Eyebrow Lamination 101: What, Why, and How Does it Work?

Aug. 23
Since the dawn of time, people have been experimenting with ways to remove, reshape and darken facial hair. From waxing to shaving, threading to a good old fashioned pluck, it’s something we’ve still not been able to perfect.   
One eyebrow hair removal technique you might not have heard about is eyebrow lamination. This practice originated in Russia and has slowly made its way to the US and elsewhere in the world. 
This unusual method might make you think of tedious office work rather than a fashion trend, but trust us; it is real! Let’s look at what it means, what it consists of and why people love it.


What is eyebrow lamination?
Eyebrow lamination is the process of restructuring the hair so that each one stays in place, giving that full, almost bushy texture. We’ve all seen models and influencers with big, beautiful bushy yet somehow perfectly groomed eyebrows. It’s likely eyebrow lamination is how they’ve achieved it!
Eyebrow lamination is essentially a perm for the brows in that it encourages the hair to go in a certain direction for a prolonged duration of time. 
Why choose eyebrow lamination?
Sometimes, styling your eyebrows just requires too much effort! Between plucking, tinting, waxing and re-shaping every couple of weeks, a longer-lasting solution might be preferable. It eliminates the need to use sticky gels or creams and naturally gives the brows a slightly more defined tint.
Plus, it’s great for those with a lower pain threshold, or who simply don’t have the patience to sit through multiple tinting sessions. Laminating technically doesn’t remove any eyebrow hairs, but rather it reshapes them, so no painful microblading or waxing is required. 
How does eyebrow lamination work?
Eyebrow lamination involves two different treatment solutions: the first solution is a lifting cream designed to make the eyebrows more malleable. This cream is brushed through the eyebrow hairs, then left to sit for 20 minutes or so. The stylist then brushes the brows into the desired position, and a “laminating” solution is applied, keeping each strand in place.
This treatment can last between 4 and 8 weeks, depending on the thickness, texture and length of the person’s hair. While this unique and modern treatment promises long-lasting results, it should be noted that washing or wiping the eyebrows immediately after treatment can undo a lot of the work. Many websites also advise against excessive sweating following an appointment, so make sure you get to that spin class before you go to the salon!
Eyebrow Lamination: Pros & Cons 
Obviously, eyebrow lamination is a great solution for those of us who want those supermodel brows, but without a ton of work. However, eyebrow lamination can dry out the eyebrow hairs and the eyelid, which is a very thin piece of skin. 
As with any beauty chemical, the solutions that your stylist puts on your eyebrows can cause some minor damage over time. This is not to say that you should ever avoid the treatment, but it shouldn’t be a weekly or bi-weekly thing. And if your beauty therapist doesn’t offer a hydrating oil application after you’re done, you should do one yourself, just for extra nourishment. Use deeply hydrating oils like castor oil or avocado oil. 
Eyebrow lamination is an entirely painless experience, which is certainly a pro. Anything that saves us from having to go through the pain of a wax is good in our books! And it’s long-lasting, which means that you don’t have to get it done once a fortnight. 


