Step-by-Step Guide about How to Fade Hair Color Fast without Damage

Aug. 31, 2020


You can fade unwanted hair color fast using clarifying shampoos, helpful ingredients such as vitamin C, and frequent washing. Conditioning is essential whichever trick you try.
Whether your stylist done goofed or your chosen color isn’t as fabulous as you expected, here you are—desperate to restore normalcy to your tresses.
We share effective ways on how to fade hair color fade without damage. With a little patience and persistence, your color nightmare will fade to a distant memory.


How Fast Does Hair Dye Fade?
Sorry to say that there’s no simple answer. How quickly your color will fade will depend on a range of variables, including:
Hair Texture
Dry, porous hair tends to absorb color better—and by the same virtue, it loses color faster. Conversely, oilier tresses are more likely to hang onto dyes.
Original Hair Color
If you want to go from fire-engine red to gentle ginger, it’s not too much of a leap. You’re still in the same color range.
However, if you had pristine snow-white hair and want all traces of color gone, it’s going to be a little more time-consuming.
Type of Hair Dye
This one’s a biggie—is the dye semi-permanent or permanent? Perhaps it’s temporary (yay), which means you have an easier journey ahead?
If you’re not sure, check the label on the dye you used or call up your stylist and ask. 
Non-permanent dyes will put up less of a fight, although some colors (e.g., red) can be notoriously stubborn. 
Haircare Habits
You could inadvertently be extending your time in hair-hell. For instance, if you’re used to washing your hair with cold water, you’re reducing fade potential. 
First Things First: Fading Hair Color Safely
You might hate how your tresses look right now, but you still need to take care of them. 
Don’t forget to deep condition regularly, and use healing hair masks to restore moisture and shine—chances are your hair could use it after the dye-saster.


Tricks to Fade Hair Color Fast
Do you have your conditioners ready for some TLC?
Stop Using Antifade Products
Yes, it’s obvious—but if you zone out in the shower, it can happen. Retire any color depositing shampoos or conditioners to your bathroom closet.
Use Clarifying Shampoos
Look for any shampoo that’s clarifying, as it’ll remove stubborn buildup—and hopefully, color deposits—from your hair. 
Shampoos with sulfates, phthalates, and other chemicals are also a great choice because they’re stronger. 
Vitamin C Mask
Anecdotal reports praise the effectiveness of vitamin C masks. All you have to do add a teaspoon of powdered vitamin C (or crush up a few tablets) to your shampoo. 
Leave the vitamin C mask on for at least one hour or two, then condition and rinse it out.
Go Hard (With Your Water)
Do you have a fancy, water-purifying filter on your shower? Remove it—hard water that contains minerals and other compounds will help wear that color out.
Tone It Out
A touch of toner is an excellent finisher if you’re in the homestretch with minimal color to remove. Look for opposite tones: e.g., purple for orange traces, red for green, etc
Fade-Friendly Practices 
Implement these simple techniques into your life until your hair is back to normal again:
Ramp Up Washing
Do you follow Kim Kardashian’s once-a-week washing schedule? Drop that for now, and wash your hair as often as you can, and condition, condition, condition!
No More Cold Washes
Don’t fry your tresses with boiling water, but you don’t near to grimly bear lukewarm or cold water anymore to preserve your color.
Don’t Try This at Home 
What about other hair-fade tricks, such as using dish soap, other detergents, or a DIY bleach bath?
We wouldn’t recommend it—you might see some fade, but you’ll also likely damage your tresses.
Professional Color Correction
If you’re at your wit’s end, you can start searching for a qualified stylist near you for color correction. 
Whatever you do, don’t go back to the salon that ruined your hair in the first place. You already have proof that it didn’t work out: don’t get burned twice.
Be warned: bleach might be a suggested option depending on your color and what you want to achieve. 
Otherwise, the recommendation could be to go darker to conceal it, which won’t work or everyone. If your hair turned sea-green instead of blue and you want it platinum again, it won’t come cheap—financially or damage-wise. 
Don’t Give Up!
We get it—you cringe every time you pass a mirror or try to take a selfie. It might seem like the color fade process is taking an eternity, but bear with it. 
Keep working at it, stay patient and you should eventually see results. They might not be as dramatic as you’d like, but don’t get disheartened.
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