Why you need Actives in your skincare ⬇️

Sep. 24, 2020
A major reason why just hydrating products especially products like CeraVe hydrating cleanser alone doesn't work for Acne.
These CeraVe hydrating cleansers (it's just an example, nothing to do with CeraVe brand) works for many people and you see these jaw dropping transformations online, first is, they don't get this transformation with just 'a hydrating cleanser' and moisturizer. Well, typically a moisturizer alone can heal broken barrier, can heal skin or any wounds. But when it comes to bacteria induced acne, these work more like feeding stock for them while doing nothing towards killing those bacteria and reducing the number of acne. 
You need Actives in your skincare routine in order to target those skin concerns.
Similarly, I've seen people grabbing bottles and bottles of CeraVe hydrating cleanser, or salicylic acid foaming cleanser, don't get me wrong, I like CereVe but do you analyse the fact that those people getting their skin completely clear is truly personal. I'm sure there's more to that simple CeraVe routine. There's AHA BHA peeling solution from The Ordinary, there's Niacinamide and Benzoyl peroxide treatments.
So these routines from people often can be a little tricky as they seem to get their skin cleared with just these products but it may not work for you.  You may end up getting Acne even after using some of these. I've seen people complaining about not getting any results from this routine everywhere on internet.
I definitely stand behind the idea of a minimal 3 step skincare routine, in fact I follow it. What my point here is, you need to add certain active ingredients in your regimen in order to see any changes in your Acne and Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. There are many sides to this, you most definitely can not use any actives and let your acne heal itself but it will occur again and again till you get exhausted of it. Actives consist of preventative majors, treatments and post-treatment care or preventative majors again. 
This is what I've been studying and have experienced through my own Acne. I managed to treat my acne with a basic yet full of Actives skincare routine. Don't let the word Active intimidate you and think it may do harm to your skin. It won't if you're using it correctly. 
I see people love Salicylic acid (BHA) cleansers for their Acne, I think it's a great way to start with Salicylic acid but you can also start with a non-stripping Benzoyl peroxide wash. You can also use Clindamycin phosphate cleansers. But this requires a prescription. So what are the affordable options to CeraVe SA cleanser? Read below. 
As referred to my 'Acne makes us beautiful post' https://t.cherie.com/ZMJUDyJA9/
I am going to attach some products I believe will speed up the process of healing acne. You can always refer to that post for details. 
You can get these affordable Active skincare options:
For closed comedones and small whiteheads:
For Cystic acne :
Topical treatments (Actives) for Acne :
Benzoy peroxide topical cream/gel
Retinoids / Retin A / Over the counter Retinols
Azelaic acid
AHA, BHA and PHA / Facial peels
These are not all of the actives but will definitely get you to the ball park. This will help in giving you some results with Acne. The thing to keep in mind is don't use all these actives together, you can do some research and start with yur routine.
Best Reviews
Okay guys as I have said before I am guilty of rarely ever wearing sunscreen. I just never liked the feel of it on my skin. I always felt like it made me greasy & clogged my pores. However, once I heard about this product I was very intrigued. NIOD - Survival 30 It actually isn’t sold in the United States for some reason so I had to purchase it on a UK website. (Beauty Bay) It is an antioxidant serum with SPF 30. At first, it appears to be tinted but it’s actually not. On NIOD’s website they state: “The slight tinted appearance is derived from the active technologies including Lutein, Fractionated Melanin and Pycnogenol.” It blends in with your skin so easily & does not leave a white cast like some other SPF products. However this serum literally makes my skin tone soo even & perfect! It also contains silicone so it completely smooths over my pores. AND besides all that great stuff, it’s a mineral sunscreen! So it protects against environmental & lifestyle issues. Like UV rays, blue light, etc. I have never loved a product as much as this one! I literally cannot believe how good my skin looks while using this stuff! For a 30ml bottle, I paid $33 on the Beauty Bay site. For me, that is completely worth it! It comes in this adorable packaging & pretty glass bottle. It also has a pump dispenser & squirts out the perfect amount for a single use! I really can’t recommend this stuff enough guys! It’s wonderful!! @cherie@Cheriebeauty@CheriePick