Another good thing about eyebrow lamination is its versatility. It can hide gaps in the brows, giving the illusion of thick and healthy eyebrows. It’s a treatment that works just as well for someone with light, thin eyebrows as it does for someone with dark, bushy eyebrows. In both cases, it gives the appearance of full and shapely brows, and who wouldn’t want that?
Overall, eyebrow lamination is an equally good choice for those with thick, unruly brows or thin and over-plucked brows. It offers an easy, low-maintenance option, so whether you’re trying something new or you just want a break from all that plucking and tinting, it’s perfect. Once you make sure to keep your skin moisturized and generally take care of your facial hair, there are very few downsides to this treatment, and we’d definitely recommend trying it!
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Anti-pollution skincare & why you need it!
Anti-pollution skincare & why you need it!
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Emerald Beauty 💚
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Hair Growth Remedies You Need To Know
Hair Growth Remedies You Need To Know
We all crave long luscious locks, right? I know I do. Unfortunately, I wasn’t blessed with Rapunzel-like hair. Hair growth depends on several factors, including diet, environment, and genetic history. However, some remedies can help keep strands healthy, ultimately allowing them to grow long and strong.   I’m sharing my favorite hair growth hacks that I swear by.   About My Hair: I personally have very dry, long, curly hair. I tend to get a lot of breakage because of heat styling and occasional chemical treatments (highlights). My biggest hair concern is keeping my hair and scalp healthy.   My Go-To Hair Growth Products:   Biotin: I take 1 biotin pill every day. While this may not be suitable for all (always ask your doctor first), I did get an OK from my doctor to take them. I do think they really make a difference. I’ve tried a bunch of biotin brands before, and these seem to work best for my hair. Plus, they're pretty inexpensive. You get a 3-month supply for under $20. These are made with coconut oil as well, which helps keep hair hydrated.   Briogeo - Scalp Revival Stimulating Therapy Massager Scalp Massager: Healthy hair starts at the scalp! Once I learned that I’ve never looked back. I use my scalp massager by Briogeo around 2-4 times per week to give my scalp some much-needed love! Massaging the scalp helps improve blood and circulation. When you have increased blood flow, the hair follicles are getting more nutrition. This specific massager from Briogeo was just under $20. Every time I use this, my hair and head feel incredible after.   Hair Growth Tips: #1. Don’t use too much heat. Take it from me. I have scorched my hair so many times. #2. Eat a lot of protein. #3. Don’t over brush wet hair. I only use a wide-tooth comb on my hair when it’s wet.
Turning myself into Merengue from ACNH 🍓
Turning myself into Merengue from ACNH 🍓
Hi, my name’s Francine and I’m addicted to Animal Crossing!!! 🐶🐷🐱🐰🦊💗 If you guys have been following along you’ve probably seen my other ACNH inspired lewks. Someone suggested I did Merengue next, and honestly she was already on my list! Merengue is a normal rhino villager and her name comes from “meringue”, a type of dessert made with egg whites and sugar. My husband has her on his island and she’s the cutest!! 🍰 I also got inspo from @neoini on IG! They did this look a while ago, and I’m just beyond obsessed. Here’s what I used for this look: 🍓 e.l.f. - Poreless Putty Primer 🍰DIOR - Forever Skin Correct Concealer 🍓essence - All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder 🍰essence - Satin Touch Blush 🍓COLOURPOP - Strawberry shake shadow palette 🍰CALEY COSMETICS - Beach Babe Natural Lips 🍓Glossier. - Glossier. Lip Gloss 🍰Freck BEAUTY - THE ORIGINAL FRECKLE 🍓OFRA - Limited Edition Rodeo Drive Highlighter Ornament 🍰 ANASTASIA Beverly Hills - Dipbrow Gel How did I do it: • First I started by prepping my skin, so I used my favorite primer atm. The elf poreless putty primer gives me a smooth, flawless base every time. • Next I spot concealed with the Dior forever skin correct concealer, I wear shade 1W. • I like to keep my brows soft when I’m doing villager inspired makeup lol, so I only went in with the dipbrow gel, which I don’t love but I can’t find my elf wow brow 😔 • Now for the eyes I used one of my favorite palettes from CP and did a soft, shimmery pink eye bc the lil strawberry nose is the focal point here! • The nose was so hard guys, I used a white concealer and a green eyeliner from a now discontinued beauty brand and just carefully tried to draw a strawberry. Any white creamy shadow or concealer will work and any green shadow or liner is ok! I used the shade Daiquiri from the Strawberry Shake palette for the rest. Ta-da! • To set my makeup I used the essence - All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder I purchased this powder when I did my Flora makeup and needed a white fixing powder. I went with Essence because honestly I rarely ever use mattifying powders for my regular makeup routine, and Essence is inexpensive and they’re powders are just top tier. This powder is supposed to be “invisible” so I just build up until I can no more and it works great! Its surprisingly lightweight even when I apply like 10 layers to get maximum opacity. Also the price is hard to beat! $3.99 for 8 grams 🙌 • I used the Satin Touch Blush in Coral love. • For the freckles I used the Freck BEAUTY - THE ORIGINAL FRECKLE the liquid-y formula and small brush makes it easy to draw fake freckles, but it’s a little warm for my taste and way too small. Def not a need.
Join the trending topic 🏷 Cherie Made Me Buy It
Join the trending topic 🏷 Cherie Made Me Buy It
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