Review: Act + Acre's Essentials

Sep. 11, 2020
Once upon a time, I stepped out of my shower and smelled something disgusting. I had just washed my hair and body, so it couldn’t have been me, right? Wrong! My hair smelled like a bottle of expired Nair. 
I quickly started Googling: “Why does my hair smell?” “Smelly hair after a shower” “My hair smells bad after shampooing.” 
Well, it turns out that my night-showering lifestyle had caught up to me. I knew that sleeping with wet hair could cause breakage, but it turns out that it can also cause *drumroll* mildew! 
Yes, you read that right! If you sleep with wet hair, there’s a good chance that you’ll grow mildew in your hair. In! Your! Hair! 
Now, it’s not confirmed that I was actually growing mildew in my hair. But the thought was enough to scare me into switching up my routine. I remembered a brand I used to sell at Naked Retail: Act + Acre. The focus of their products was all about scalp health. I knew from reciting my shpiel to customers that they were truly an amazing brand. So, I ordered a pack of The Essentials and excitedly awaited my ticket to non-smelly hair.
Act + Acre is a brand created for all hair types (mine is thick and wavy) with the Earth in mind. Usually, shampoo and conditioner are made by mixing all the ingredients in a huge vat and using lots of heat. This method boils out all the nutrients in the ingredients that are essential for your hair. 
Instead, Act + Acre uses a cold-processed method, which involves - you guessed it - cold water and high pressure. This consumes 90% less energy than the typical heat method. It’s better for the Earth and better for you and your hair. 
The cleanse (aka shampoo), conditioner, and scalp detox that I purchased smell freakin’ amazing. It’s a very subtle, natural scent of ylang-ylang and basil. Of course, their ingredients are as high-quality as their eco-friendly ideals.
I was most excited to try the Scalp Detox because I had never heard of anything like it. It’s made to get all the product buildup out of your scalp. This helps your hair grow more since your hair follicles aren’t clogged with the crap in dry shampoo and other products. Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp! 
On the days I wash my hair, I start with the Scalp Detox. I section my hair off and apply the oil directly to my scalp. Sometimes I put some in my hands and rub it on harder to reach areas. 
I leave the Detox on for about twenty minutes. In that time, I’ll do my skincare routine, brush my teeth, take my vitamins, and scroll through Instagram for a bit. By that time, I’m all set to jump in the shower and wash it out of my hair with the cleanse.
The Cleanse works like a normal shampoo, but it’s really important to rinse and repeat. The first application doesn’t suds up as much, but the second time around, holy moly, do you feel clean. And that’s without sulfates, which is usually what makes a product suds up! 
The Conditioner is pretty standard as well: apply it mid-shaft to ends and leave for five minutes. I’ll usually wash my body and shave my legs while it’s setting. 
Across all the products, a little goes a long, long way. I’ve had all of these for around six months and I’m barely a third of the way through all the bottles. Moderation is key with the Detox, since using too much may make your hair oily. But for the Cleanse and Conditioner, all you need is a quarter size and a lot of water. An added bonus is that your hair stays cleaner longer, so you wash less. I typically wash my hair once a week, but I’ve been able to let it go a little longer while using Act + Acre. 
I can confidently say that my hair is twelve times healthier after using Act + Acre. No exaggeration! Sometimes I’ll look in the mirror at my hair and I’m actually amazed at how good it looks when I haven’t done anything else to it. It’s wild.
And the best part? My hair doesn’t smell anymore! Act + Acre is for a sure a ride or die brand for me. I highly recommend it!
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Wednesday Wellness 🙏🏾
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