Do It All Toner 🍃🍃
Do It All Toner 🍃🍃
I have been loving the brand Truly lately ✨ I recently purchased this: 🍃TRULY - CBD Jelly Toning Solution 🍃 And it’s by far one of my favorite toners. Ingredients: 💚100MG CBD 💚Glycolic Acid 💚Tea Tree Oil 💚Organic Aloe 💚Rose Petal Extract This brand is also: 💚Vegan 💚Cruelty Free 💚Clean I use this every other night and it as tremendously helped my skin barrier and acne. I was really concerned about the glycolic acid irritating or drying my skin but it didn’t at all 🤩 I highly recommend this to combo and oily , acne prone skin. This will be a toner I keep in my night routine. I got it from Ulta (of course) for $24 (I paid $15 after coupons) Do you use CBD products? 🍃
Clear Hydrated Skin The Clean Way✨
Clear Hydrated Skin The Clean Way✨
Staying in the trend of clean beauty, I have found an amazing product to add to my everyday routine. Odacité SKINCARE - Blue Aura Cleansing Water This is a cleansing water that is marketed to use in place of your cleanser for a “quick” clean. When looking for a good cleansing water, you want one that is hydrating and gets your face clean. Keep in mind not all cleansing waters are designed to clean makeup (I highly recommend a cleansing balm and cleanser). About This Brand: ✨Vegan ✨Cruelty Free ✨Certified Organic ✨ NO: Fillers | Parabens | Nanoparticles | Petrochemicals | PEG | Synthetic perfumes | Dyes | Phenoxyethanol. This cleansing water is so hydrating and satisfying to use. It smells very fresh and a little goes a long way. What is very important to me is my dry spot aren’t tight or irritated. I have been using this day and night and have seen amazing results acne and skin barrier wise. I included this in my routine after a regular cleanser and before my serums. So essentially, I use this as a “toner”. I do this to clean up anything my cleanse left behind, or the cleanser itself. INGREDIENTS: ✨Tumeric: Amazing for hyperpigmentation and overall skin brightness ✨Holy Basil: I drink the tea and can vouch this is an amazing adaptogen that can overall benefit every aspect of your life. It combats aging and free radical damage. ✨Neem: great anti aging ingredient that helps protects your skin barrier. ✨Aloe Vera Juice: this is great for your skin barrier overall. It hydrated, protects and brightens. I highly recommend this cleansing water and it is on sale for $9 at Boxycharm Pop Up 🥰🥰
My Farewell To Cherie
My Farewell To Cherie
Follow me on Ig for more skincare since Cherie is leaving 😭 @naturedskinv This has been an amazing journey and I’ve made soo many amazing friends. Thank you for all the love, conversations, and just overall happiness I’ve experienced on this app. I’m definitely sad, a little upset, and a dash of confused, but thank you @cheriefor giving me such an amazing confidence boost and guidance. The way the app shaped my thoughts on skincare has been insane. I’m still willing to forget this and call it a joke if y’all are! 😭 Anyways thank you again and hopefully we can stay in touch 🙏🏾
Clear skin the gentle way?
Clear skin the gentle way?
Thank you @cheriefor this amazing gift 🤩 “buh-koo-chee-all” HERBIVORE - Bakuchiol Anti-Aging Serum I’ve already become a diehard Herbivore lover. So to receive this beauty was super exciting. When I started my acne journey on Cherie I was (and still am) a Differin Acne Gel stan. This was my choice of retinol and I wanted it strong to treat acne and boost my cellular turnover. Now that my acne is currently under control and it’s getting hot again, I definitely want something smooth and gentle. Bakuchiol is a gentler alternative to the very popular ingredient retinol. So essentially you’ll get overall youthful results for your skin. I haven’t tested this on my acne theory yet, but overall my face has been smooth and irritation free. This serum does not have a smell which I love for products of this caliber. I also love that it’s light and not drying at all. I use this at night and since i have a tolerance to retinol I use it every night. I haven’t been using it long enough to see results (about 12 weeks) but I definitely can’t wait to finish this. Have you tried Bakuchiol?