Best Shampoos for Dry Hair - Boost Hydration and Nourish Your Strands!

Aug. 31
If your hair is lacking moisture, feels brittle, damaged and is just constantly dry, it’s time to take a closer look at your hair care routine! Dry hair needs attention and care to regain its hydration and look its best. The culprit of your bad hair day can hide behind a lot of things - air pollution, weather factors, water quality or bad hair care products. And if there’s one thing you can change right away and give your hair a moisturizing boost, it’s your shampoo! There are a lot of products out there, and we’ve collected the most recommended and secure shampoos on the market.
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Dry Color-Treated Hair: Pureology Hydrate Shampoo
After coloring, your hair can easily lose its shine and elasticity. It will also often feel dry and brittle. If you’re looking for a shampoo that will take care of your colored hair strands, and will bring back its hydration, this one’s for you! Thanks to jojoba extract, green tea and sage it will be able to condition and moisture your hair without softening the color. 
Dry Coarse Hair: Redken All Soft Shampoo for Dry Brittle Hair
If you have coarse hair, you know how difficult it is to find a good shampoo, that will nourish your strands and locks. Redken is a classic in the world of high quality hair care products, and is definitely a secure choice! Thanks to argan oil and soy protein, it will help your hair manage its hydration levels and regain that luscious and glowing look. Sulfate and paraben free, Redken All Soft Shampoo for Dry Brittle Hair, will definitely bring your strands back to life!
Dry Curly Hair:  BRIOGEO HAIR CARE Curl Charisma™ Rice Amino + Avocado Hydrating Shampoo
This sulfate-free and hydrating shampoo is a true game changer for curly and wavy hair! it works to restore hydration, make your curls easier to manage and detangle! Avocado oil, together with shea butter will provide amazing moisturizing, and will not overwhelm your curly strands, while rice extract will add that nourishing glow and elasticity. One of the best shampoos for dry and curly hair out there!
Very Dry Hair: Kérastase Nutritive Shampoo for Severely Dry Hair
Kérastase is a great brand to go for, if you’re looking for proper hydration and an intense moisturizing boost. This ultra-nourishing shampoo is known to treat extremely dry and brittle hair with a lot of attention and care. Formulated with Benzoin Resin, Iris Root Extract and Ceramides, it will form a protective layer and revitalize your hair, as well as maintain a healthy scalp and restore a balanced hydration level!
Sensitive Skin and Dry Hair: Biolage R.A.W. Nourish Shampoo
If you not only have dry hair, but also have to manage your sensitive scalp, you should check out Biolage R.A.W. Nourish Shampoo! This sulfate-, paraben- and silicone-free shampoo for dry hair is a great choice for your delicate skin. Formulated with honey and quinoa husk, it will help your hair get back on track with its hydration and glow in a natural and safe way!
Dry Hair on a Budget: Herbal Essences Renew Honey & Vitamin B Moisture Shampoo
If you feel you need some hydration and want to boost that natural glow, but don’t want to spend a fortune - this one’s for you! This great, Moisture shampoo from Herbal Essences is not far behind the more expensive shampoos for dry hair. Formulated with coconut extract and aloe vera, it will bring you hair back to a healthy and soft condition, and will help with regaining proper moisturizing. Not to mention the delicate, coconut scent that will follow you around all day!
All in all, taking care of dry and frizzy hair can be a challenge, but with a proper hair care routine you can really make a difference! Choosing a good shampoo for dry hair is crucial, and will start a new era for your locks and strands. So remember to take a closer look at your hair first, and make sure to give it what it needs!
Best Reviews
A Year in review!
A Year in review!
This year has definitely been a wild ride. I’ve learned so much more about my hair and skin in this last year than I ever thought I would or needed to know! All the way from using witch hazel and not paying attention to my curl pattern, to staying completely fragrance free with face products and staying away from harsh toners and paying attention to what my hair was trying to do! Using this app has really opened doors for me that I wouldn’t thought possible for my beauty process! I can’t wait to see what more years bring me, and us! Thank you @cherie!
The Ordinary Empties and final thoughts!
The Ordinary Empties and final thoughts!
I believe it’s been almost 10 months of me using The Ordinary products and wow! I can’t believe so much time has passed! These 3 products are the very first products I ever bought to try and here’s what I think! The Ordinary - Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% This serum I would buy again and again. And I do! I’m on my 3rd bottle! Because I usually wear glasses, my nose gets really really oily under the nose pieces which causes them to slide around my face A LOT. After using this serum, I’ve noticed that I really don’t get oily in that spot anymore thank god! My T zone is balanced and because of my oil production going down, I’ve also noticed my pores around my nose have shrunk dramatically. The Ordinary - Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 This one I’m really on the fence about. I have definitely seen improvement in my face in terms of “wrinkles” which really were just a way of my face telling me I needed more moisture! However, the formula is soooo tacky that when I try to use it during the day it makes my sunscreen pill no matter how long I wait for it to settle in. Even though I hate the tackiness, I still bought a 2nd bottle! The Ordinary - Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG There’s nothing wrong with this product. I just feel like it didn’t do much for me! I got it to help with my dark under eyes and puffiness but I don’t think it did much. If it did do anything, it was too gradual of a change for me to notice. Also, does anyone know what all this buildup is around the cap??? I guess we will see how long it takes me to realize it did help and I run to get a new bottle! For now, I think one bottle of this was enough for me.
