Here’s how to recreate Instagram’s latest beauty trend

Aug. 25
The sunset eye makeup trend is a total win if you love experimenting with creative makeup looks and showcasing vibrant shades like glittering golds and dramatic purples. Scroll down - the inspiration is limitless.


Bright orange blended into hot pink - this look is giving us major sunset vibes from the shapes to the shades. It’s perfectly paired with soft pink lips and blended accents.


A unique twist on the sunset eye makeup trend, this might not be an everyday makeup look but adding illustrations brings the sunset shades into context in a fun way.


You don’t have to go all out with the floral illustrations, but this simple ombre is perfect for beginners. Stick to two shades and send plenty of time blending them together - be sure to use a clean brush.


This creative take on a sunset look requires major makeup skills but is bound to make a statement. A perfect project if you’re in the mood to experiment.

Bringing sunset’s warm shades into play - from orange to purple and everything in between - this sunset inspired makeup look is dramatic in just the right way.


Paired with brushed up brows, false lashes, and highlighter, this strong ombre effect is a perfect way to incorporate the sunset trend into your going out glam.


A cut crease to define eye shape and glitter to contrast with matte is a fun way to experiment with the sunset eyeshadow trend. These dark shades will work just as well in fall.


Perfectly blended pinks and oranges shows just how easy it is to create a sunset effect with just a few shades. Also, can we please have this glowing skin?


Brushed up brows, draped blusher, and voluminous hair are the perfect accompaniment to this dramatic sunset look. Accent your inner corners with a neon purple if you’re in the mood to experiment.


The vibrant oranges and purples and hint of gold shimmer in this complex version of the sunset look is deeply satisfying. We love the way this look emphasises the eye shape.
Nothing says summer beauty quite like these eye-catching sunset makeup looks. You’ll want to sport this trend all season long.
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Dry Shampoo white residue? Don’t worry I got you
Dry Shampoo white residue? Don’t worry I got you
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Full Feathery Brows w/ 2 Products
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The Ordinary Empties and final thoughts!
The Ordinary Empties and final thoughts!
I believe it’s been almost 10 months of me using The Ordinary products and wow! I can’t believe so much time has passed! These 3 products are the very first products I ever bought to try and here’s what I think! The Ordinary - Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% This serum I would buy again and again. And I do! I’m on my 3rd bottle! Because I usually wear glasses, my nose gets really really oily under the nose pieces which causes them to slide around my face A LOT. After using this serum, I’ve noticed that I really don’t get oily in that spot anymore thank god! My T zone is balanced and because of my oil production going down, I’ve also noticed my pores around my nose have shrunk dramatically. The Ordinary - Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 This one I’m really on the fence about. I have definitely seen improvement in my face in terms of “wrinkles” which really were just a way of my face telling me I needed more moisture! However, the formula is soooo tacky that when I try to use it during the day it makes my sunscreen pill no matter how long I wait for it to settle in. Even though I hate the tackiness, I still bought a 2nd bottle! The Ordinary - Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG There’s nothing wrong with this product. I just feel like it didn’t do much for me! I got it to help with my dark under eyes and puffiness but I don’t think it did much. If it did do anything, it was too gradual of a change for me to notice. Also, does anyone know what all this buildup is around the cap??? I guess we will see how long it takes me to realize it did help and I run to get a new bottle! For now, I think one bottle of this was enough for me.
It’s our birthday! 🎉😭🍰 Let’s celebrate!
It’s our birthday! 🎉😭🍰 Let’s celebrate!
We know this has been a hard year but we wanna celebrate our wins 🥂 Here’s to a year filled with beauty ups and downs, perfect finds, great advice, friends and 🔥 looks. Watching our community grow is a beautiful sight. We ❤️ you!