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Sep. 2
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Cherie is an online community of beauty lovers sharing their stories; whether that's their favorite products, makeup tutorials, or skincare routines. Download the app today to be a part of #BeautyWithoutBarriers and show the world what beauty means to you!In the past, the chemicals within my nail polishes were the least of my worries when getting a mani/pedi or doing one on myself. Nail time has always been my relaxation period to decompress, take care of myself, and forget about the stress of the world. Because of this, I didn’t think twice about what my nail polishes were actually made out of. I had grown comfortable in my familiar products and doubted any actual damage that they could cause since I had used them for so long. But then I realized that self care has to begin with products and their brand values. How can I possibly make myself better if what’s being put onto my body is dangerous and perpetuates unethical practices? On a pursuit to dedicate myself to healthier self care, I did research. I found out that many popular nail brands test on animals or use them to color and dye products. I also discovered that the ingredients within many of my traditional nail polishes consist of toxic chemicals which doctors say can dry into nails and skin. Some of these ingredients included toluene which is believed to cause nervous system impairment, xylene which when inhaled can cause depression, camphor that can cause headaches and nausea, and more. Yikes. That’s where “10-free” nail polishes stepped in to save the day. “10-free” is a description for products that don’t include ten harmful ingredients that are oftentimes found within typical beauty products. Luckily, more and more brands are becoming aware of this and are taking the pledge to not use certain toxic chemicals. I’ve pulled together six independent nail brands that are making “10-free” polishes so good that you’ll never want to go back to your regular toxic products. Sundays
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Created by Amy Ling Lin in New York with the ideology that no one should ever have to sacrifice health for beauty, sundays nail polishes have created a wide variety of long-lasting colors without all of the toxicity. Fattys Soap Co. Heather Rai is the owner of Fattys Soap Co. on Etsy who makes nail polishes with crazy cool colors and textures to try. Reigning from Wisconsin, Rae’s 10-free styles are sure to have you completely obsessed and never turning back. Orosa BeautyOrosa beauty is actually 14-free from harmful ingredients and they call their list of toxins that they’re staying away from the “nope” list. Orosa’s line of colors are bright and poppy at affordable prices that you’ll absolutely adore.JLLacquer
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JL LACQUERRainbow Bridge
JLLacquer nail polishes are light and have a glassy and shiny finish to them. Polishes are made ethically by hand so that you know exactly what’s going on with your products. Colors are super classy and have rave reviews from customers.Aila CosmeticsAila Cosmetics was founded by a cancer survivor who searched for products that didn’t have to sacrifice health for beauty and function. Polishes are designed to not only give you stunningly gorgeous colored nails but also strong and healthy ones underneath too. Côte
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côteNo. 4
Côte products are some of the cleanest in the world and have humble beginnings with their founders Mary Lennon and Leah Yari. The brand’s standards are fixated on safety and quality through an array of different products to choose from. Whichever products you may choose to try out, consider prioritizing your self care and make sure to stan these amazing brands who are making a difference!
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Empty Bottle! 7 weeks after using The Ordinary ✨
Empty Bottle! 7 weeks after using The Ordinary ✨
The Ordinary - Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% I started The Ordinary’s Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% serum with the goal of brightening dark circles and reducing hyperpigmentation, reducing redness and blotchiness, and reducing sebaceous cysts. I can say with confidence that I have met all these skincare goals whilst using this product for the past 7 weeks and I am thrilled that it worked for me as well as it did! I also noticed a bonus of having skin that is a lot more smooth on top of everything else (as seen in my before live picture). This is the only serum that I have used along with the rest of my skincare routine. My method of using this serum is to drop 3 droplets of serum onto my fingertips and apply all over my face after washing my face with toner, and then apply moisturizer afterwards. I have also gotten into a habit of applying extra product onto my neck as well and have noticed brightening and wrinkle reductions where I have creases on my neck! Make sure not to touch the dropper onto your skin, as the dirt and oils from your skin may contaminate the product that is already in the bottle. In an earlier post, I had mentioned that I did experience some purging during the beginning of using this product. I did break out a little and experienced redness and sensitivity all over my skin during the first week of using this product, but stuck it out despite my skepticisms. However, I’d suggest that if the redness and break outs are significantly worse than what you are normally used to, you may be having an allergic reaction to this product. I also did not notice any minimization or pore reduction, but I anticipate this for most products I use since genetically speaking, I have big pores and I don’t think any skincare product can help me with this. I do have to say that the sebum control around my nose has improved significantly and I don’t get as many whiteheads as I used to! I can not recommend this product enough to people who want to try this miracle HG product 🥰🥰. It is so worth it especially for the price it’s sold for!!! I’ve already bought a second bottle of 60ml and it will continue to be in my skincare routine from now on!
