Top 3 Foundation Mistake & How To Fix Them

Oct. 8
I love makeup and have tried many foundations from drugstore to higher end. Since being locked down in a pandemic, I find this to be the perfect time to practice and find what works for you (even though we may be in mask for some more time).
Here are the most common mistakes made when applying foundation Part I :
1. Your foundation doesn't match your undertone:
Have you ever seen someone apply makeup in a video and their color is way off? It's like it's close to their skin color, but it just seems too orange or too yellow? That's because they didnt match their undertone. Your undertone is the color that is underneath your skin, that gives you your overall tone.
There are 3 main undertones: 1. Cool 2. Warm 3. Neutral
There are 3 ways to find your undertone at home (I swear by):
1. Vein Test:
This is done by checking the inside of your wrist. Their you will see colors of your veins that will let you know your undertone. Helpful tip: Use a flashlight from your phone, or go outside and place your wrist in direct sunlight (wear your sunscreen though).
2. Silver or Gold?
3. White Paper Test
2. Your Foundation Matches Your Face, but HONEY Your Neck!
So, there are people who face and neck do not match naturally (thats me and I am her). To avoid this issue with this I:
  • Try the foundation on in a makeup store -Sephora, Ulta. While I have used the Sephora match tool if they do not use it correctly your results will suck.
  • TEST THE FOUNDATION ON YOUR NECK- This will be the most beneficial. 
  • Wait until the foundation Oxidizes: some foundations will change colors due to oxidation (oxygen changing the color of the undertone of a foundation). Wait and walk around while the foundation settle or use one that doesnt oxidize like:
3. Your Foundation and Primer DO NOT MIX:
If you experince pilling of your foundation this may be why. Your foundation and primer do not mix. I touched on this in my silicone primer post, but its just as important here. When choosing primer and foundation you want to make sure they have like ingredients. There are two types of bases silicone and water. Think of it like this oil and water do not mix.
To avoid this look at the ingredients. All products will start with water, but what's important is if you see anything with the ending -cone, -silicate, -methicone, -silicone, or -siloxane towards the beginning. then it's silicone based.
Water based: is ideal for dry skin, light in texture, and great for fall/winter.
Silicone based: ideal for large pores,blurs fine lines, and has a greasy like texture.
I've seen alot of people mix this primer with silicone based foundation and wonder why their makeup doesn't last all day.
Let me know if you want a part II.
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A Year in review!
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It’s our birthday! 🎉😭🍰 Let’s celebrate!
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THE inkey LIST - Caffeine Eye Cream Why I like the Inkeylist caffeine eye cream: ✔️ Lightweight texture blends very easily ✔️ Hydrating ✔️ Can help reduce puffiness ✔️ Antioxidant ingredients help fight off free radicals from the sun and pollution ✔️ Can help improve the appearance of dark circles ✔️ Fragrance free- no smell to it! ✔️ Affordable ✨ It is one of my favorite go-to eye creams because of the caffeine which really helps with my puffy eyes in the morning and has helped with my dark circles. I also really like that it blends in easily, is fragrance free, and affordable. I like using this once a day in the morning but this can be used twice a day. I like using it in the mornings because it really helps with my puffy eyes (which is worse in the morning for me!). I notice an immediate effect on the puffiness around my eyes. It took a few weeks to notice the improvement on my dark circles. What do you think about this eye cream? Comment below!