Go from Greasy to Glam with Our 8 Oil-Resistant Foundations!

Aug. 23, 2020
The best foundation for oily skin must be mattifying and oil-absorbing to hold firm throughout the day. If a greasy face has your foundation weeping, you need the best foundation for oily skin. Check out our 8 picks to stay flawless all day. 
Foundation is essential for certain looks, but it can seem hopeless if you struggle with a slick face. The right product can help to absorb excess oil and keep your makeup in place all day long.
Steer clear of anything that claims to add moisture—you don’t need to appear “dewy,” for example. Search for mattifying, oil-free, or anti-oil disclaimers. 
We review nine of the best foundations for oily skin. You can avoid the dreaded makeup meltdown if you shop for your complexion!
#1. Best Overall
This foundation by staple brand Maybelline wins as our top pick. With over 20,000 ratings on Amazon—yes, seriously—it has the reputation to back it up. 
Reviewers rave that it’s long-lasting and blends well.
Also, it’s non-comedogenic, meaning it shouldn’t cause breakouts. The formula is mattifying to minimize unwanted shine and overlarge pores. 
#2. Best Drugstore
The best drugstore foundation for oily skin is this liquid solution from Neutrogena. Besides being budget-friendly, it contains salicylic acid to clear up unsightly blemishes.
You should find that it provides good coverage while staying breathable. If you’re on the sensitive side, the hypoallergenic rating will appeal to you. 
Finally, it’s oil-free—because that’s one thing you don’t need or want more of!
#3. Most Lightweight
HD Liquid Coverage is super-lightweight and refreshingly tough—it should keep your skin looking smooth for up to 24 hours. 
You shouldn’t have to slather it on to achieve full coverage: a little goes a long way for a matte finish. That applies even if you have roughness or acne. 
Catrice is also cruelty-free and certified as such by PETA.
#4. Best Powder
BarePro Powder Foundation is our pick for the best powder foundation for oily skin. It includes minerals and vitamins to address the root of your oily complexion. 
Although it’s a powder, users report that coverage is smooth without caking or flaking. 
You can anticipate a matte finish and it should hide rather than emphasize imperfections (as some other powder foundations do). 
#5. Best Anti-Acne
If your greasy complexion encourages acne, this foundation by Clinique is worth considering. 
Not only does it hide blemishes and redness, but it also works to heal and prevent them. That’s because it keeps oil production at bay. 
The liquid blends on smoothly and doesn’t discolor or cake. You won’t have to use too much of it for total coverage either, which is great since it’s on the pricier side.
#6. Most Long-Lasting
High-end brand Estée Lauder delivers this long lasting foundation for oily skin. This semi-matte formula has 15-hour staying power: it’s transfer-resistant and waterproof.
At the same time, the foundation is oil-controlling and oil-free. The latter could help with controlling those frustrating zits and pimples. 
Despite being lightweight, it offers a natural look and conceals imperfections nicely. These features allow it to outlast sweaty summer days and humid nights. 
The only drawback is—predictably—the price. 
#7. Best for Sensitive Skin:
If your complexion is sensitive and oily, the Bobbi Brown  Skin Serum foundation might be for you. Not only does it absorb shine and oil for a matte finish, but it’s also appropriate for sensitive skin. 
This liquid formula applies smoothly without looking cakey. It should last you for the day without substantial touch-ups and hides typical flaws such as large pores.
Unfortunately, the available tones are somewhat limited.
#8. Best Water-Based
This water based foundation for oily skin by COVERGIRL delivers a shine-free matte complexion. Don’t be alarmed by the whole water-based thing: it’s non-comedogenic and oil-free.
The texture is lightweight and easy to blend—be warned; a little bit will go a long way. 
Aside from evening out your skin’s tone and texture, it also works to hide acne without provoking more breakouts. 
Best Reviews
PR from Vesca Beauty✨
PR from Vesca Beauty✨
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