My Everyday Makeup Routine!
My Everyday Makeup Routine!
This has been my go-to routine for so long! Only takes me 30 minutes (haha sounds short to me) but seriously such an easy way to look glam! My Basic Steps for a good everyday look are in order from 1. Brows 2. Concealer (I pack on a bit more for extra coverage) 3. Contour (Using a darker concealer) 4. Baking (Using a dry beauty blender, this will help keep my makeup on all day!) 6. Contour (This sets the darker concealer/contour shade) 7. Highlight 8. Lashes 9. Gloss of choice (preferable nude or clear to keep it neutral for me) 10. And boom! An everyday glam look! Products listed below (: - Elf Lock on liner and Brow Cream #e.l.f. - Lock on Liner and Brow Cream[products]#[FourStars] In shade “Medium Brown” - Elf Hydrating Camo Concealer #e.l.f. - Hydrating Camo Concealer[products]#[FiveStars] in shade “Light Sand” - Elf Hydrating Camo Concealer #e.l.f. - Hydrating Camo Concealer[products]#[FiveStars] in shade “Deep Dark” - Makeup Revolution “Translucent” baking powder #REVOLUTION - MAKEUP REVOLUTION Loose Baking Powder[products]#[FourStars] - Makeup Revolution Bake and Blot in shade “Deep Dark” #REVOLUTION - Bake And Blot Pressed Powder[products]#[FiveStars] - NikkieTutorials Highlighting Trio by Ofra Cosmetics #OFRA - NikkieTutorials Highlighting Trio[products]#[FiveStars] - Lashes from #EYLURE - Luxe XL Lashes[products]#[FiveStars] - Morphe Lip Gloss in color “Free Bird” #MORPHE - MORPHE Lip Gloss [products]#[FiveStars] Comment below if you’ve tried any of these products! (:
🧡Creator Roundup 🏷 Beauty Year-in-review
🧡Creator Roundup 🏷 Beauty Year-in-review
Check out these creators’ profiles to see their beauty journeys in 2020! Creator: @Ren14 “What Stayed🍾Cooluli - Classic 4 Liter Small Mini Fridge Cooluli Skincare Fridge: I adore my little fridge! It feels so good to have chilled serums, especially in the morning! I love it so much that I’m thinking I’m going to get a bigger one so I can add more products in! Truly a must have for a skincare lover! Also, the fridge can warm up products too!” Creator:@LindseyRR “2020 is the year I think we all will remember forever. Everything in our lives changed and things have been incredibly difficult. The entire world had a health crisis, so many of our loved ones are no longer here. I myself am taking a journey with a health crisis of my own but as hard as 2020 has been, it has also been INCREDIBLE.” Creator: @briordan2000 “This year has definitely been a wild ride. I’ve learned so much more about my hair and skin in this last year than I ever thought I would or needed to know!“
3 Easy Ways to Volumize Your Hair
3 Easy Ways to Volumize Your Hair
Hair concerns: Flat, Thin These are my 3 quick, go-to hair tips for volumizing my hair! This is great for when you’re on the go and don’t have too much time on your hands. 1. Use a Root Volumizer Hot Tool (Bed Head Little Tease Hair Crimper for Outrageous Texture and Volume) - Using this root volumizer hot tool will give you the volume of teased hair without the tangled knots and hairspray. It works by making small crimps or waves in your hair and gives your roots volume from the texture it creates. Just make sure to cover your roots with a layer of hair to conceal the textured areas. - Directions: Clamp the hot tool at your roots, brush it out with your fingers, and cover it with a layer of hair. Spray a moderate amount of hair spray to keep it in place. 2. Dry Shampoo - Thin, flat hair usually looks lifeless because of the lack of texture and thinness of the hair shaft. This means that having freshly washed hair can actually be your worst enemy if you’re going for a volumized look. Adding in a hair product can help at the roots by allowing for your hair to be styled into place. You can use any texturizing spray to do so, but I like to use dry shampoo especially for second-hair days! It helps soak up the oils in my hair as well as volumizing my roots. - Directions: Use any dry shampoo your own and spray onto your roots and brush it out. 3. Hair Extensions - Adding hair extensions onto your head will effortlessly give the illusion that your hair is much thicker than it actually is. The added layers will make the roots of your hair appear uplifted. You can choose from lengthening hair extensions (like mine) or extensions that match your hair length. Either way, it’ll make your hair on your head look much fuller. - Directions: Use clip-in hair extensions and clip it onto your roots. Cover the clip-ins with a layer of hair and spray hairspray it to keep it in place. #cheriepartner #sponsored