vellus hairs more efficiently. If you've got sensitive skin and have a really steady hand, you can apply a few drops of carrier oil or serum before you begin (be careful, this will make your skin more slippery.)
Pulling your skin taut, hold the blade at a 45-degree angle, and barely apply any pressure. Only move in short, downward strokes. Be very careful when you dermaplane on curves of your face (like the jawline). Do NOT dermaplane around or underneath your eyes, sides of your nose, or around the hairline! You also don't want to pass the same section more than 2 times. More than that will highly increase your chances of getting cut, irritation, or over-exfoliation.
You'll notice a lot of hair and dead skin gathering on the blade- keep a washcloth or paper towel handy. Keep the blade clean of buildup or it won't be as effective. Replace your blade after 3 or 4 uses! Most packs come with 3 or more, so this should be an easy rule to follow!

This came from only one section of my cheek!

When I'm done dermaplaning, I like to cleanse again with a salicylic acid foaming cleanser and follow up with a light serum or moisturizer. Thick or heavy creams can sometimes be too heavy for freshly exfoliated skin (at least in my case). You'll definitely want to avoid over-exposure to sunlight, other exfoliants, and occlusives for about a week after dermaplaning. Remember, this IS an exfoliating treatment. I dermaplane no more than 1x per week, or when I notice the hair coming back (results usually last longer than a week!!).
Dermaplaning or shaving your face WON'T make your hair grow back darker or thicker. Total myth! Your hair follicles are deep in the skin, a razor can't change the way your hair is formed. If you've got a lot of dead skin and vellus hairs (peach fuzz) you will be blown away by how much brighter your face looks after dermaplaning! Be very careful if you decide to attempt, and as always, it's better to consult or visit a professional. Other than that, enjoy your baby smooth skin & flawless foundation!
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A Journey of Self 🌹
A Journey of Self 🌹
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We’ll Miss You!
We’ll Miss You!
To our cherie fam who has inspired us deeply over the last year and a half: thank you. We are so grateful to have been a part of your beauty journeys and the community you created with us was nothing short of amazing. It's with sadness that we announce that cherie will be closing our doors on April 8, 2021, and your posts will no longer be available. While our platform will no longer be available, we encourage our community members to continue finding ways to create and allow their authentic voices to be heard.
Wednesday Wellness 🙏🏾
Wednesday Wellness 🙏🏾
This past week has been rather hard and long for me. I ultimately decided to get back on track with my wellness plan. My main wellness goal for 2021, is to indulge in myself more. I definitely am a firm believe in “as within, so without”. I started my day with: #Four Sigmatic - Mushroom Elixir Mix with Chaga[products]#[FiveStars] I have been getting back into adaptogen and herbal medicine. What we put into our bodies is just as important as what goes on the outside. Adaptogens are apart of ancient medicinal traditions traced all over the world. I also drink Tulsi “Holy Basil” Tea. If you need a pick me up or emotional boost I highly recommend! SUNDAY RILEY - U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil is my treatment of choice I used during the day. Do not be afraid to use salicylic acid during the day. I applied plenty of sunscreen afterwards as well! This is a GODSEND for clearing up acne and acne scarring. It’s by far the best acne treatment I’ve tried and its mostly due to the immediate results I get. This is a dry oil, so it should be used before a heavy moisturizer or sunscreen. THE BODY SHOP - Spa of the World Thai Makrut Lime Firming Oil is a staple in my night time routine. When I want to relax and really unwind I use a body roller with this oil. It smells like a fresh key lime pie and it’s so hydrating. This is great for firming, especially when paired with a body tool. What do you do for wellness?