Best Revitalizing Shampoos for Damaged Hair in 2020

Aug. 28
Dry and frizzy hair, split ends, feeling as its natural shine is no longer there? Nearly everyone has had a moment in their hair journey when they’ve overused hairstyling products, intense coloring or a curling iron and other hot tools. Very often water quality, air pollution or intense drying can cause damage and dryness to your hair and scalp. It’s a lot to watch out for we know, but thankfully there are a lot of helpful shampoos for damaged hair out there! When looking for a good revitalizing shampoo, it’s important that you look out for soothing and repairing ingredients, such as ceramides, lipids, natural oils and antioxidants. 
To make it easy, fast and effective, we’ve prepared a list of the most recommended shampoos for all types of damaged hair! Keep reading, and find your own hair hero below.
Bleached and Damaged Hair: Olaplex No. 4 Bond Maintenance™ Shampoo
Olaplex is known for high quality hair repair products, and their No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo is definitely worth trying out! It’s one of the best picks if you’re dealing with intense hair damage after bleaching or coloring. It’s also one of the most recommended moisturizing shampoos if you’re struggling with frizziness and dryness! Not to mention Olaplex is a clean and beauty brand, making sure you’re taking care of your hair in a healthy way! 
Split Ends and Dry Hair: Redken All Soft Mega Shampoo
A great choice if you’re struggling with split ends and need to give your hair a moisture boost! Formulated with natural cactus extract, Redken All Soft Mega Shampoo is here to hydrate, add shine and soften your hair. It also uses aloe vera and sacha inchi oil, in order to give your hair strength, and keep its moisture levels high! 
Dry and Lack of Glow: Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo
Looking for a shampoo with natural oils, which will not only nurture damaged and broken hair, but also restore that natural glow? Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo is a great place to start! Rich in natural ingredients, such as lavender, chamomile, rosemary and jojoba extracts, it’s a great choice if you want to keep your hair routine close to nature. Not to mention the amazing benefits of argan oil, that will boost your hair’s natural glow and elasticity. 
Frizzy and Dry Hair: KÉRASTASE Discipline Sulfate Free Smoothing Shampoo
This shampoo is very well known in the professional hairstyling field, and is recommended if your hair is really difficult to tame in terms of frizziness and dryness. It also will give you surface protection - making sure your hair is safe during hot and cold weather, low humidity and often exposed to a lot of sun.
Chemically Processed Hair: Aveda Damage Remedy Restructuring Shampoo 
If your hair has been chemically processed, and needs a strong boost of energy, you should definitely try Aveda Damage Remedy Restructuring Shampoo. It’s very gentle, and uses natural ingredients such as coconut, quinoa and babassu extracts, that will revitalize and help with returning your hair’s elasticity and moisture. 
Colored Hair:  Alterna Haircare CAVIAR Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Shampoo 
A great pick if your hair has been color-treated and feels rough, damaged and dry. CAVIAR Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Shampoo is most known for its special ingredient - caviar extract, rich in proteins, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins A, C, D and minerals. Not only will it restore elasticity and softness by moisturizing and revitalizing your colored hair, but will also take care of aging signs!
Damaged Curly Hair: Mizani True Textures Moisture Replenish Shampoo
Curly hair is known to be more difficult to take care of, and get dry and frizzy quite easily. Mizani offers a great moisturizing shampoo with coconut, olive and marula oils to really help with restoring that healthy glow and hydration! Natural ingredients and being sulfate and paraben free makes this shampoo a great choice for damaged curly hair.
And there you have it! The best shampoos for damaged hair at your service! Remember to check what is causing your hair to get frizzy and dry, and to take proper care of it daily - especially if you’ve done a lot of color changes and treatments! Damaging your hair can happen suddenly or overtime, but it’s never too late to help it out with proper hair products, and a good repairing shampoo should be first on the list!
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GRWM! New products and some old!
GRWM! New products and some old!
