The Best Foundations for Dry Skin 2020: Get That Dewy Fresh Look

Aug. 26
We review 7 of the best foundations for dry skin. Learn what ingredients to look for and find the best product for your needs and budget.
If you suffer from a dried-out complexion, foundation is essential in your makeup arsenal. 
However, if you use the wrong one, you’ll highlight—and possibly worsen—flaky, parched skin.
Heavier formulas can overwhelm your skin and appear cakey. A matte finish won’t look so flawless if your complexion is dehydrated. 
Ideally, you should try light to medium ultra-hydrating foundations. Bonus if it’s water-based or moisturizing. Let’s delve into our seven picks for perfect coverage!
#1. Best Matte
Chic Dior hits the top of our list with Dior Forever Undercover Foundation. For one, this formula allows you to achieve that coveted matte finish without worsening dry spots.
The water-based, fluid-wear foundation blends seamlessly without being overly heavy. It’s paraben-free to avoid potential skin irritation if you’re sensitive. 
It’s also the best foundation for combination dry skin, as it suits oily and normal types too. 
You shouldn’t have to worry about repeated touch-ups, as Dior claims it’ll last up to 24 hours. Some users report experiencing a slight transfer, but nothing too serious.
#2. Most Innovative
Japanese beauty brand Shiseido has a reputation for epic skincare products. 
The Synchro Self-Refreshing Foundation is one such example—features read more like a futuristic device than makeup!
This formula syncs up with your unique skin type to self-refresh. ActiveForce Technology prevents sweat, oil, and facial movement from spoiling your coverage.
Synchro is free of all the standard toxins such as parabens and sulfates that further irritate your skin. You’ll also get protection from the sun, which is important for dry skin: it’s SPF 30.
Finally, this foundation is a proud Allure Best of Beauty winner. 
#3. Best for Glow
If you want your dull, dry skin to look glowy and radiant, the Luminous Silk Foundation by Armani Beauty is a worthy choice.
The formula is inspired by charmeuse silk, which is known for its beautiful sheen.
You’ll get a flat, seamless finish—if you want that airbrushed look without filters, this foundation might do the trick. It layers on smoothly to produce a healthy, hydrated complexion.
Another advantage is that it suits multiple skin types. If your dry patches are localized to certain areas like your cheeks, it shouldn’t appear heavy on your oily or normal areas. 
#4. Best for Healing
Are you eager to do more than conceal your dry skin? Born This Way Foundation by Too Faced includes beneficial ingredients to soothe parched skin and promote moisture.
Coconut water works to replenish moisture, and Alpine rose encourages a resilient complexion. This foundation also includes hyaluronic acid to combat aging.
Born This Way delivers medium coverage, but is lightweight to apply for a dewy-fresh finish. There is one potential drawback—you might need more product than you expect if you want heavier coverage.
Lastly, it’s cruelty-free, vegan, and doesn’t contain harmful parabens. Plus, Lady Gaga fans will appreciate the name. 
#5. Most Versatile
This full-coverage liquid foundation is an all-in-one product that does it all. It moisturizes, conceals imperfections, and offers a refreshingly natural finish. 
You can use it as a primer, and it suits combination and oily skin too. This creamy foundation also includes powerful SPF 50 for comprehensive protection. 
Aside from shielding your dry skin, it can also work to improve it. Collagen helps to preserve skin elasticity, and peptides and hyaluronic acid reduce unsightly wrinkles.
Some reviewers have found that this foundation worsens oiliness. If you have combo skin, keep that in mind.
#6. Best Budget Pick
Your foundation for dry skin doesn’t have to break the bank. This foundation is hydrating, anti-aging, and improves skin tone.
It contains wholesome vitamin C and hyaluronic acid to rejuvenate and hydrate dried-out skin. Vitamin B3 helps strengthen your skin’s barrier too.
You can anticipate covering up those flaky dry patches—it delivers a lightweight coverage that hides imperfections well.
This foundation can go the extra mile to last for long days out: users report it’s delightfully long-lasting.
#7. Most Natural
Achieving a natural look with foundation is challenging when you have dry skin—dry patches can interfere with smooth coverage.
Ultra-HD Invisible Cover Foundation delivers on the name. It’s super lightweight and practically melts into your skin for a smooth, airbrushed complexion.
The liquid is easy to blend in, and it contains smart adaptive pigments—fancy!—to adapt to your skin tone. There are over 25 shades, so you’re bound to find a perfect match.
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Sensitive Skin Game changer ❄️
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Is this sunscreen worth the hype?
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