Fall in Love with these Trending Fall Hairstyles

Oct. 12, 2020
It’s inevitable, with the changing of the seasons always comes that overwhelming desire to change our hair. Darker colors almost always take precedent when the wind starts to chill and leaves start falling, perhaps it’s due to all of those beautiful earthy tones surrounding us. Let’s take a look at some different styles and cuts to go with that gorgeous hair color of yours!
Fresh Fall Cuts
There’s nothing quite like a new haircut to make you look and feel more like the majestic goddess that you already know you are. Get the right one to complement your features and you’re unstoppable. 
Curtain Bangs 

Photo credit: https://www.beautylaunchpad.com/galleries/article/21151616/11-gorgeous-reasons-why-curtain-bangs-rule

Curtain bangs are most flattering on round and square face shapes because they elongate the face, giving it more balance and creating that coveted oval face shape. Of course, they look great on just about everyone!
Blunt Cut Bangs

Photo credit: https://www.pinterest.es/pin/401242648043159523/

Have a heart or diamond-shaped face? Give these beautiful blunt bangs a try! They’re especially great for adding structure to balance out those delicate features. Straight bangs like these look great on all face shapes, but if you have a square or round shaped face it’s a good rule of thumb to have them thinned out and given a little texture so they’re wispier and more delicate. Does Balance remember? 
Layered Bob

Photo credit: https://www.herabeauty.sg/bob-hairstyles/

A fun take on the classic bob, this style with shorter layers is most flattering on those with diamond and heart-shaped faces. If your face is round or square, go for a bob that is either asymmetrical or has layers that are a bit longer to soften the bottom line, this adds that delicate aspect that helps to soften the overall look. 
Textured Pixie Cut

Photo credit: https://therighthairstyles.com/asymmetrical-pixie-cuts/

Pixie cuts are just so great for fall, I mean sure your ears may get a little cold, but you’ll look so great in a slouchy hat! This textured pixie is serving up all kinds of volume and looks so great on the heart and diamond-shaped faces! Square and round faces can pull off pixies too, just add in some extra layering and longer hair towards the front to give it some softness. 
Fall Styles for All
Simple Tousled Updo

Photo credit: https://www.ourhairstyle.com/37-inspiring-prom-updos-for/

This lived-in updo is no doubt flattering on everyone and is one of my go-to hairstyles because it’s so effortless to do. It pairs well with a casual fall outfit like the denim jacket pictured above, or with a cozy sweater and a skirt combo.
Sleek Low Pony or Bun

Photo credit: https://www.stylecraze.com/articles/8-popular-ponytail-hairstyles-for-girls/

Yet another versatile style. For a softer and more feminine look that complements square and round faces, pull out a few strands of hair at the front to frame those beautiful features. Keep it tidy for a sleek look that best suits heart, diamond, and oval-shaped faces. If you want to accessorize, add in a ribbon or bow as pictured above, or even a cute patterned scrunchie to tie in with your outfit!
Loose, Romantic Waves

Photo credit: https://katiesbliss.com/2017/10/how-to-style-perfect-loose-waves-using-bombay-hair-clamp-curling-iron.html

Wearing your hair down is next to impossible in the heat of the summer. Add in the humidity and you might as well forget curling it to prevent the inevitably frizzy mess you’ll have to deal with. Fall is an especially great time to let your hair down in all of its glory, and I don’t think anything looks more beautiful than loose, romantic waves. Suitable for all face shapes, and if you have a square or rounded face shape this style looks particularly gorgeous if you pair it with some face-framing layers!
The Crown Braid

Photo credit: https://www.realstylenetwork.com/beauty/2015/12/master-the-crown-braid-hairstyle-heres-how/

What’s not to love about a crown braid? Absolutely nothing! It’s super quick to throw in, looks absolutely fab on anyone who wears it, and it pairs well with any outfit. Dresses, jeans, sweats, you name it! This Dutch braid is my go-to style when I’m in a bind for the time but want to do something that looks elegant. Braids are trend during fall because they’re so effortless, versatile, and as a plus, they’re heat free!
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We’ll Miss You!
We’ll Miss You!
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