Perfect blow drying techniques to blow dry hair properly at home

Aug. 31
It’s not easy to blow dry your hair perfectly, especially when you have to do it yourself. Not only the process itself is rather time-consuming and tiring but also varies depending upon hair type and length. In this piece, we will be covering some tips to get that perfect blow-dried look on your hair. Moreover, we will be covering several hair types so each one feels get to benefit from this article. So let’s begin:
Blow-Drying Straight Hair:
Straight hair blow-dries rather straight and flat, so here is how to do it professionally without having to make it look flat and lifeless:
  • Start with applying a heat-protecting product on half-dried hair. Wait for your hair to be almost 80% dry before you start with the dryer.
  • Next, start clipping your hair so you can work on each individual section.
  • Start from the lower layers and work your way to the crown step by step.
  • Use a volume maximizing roll brush.
  • Roll each section on the brush and roll away from your face towards the ends of the hair.
  •  Apply the blow drier at medium heat and full throw in the direction of the brush. 
  • Keep rerolling and brushing down until the section is dried.
  • Tie back the section done so you can work on the other section. Repeat for all other sections one by one.
  • For the crown, use the brush horizontally and blow-dry backward to give the hair at top volume.
  • Use your fingers to part your hair and you are done.
  • BlowDrying Wavy Hair:
    Blow drying wavy hair is rather sensitive as there is a high chance to mess up the curls. Here’s how you do it simple and easy.
  • Cut down the frizz by drying off freshly washed hair with a microfiber towel.
  • Apply heat-protecting products through the waves and let hair dry to almost 80%.
  • Use a hairdryer brush instead of a simple hair drier. But if not possible, try to use a diffuser instead.
  • Use the brush on a three-inch-wide patch and start rolling from roots all the way to the end. 
  • Keep going for a few times until it is completely dried, the roll it over your finger until it cools down to give it a perfect wavy texture.
  • After you are done, apply a little bit of hair oil along the length of the hair to eliminate any frizz and to tousle-up the waves.
  • BlowDrying Curly Hair:
    Curly hair takes a whole lot of time in order to get them properly blow-dried. It is easy to ruin the curl pattern of the hair with even a single mistake. This one is all about experimenting and trial and error. Workout what works best for you. But here’s a small guide to smooth things along.
  • Start by applying styling milk or cream using your finger along the length of your hair on wet hairs.
  • Dry out the excess water by flipping your hair upside down and crumpling it in a microfiber towel.
  • Apply a gel-cream for styling and scrunch along to distribute it evenly throughout the length.
  • In the same upside-down manner start using the blower with a distributor as a nozzle.
  • Cup section of your hair in the distributer and hold each section for 15-20 seconds.
  • Repeat for all the sections and avoid touching the hair with your hand.
  • When done, flip your hair from side to side without parting them with your hand and let them take from on their own.
  • To hold your curls up and give them a definition, you can use styling gel for curls. You must do it while your hair is still damp.
  • Finally, use regular blow drier at low speed to dry the roots and add volume to them.
  • So, whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair; now you can style them at home on your own without having to go to a salon. 
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