The Birth Of Drag Queens And Their Influence On Today’s Makeup!

Sep. 30
2020 is most definitely the golden year of Drag Queens! Thanks to Rupaul’s All Stars Drag Race we saw some of the best transformations in the history of drag. Especially Dahlia Sin’s soft glam makeup look - this one completely blew our minds! All artists do the best they can, to show what drag is all about. Passion, fun, art, and bending gender identity by self-expression! This is what truly stands behind all the makeup and costume designs.
But where did drag actually start? Who were the first famous drag queen performers, and how did they influence today's beauty industry?
Keep on reading to get to know some amazing facts about drag queen and makeup below!
Drag Queen History - From Shakespearean Plays to Reality TV Shows!
The first time when men would dress up as women and perform, was already in the 17th century. Women were not allowed to star in theaters, so men had to take their place! That’s also where the term ‘drag’ is believed to come from - the actors would ‘drag’ their dresses across the stage. Quite a traditional start for such an extraordinary and artistic community!
From theater, drag moved on to individual performances in the early 20th century. It combined music, dance, comedy and burlesque and was a huge shift in the entertainment industry of those times!

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Rea Bourbon. Drag star from the 1930s

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Ricky Renee. Drag star from the 1960s
With the gay right movement, and uprising of Stonewall in 1969, LGBTQ members started creating their havens in uptown Manhattan. It is said to be the birthplace of drag ‘’balls’ and a real explosion of drag queen culture!

Credit to IG @taisdeverdade

Marsha P. Johnson. Drag star and gay rights activist from the 1970s
Today's Drag is about bending gender and identity with the art of makeup and performance - very often used as celebration of LGBTQ and self-expression. As you see, there has been a huge development in makeup, hair and costume design since the beginning of drag!

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RuPaul. Drag star, producer and host of RuPaul’s Drag Race
Drag Queen and Beauty Brands
Drag Queen gave so much to the makeup industry today, that it’s almost impossible to treat them separately. One would even say that most beauty tricks and makeup techniques came from the drag queen society, and are used by all makeup addicts every day!
Eye makeup - Alyssa Edwards with Anastasia Beverly Hills
This collaboration created an amazing eyeshade palette! Alyssa Edwards Palette is a fantastic start if you’re looking for a brave and glamorous base. Strong and bright colors with just the right amount of glitter.
Try: ALYSSA EDWARDS Palette ($27.00)
Alyssa Edwards Eye Shadow Palette, ANASTASIA Beverly Hills, cherie
ANASTASIA Beverly HillsAlyssa Edwards Eye Shadow Palette
Drag Tip: Using an eyelid primer first will make your makeup last for a whole day! As to glitter shades, remember to apply them with a small puffy brush - do it by layers to bring out that intense color!
Lip Makeup - Kim Chi Chic Beauty
A fresh and glam makeup brand created by drag queen Kim Chi - best known for her amazing lip gloss collection. Juicy colors and a long lasting finish is what drag makeup is all about!
Try: No Tea, Just Gloss - The Gloss Over Gloss Full Collection ($49.00)
Drag Tip: To make that gloss last longer and create that plump lip effect, use a nude lipstick first, and add some highlighting in the centre of your lips.
Contouring - Covergirl
Even though Covergirl is not a drag queen owned brand, it is definitely one of the most known amongst the community. Especially when it comes to contouring!
Try: COVERGIRL truBLEND Contour Palette ($19.95)
Drag Tip: If you’re going for that long-lasting contouring go for a cream kit (like the one above). To make sure you won’t create unnecessary smudges always use two brushes - one for applying the product, and a separate one for blending!
Feeling inspired thrilled, empowered? Drag Queens created a whole new concept of self -expression, and go way back in history that one would have thought. Following their stories can open up a door to an exciting movement in art, society, culture...and makeup of course! So grab those pallets, glitters and glosses, and add some drag glam into your next look.
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