Mood booster lipsticks part 2
Mood booster lipsticks part 2
This color is beyond beautiful it’s such a great moody and elegant look. I like to wear this in the evenings when I go out to dinner or for a date night with my husband, this color will last me all day long and night I worse this exact lipstick on my wedding day and it lasted me all day no touch ups it looked great in the pictures it dint wash my skin out. I found my colors with the dark tones I thought they would wash out my skin because my skin is so light but it doesn’t and that’s why I love these colors so much The texture is also super smooth and drys quick My lips can get pretty dry in the winter but this lipstick doesn’t dry out my lips it feels hydrating
Mood Moosting Fall Lippies w/ lip swatches!
Mood Moosting Fall Lippies w/ lip swatches!
As the temps start to drop and the days get shorter, I look for anything to give me a mood boost. I find that adding a fun lippie can improve my mood, whether I’m bare-faced or rocking natural or glam makeup looks. Here’s a few of my fall faves: Too Faced - Melted Liquified Long Wear Matte Lipstick Limited Edition “gingerbread man”: This was part of the melted matte line and was released for a holiday collection a few years ago. It did come back last year. I’m not sure about this year, but there is a similar looking shade available from the brand this year called “pumpkin”. The formula is thin, comfortable (use a balm underneath), and long-wearing with some transfer. This burnt orange shade is so beautiful - I always get compliments when I wear it! $20ish FENTY BEAUTY - Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color “uncensored”: This is very long-wearing despite transferring onto everything - it never looks touched! You must be patient applying because the formula is liquidy and immediately stains. It has a comfortable matte finish. This is a red that would look amazing on all skin tones. I advise getting a mini (sometimes in Fenty holiday sets) because a full size has so much product and mine recently expired (hence no lip swatch - it smells awful now). I intend to repurchase. $25 REVOLUTION - Renaissance Lipstick in “luxe”: This is a comfortable creamy, matte lipstick that screams fall. It’s a warm brown with reddish-orange undertones. Great price point. This would be great for a wide variety of skin tones, too. The packaging is also stunning, which adds to the luxe (pun intended) experience. It fades nicely. I also like to wear this lightly blotted on my lips. $6.50 ANASTASIA Beverly Hills - ANASTASIA Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in “heathers”: This is a pretty drying matte liquid lip formula, so prep your lips well. The color is so worth it - it’s a gorgeous, long-wearing oxblood red. These sometimes go on sale BOGO (which is how I got mine) so be on the lookout because I’m not sure this is worth $20 on its own. Want a drugstore dupe? NYX cherry skies is almost spot on for about $7. #Bite Beauty - Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick[products]#[FourStars] in “cassava”: This discontinued liquified lipstick is a deep plum-berry. It’s so comfortable on the lips and very opaque. Because it doesn’t dry down, it does transfer onto everything and fades faster (but still several hours of wear). I wish Bite hadn’t discontinued these, but I do recommend their lip crayons and amuse bouche bullet lipsticks. Bite usually offers sets, and they have a lab in Toronto and LA to create your own custom lipstick. You *may* be able to find this or other shades in this formula at TJ Maxx/Marshall’s. All brands are cruelty-free, and Bite is 100% vegan. #CheriePartner
DermDoctor Hand-Selected Skincare Routine 🔲 5 winners will be selected to receive the entire skincare routine below 🔲 Here's how to enter: 1. Follow me here (dermdoctor) 2. Comment any skincare question for our Instagram Live on 9/28 @ 9AM PST (IG: @doctorly) 🔲 Giveaway Prize: CeraVe - Hydrating Cream-To-Foam Cleanser I absolutely love this product and use it every single day. As someone with combination skin, it's not overly drying but you still feel clean after using it. It also doubles as a make-up or sunscreen remover. You can use this as the first step in your morning and evening routine. VICHY - LiftActiv Specialist Peptide-C Anti-Aging Ampoules Vichy really did it with this one. This contains 10% L-ascorbic acid, the best-studied form of vitamin C. It also contains