How to handle hair that feels drier than a desert

Aug. 28, 2020
Nobody visits a hair salon and asks for dry hair. Yet hundreds of thousands of us walk around sporting the look on our heads every day – so what gives?
What causes dry hair? 
Dry hair occurs when our hair isn’t getting or retaining enough moisture. 
At optimum health, the outer layers of the hair will protect the inner layers from external forces such as humidity. 
But when hair is dry the outer layer breaks down leaving hair vulnerable to dryness and dullness. 
Dry hair does not discriminate based on sex or age. For some of us our hair is naturally on the dry side and always will be.
But dry hair can also be a tell-tale sign of environmental factors or bad hair practices. 
For the former, if you live in a hot and dry climate or spend a lot of time caught up in the wind then your hair is far more prone to dryness. Sadly, apart from sun protector and carrying an umbrella there’s not much you can do about the weather. 
But there is something you can do about your hair care practices. If you’re guilty of over washing your hair, colouring your hair or using heat styling then you might just have found the answer to why your hair is looking so dry!
The good news is that most dry hair cases can be treated by simple lifestyle changes.
Visit the hairdresser regularly 
The easiest way to get rid of those dry scraggly ends? Chop them off for good!
We’re all guilty of not getting our hair trimmed regularly enough. Most of us are petrified of losing our long locks. But the only think that avoiding those scissors is going to do is allow our split ends to grow and travel up the hair – until we eventually have to cut a lot more of it off!
Regular haircuts will keep your hair in a healthy condition and any dryness will be a problem of the past!
Eat a healthy diet
A bad diet has repercussions for our energy, our skin and, you’ve guessed it, our hair. 
If you want hair that looks like its straight off a commercial you need to make sure that your diet is packed full of omega-3s and antioxidants. That means clearing the shelves of all the processed and sugary junk food and replacing it with nuts, seeds, berries and beans!
If you’re still not noticing a change then it may be time to add some supplements into your diet. You can pick up hair vitamins from most supermarkets and beauty stores – and the good news is while being packed full of vitamins A, C and E they also taste super scrumptious!
Change up your hair products 
Have you ever stopped to pick up those bottles of shampoo and conditioner and actually check the ingredients? For products that we use so regularly its criminal how little research we put into choosing which to use. And the potential punishment? Dry hair.
You should only be purchasing shampoos and conditioners if their top ingredients are argan oil, coconut oil and vitamin E. If you have dry hair any product including a sulphate is a no go. 
If you’ve got some extra time on your hands it might be a good idea to pick up a leave in conditioner (some even last overnight) to really give some hydration to your hair ends. Or, even better, try a hair mask once a week. Most hair masks contain strengthening and hydrating oils such as argan oil, biotin and keratin. You can leave most hair masks on while sleeping and simply wash them off in the morning!
Don’t over wash your hair
With your new and improved shampoos and conditioners you might be more incentivised than ever to wash your hair – but hold your horses. You should not be washing your hair more than three times a week, and if its already dry try and cut that down even further! When you give your hair a break from the showerhead you allow the natural oils to build up and give the hair some much needed moisture.
A helpful tip: you don’t even have to wash your hair with shampoo always! By simply wetting it and applying some conditioner to the ends your hair will smell sweet but also be getting healthier!
Cut down on any heat styling
We all know that blow drying, straightening and curling are not good for our hair. As tempting as they may be, your hair is never going to be in prime health while you’re using damaging heat on it.
There are plenty of ways to dry your hair without using heat. Air drying is your best option, although we understand given busy schedules this is not always possible. Instead, purchase a soft microfiber towel to dry your tresses. This will not only dry your hair faster but also better protect your strands from any damage. 
If you like to go to sleep with wet hair, pick up a couple of silk pillowcases. Unlike cotton pillowcases that soak up all the hair’s moisture, silk pillowcases will allow your hair to dry while soaking up all those essential oils from your hair care products. 
And if you insist on using heat tools, make sure that you’re prepping your hair correctly! Never touch a heat tool without first applying heat protectant spray on your hair.
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Hi Army!
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