Secrets to Increase Hair Density

Sep. 16, 2020
When it comes to achieving healthy, shiny hair, there are plenty of different metrics you can look at to judge the health of your hair, such as its texture, the number of strands you have, and how processed it is. Another lesser-used metric to determine the health of your hair is by testing your hair density.
If you have ever been told that you have thick hair, the person may have been complimenting your hair density, which is the number of individual hair strands per square inch on your scalp. The average person has around 2,200 strands of hair per square inch on their head, and they shed between 50 and 100 hairs per day.
There are several different ways to test your hair density, but the most common methods are to count them, check for your scalp, or measure your ponytail.
  • Counting your strands. The most time-consuming method would be to count your hair strands, and, yes, it is entirely possible to count a square inch of your hair and see how many strands you have in that inch. 
  • Checking for your scalp. Another method is to let your hair fall naturally and check to see how easily you can see your scalp. If you can see your scalp easily, then your hair is low density. If you can see your scalp with close to no effort, then you have medium density hair, and if you can’t see your scalp at all, then your hair has a high density. 
  • Measuring your ponytail. The last and easiest method to check your hair density is by measuring the circumference of your ponytail. If you have low density hair, then the circumference will be less than two inches. Medium density will be two to three inches, and high density will be at least four inches.
  • If you are looking for ways to increase the density of your hair, then these six tips can help you. 
    6 Natural Ways to Increase Hair Density
  • Aloe vera gel. Adding aloe vera gel to your hair care routine is an easy way to moisturize your hair and improve your hair density.  Aloe vera gel has nutrients that strengthen your hair follicles, and it can also make your hair look healthy and shiny, as well. The process of using aloe vera gel is simple. Massage aloe vera gel on to your scalp, leave it for an hour, and then wash it out with water.
  • Scalp massages with oil. Scalp massages are imperative to maintaining a healthy hair density because the act of the massage boosts blood circulation and prevents losing more hair. This process strengthens your hair roots and increases the amount of hair you have over time. 
  • Make sure you’re getting your vitamins, especially vitamin C. All of your vitamins are important to having healthy hair, but vitamin C is especially important. Vitamin C can help strengthen your hair follicles, and it can promote voluminous, thick hair.  Adding vitamin C into your diet is easy, and it can be done by adding citrus fruits into your daily routine.
  • Wash your hair the RIGHT way. You can’t increase your hair density without taking care of the hair you already have, and most people are washing their hair entirely too often. Washing your hair every single day is too much. Instead, wash your hair two to three times a week and be selective about the shampoo you choose. It’s also necessary to condition your hair after you shampoo. However, only apply your conditioner to your hair, not your scalp.
  • Trim every month and a half. Split ends can be the death of density to your hair, and to prevent split ends from spreading through your entire hair strand, you need to make sure you get your hair trimmed regularly. Getting rid of the damaged parts of your hair will not only make your hair feel thicker, but it will also speed up the growth.
  • Learn how to manage your stress. Finally, no amount of healthy hair habits will matter if you don’t take care of your mental health at the same time. Chronic stress can cause hair thinning, so you must take care of your mental health alongside your physical health. Learn breathing techniques and meditation techniques to make sure that you manage your stress properly so you can have the high-density, thick hair you want.
  • If your goal is to have thick and shiny hair, then you’re going to have to pay attention to your hair density. Your hair density is the number of hair follicles you have in one square inch of your hair, and the average density is 2,200 follicles. There are several ways to test your hair density, but the easiest way is by measuring the circumference of your ponytail, and if you’ve found that you have a low hair density, then these six tips can help you increase the health of your hair. 
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