Hello everyone! I did another GRWM using some new and old products! First I started off with a primer. I used e.l.f. - Poreless Putty Primer I was actually really surprised by this. It reminded me of Tachas silk canvas primer. It went on smoothly and did a good job of blurring my skin. I will say though after I looked at my makeup in the mirror up close it did settle a bit into my pores and my creases and was pretty noticeable. Overall I think this is a good product and will work for people with smoother skin. e.l.f. - 16HR Camo Concealer Then I used the elf concealer. I love this concealer. I’ve used it so many other times in my other videos. WINKY LUX - Diamond Powder Foundation Then I used the winky lux foundation. This actually went on so nicely and was super natural looking. I love how it’s so weightless and decreases shine. I would recommend this for people with oilier skin. the CRÈME shop - "Macro Brow" Angled Brow Pencil + Spooley Then i used macro brow. This is just to fill in the last bits of my eyebrow to look fuller. It’s easy to use and has a great price point. I just wish the pigment was a little easier to apply. You have to push so hard. RITUEL DE FILLE - Rare Light Crème Luminizer My favorite brand of highlighters ever. Just so pretty and pigmented. All natural and cruelty free. An amazing brand overall. 💞 fresh - Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15 I used a tinted fresh lip treatment. Love the way they hydrate and the subtle color it gives off. They also smell and taste really good 😂. Hope you enjoyed getting ready with me! Let me know if you have any questions about the products I used.
Introducing Cherie’s Spotlight! 🌟
Introducing Cherie’s Spotlight! 🌟
Hi cherie fam! We've updated our Leaderboard into a new, more inclusive program now called Cherie Spotlight! Starting November 30th, every two-weeks, cherie will spotlight and award free beauty prizes to new and contributing users & creators in our community at random in an effort to show more diverse content and celebrate everyone in our cherie community. The first winners of Cherie's Spotlight will be announced on December 14th and every two-weeks, we will choose several winners for each category - New on Cherie, Cherie Convos, and Cherie's Picks! New on Cherie Cherie will randomly choose several users who are new to the cherie community and have posted in the current round to win a free beauty prize! Cherie Convos Cherie will randomly choose several users who have created into those week's Cherie Convos topics. Each week's Cherie Convos topics can be found at the top of the Discover page in the banners and on @cherie! Cherie’s Picks Cherie will award our top picks of the most engaging recent posts on cherie. There's no sign-up needed, just post to participate! Happy posting and good luck!! 🌟💫
Dry Shampoo white residue? Don’t worry I got you
Dry Shampoo white residue? Don’t worry I got you
I love a dry shampoo with a lot of powder because it is what is absorbing the oil to make your hair look less greasy. However, sometimes there is a little white powder residue that I can’t seem to rub into my dark hair. Simple solution 💡!! Shine spray! It makes it all blend away! Using: KLORANE - Detox Dry Shampoo With Organic Aquatic Mint REDKEN - Shine Flash 02 Shine Spray
🧡Creator Roundup 🏷 Beauty Year-in-review
🧡Creator Roundup 🏷 Beauty Year-in-review
Check out these creators’ profiles to see their beauty journeys in 2020! Creator: @Ren14 “What Stayed🍾Cooluli - Classic 4 Liter Small Mini Fridge Cooluli Skincare Fridge: I adore my little fridge! It feels so good to have chilled serums, especially in the morning! I love it so much that I’m thinking I’m going to get a bigger one so I can add more products in! Truly a must have for a skincare lover! Also, the fridge can warm up products too!” Creator:@LindseyRR “2020 is the year I think we all will remember forever. Everything in our lives changed and things have been incredibly difficult. The entire world had a health crisis, so many of our loved ones are no longer here. I myself am taking a journey with a health crisis of my own but as hard as 2020 has been, it has also been INCREDIBLE.” Creator: @briordan2000 “This year has definitely been a wild ride. I’ve learned so much more about my hair and skin in this last year than I ever thought I would or needed to know!“
No-Heat Style
No-Heat Style
Let’s learn a no heat style! Start by gathering your hair to one side Begin a rope braid in the front by twisting two pieces. Add hair to each section and twist again. Continue this pattern until you reach your ear. Split the remaining hair into two. While holding the section pop index finger and thumb through. Grab through the other section and repeat! Secure with an elastic. Xo