The Top Skincare Mistakes You're Probably Making

Oct. 5, 2020
Skincare mistakes are made more often then not. No matter who you are you have most likely commited a skincare mistake. Below I have complied a whole list of skincare mistakes, what happens to your skin when they are commited, and how you are avoid them. Enjoy!
  • Not cleaning your phone
    • Although you may wash your hands many times a day, phone screens still pick up loads of bacteria. When you take a call, all of that bacteria is then transferred onto your face. It will take a little while to get into the habit, but it is a great idea to wipe down your phone with a disinfecting wipe or even a makeup wipe. Your face will thank you! 
  • Not washing your pillows cases or sheets frequently 
    • Not washing your bedding at least once a week in the hottest water possibly, can cause breakouts. Over time pillowcases and sheets begin to collect dirt, oil, dead skin cells,bacteria, and fungi. Studies have found that your pillowcase has more bacteria than your toilet seat.  
  • Over-exfoliating 
    • Although tempting, especially when you want quick results, over-exfoliating can lead to long term damage of your stratious cornea (the top layer of your skin). Once the skin barrier is removed, your skin is now exposed to environmental toxins, pollution, and sun damage.. All of these things cause the skin to age. Exfoliate your skin one time a week. Talk to your doctor about exfoliating more than once a week. 
  • Constantly touching your face
    • I know I am guilty of this! I will admit to subconsciously touching my face. Constantly touching your face allows for the bacteria on your hands to get transferred onto your face. One way to break the habit is to have someone call you out on touching your face!  
  • Not drinking enough water 
    • Another guilty habit of mine. A huge benefit of drinking water everyday is its ability to cleanse the body of its toxins. A water cleanse keeps your skin clear, by pushing out the bacteria and in return reducing the risk of acne and other skin problems. Women should be drinking 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) a day. Men should be drinking 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of water in a day. 
  • Forgetting to wash your makeup brushes 
    • My third guilty habit. Forgetting to wash your makeup brushes every two weeks allows for a buildup of makeup, bacteria, and dead skin cells. Don’t forget to clean your beauty blenders weekly to daily! 
  • Skipping daily sunscreen 
    • Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! Taking that one crucial step before applying makeup will save your skin in the long run! Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your neck, chest, and shoulders. You should be applying sunscreen rain, snow, or blow. Sun exposure causes sunspots, skin damage, and in the long run can lead to skin cancer. 
  • Popping pimples 
    • Popping pimples is a guilt for just about everyone. In the end we all know that is a bad thing to do, but we still do it anyways. When a pimple is drained by a dermatologist, they apply a downward pressure, which is the correct way to drain a pimple. Many people pop their pimples by going in from the sides. This technique allows for the infection to go deeper into the pores. If you have a pimple that is ready to pop on its own, take a wet washcloth and wash your face with it. That small amount of pressure that is applied to the face will drain the pimple. 
  • Not applying products in the correct order 
    • A good key to a great skincare regimen is knowing how to layer your products. If you are applying heavier products first, they will block your lighter products from penetrating the skin and allowing for the product to do its job. Make sure to do research on how to layer your products before using! 
  • Not getting enough rest 
    • Sleep is key to great looking skin. If you are skipping out on sleep you may be noticing that your skin is becoming pale with dark under eye circles. A lack of a good night sleep can cause so much stress that it can cause or skin and bodies to generate free radicals. 
  • Eating a "bad" diet 
    • An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Same thing goes for the skin. Make sure you are incorporating every color of the rainbow into your diet in the forms of fruits and vegetables. Your skin and body will thank you. 
  • Not knowing the products you are putting on your skin
    • If you are conscious about the ingredients that you put into your body, you should be curious about the ingredients that you are putting onto your skin. Read up on all the ingredients of products you already own and products you are looking into purchasing. It is good to know and understand the ingredients. Keep in mind, the price of a product will not determine its quality. 
  • Switch to a silk or satin pillowcase
    • When you lay your head on a pillowcase, specifically when you sleep on your sides, your cotton pillow case is actually causing trauma to your skin. Over time pillowcases aggravate the skin by causing friction and can cause permanent creases as the skin's collagen breaks down.
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Drink of water for your skin!
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Stay Young Forever? ✨
Stay Young Forever? ✨
That’d be great right? Well in taking those steps, I definitely recommend these amazing serums. I was gifted the: Intoxicated Cosmetics: Snake Serum Bee Serum Snail Serum I started using the Snail Serum last night first and wow did I notice a difference. The Snail Serum mainly targets dryness. I used this in place of my usual night time serum and boy did I notice a difference. I N G R E D I E N T S : All Serums contain: ✨Niacinamide Bee Serum: Bee Venom Plant Based Stem Cells Royal Epigen Snake Serum Snake Venom Green & White Tea Extract Peptides Snail Serum Snail Peptide Hyadisine Echinacea Moronga Oil Extract I definitely will try the other serums in my routine as I get used to the Snail Serum but so far my skin is definitely happy. What serum would you like to try?