hyaluronic acid and peptides. It serves as an amazing anti-oxidant and will brighten the skin and build collagen over time. Use this in the AM after cleansing. elta md SKINCARE - UV Clear Broad Spectrum SPF 46 You all know this is one of my favorite products of all time. It goes on without a white cast and contains niacinamide, which is amazing for acne and rosacea-prone skin. CeraVe - Retinol Face Serum Retinoids are the cornerstone of my skincare routine. They have anti-aging and anti-acne benefits. They fade dark spots and improve skin texture. This product by ceraVe is a perfect starter retinoid because it contains an encapsulated form of retinoid and licorice, which helps to calm down inflammation and fade hyperpigmentation. Use this at night after cleansing. Avoid this if pregnant or breastfeeding! SUNDAY RILEY - Good Genes Glycolic Acid Treatment This is one of the best exfoliants on the market. It contains lactic acid, one of the most gentle and effective alpha-hydroxy acids you can use in your skincare routine. It also contains licorice, which helps to fade dark spots and calm redness. This is best used 1-2x a week at night. Avoid using it on the same nights as your retinol. This product does contain lemongrass oil, which can cause irritation or allergy in a very small group of people (<1%). Always make sure to patch test. LA ROCHE-POSAY - Toleriane Ultra Face Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin This is a gentle, non-greasy moisturizer that's great for all skin types. The bottle is hermetically sealed to prevent air from getting it, which allows the moisturize to be produced with no preservatives. It's also fragrance-free. One of the best moisturizers money can buy if you have sensitive skin. This can be used twice a day. Giveaway Rules: Ends 9/28/2020 at 11:59 PM PST. Shipping within the USA and Canada only. Giveaway winners will be picked by cherie. #CheriePartner
Skincare-makeup hybrids help p
Skincare-makeup hybrids help protect and hydrate skin, while blurring away imperfections. Because we lead busy lives too, we understand how important time is. So when we look out for beauty products, we are drawn to those that multi-task and work well in order to save us precious time. it Cosmetics - Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Anti-Aging Waterproof Concealer Price: $26💵 IT Cosmetics is known for skin-boosting makeup and this award-winning concealer is no exception. I have been using this product for nearly a year I have been using it for dark pigmentation on my nose and upper lip and it certainly works and gives good coverage I have spent so much money on concealers in the past that haven't worked . You only need a small amount for best results warm it on the top of your hand by just working into the skin with your fingertips and work it into your skin gently you only need very little of the product and you will not need any foundation. I use loose powder afterwards as l like a Matt finish. In addition, to dark-circle-covering pigment, this concealer is a serving of everything your delicate under-eye area could want — peptides, vitamins, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and hydrolyzed collagen. LANCÔME - Skin Feels Good Hydrating Skin Tint Price: $23 💵 It's a hydrating skin tint for a no-makeup look, infused with skin-loving ingredients that put our skin first with sheer-to-buildable natural coverage. I bought this to replace my empty Urban Decay One and Done and while I thought that was the perfect tinted moisturizer, I think this might be better! Light coverage, but skin perfecting. Smell is good but not strong and fades quickly. I’ll probably end up using this all summer, and for more relaxed days. No issues with breakouts/irritation, but I don’t have sensitive skin so usually not an issue. Would highly recommend if you want something lighter that really makes your skin look perfect. 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ Skincare-makeup hybrid products rise in popularity is only natural, seeing as if you love both skin care products and makeup, the only thing that could be better is combining the two. Instead of taking the time to go through an entire skin care routine, followed by a multitude of makeup application rituals, you can use products that serve double-duty—addressing your complexion concerns while covering up imperfections and playing up your best features. What’s not to love?