Fit to Slit: All about 2020’s Eyebrow Slit Trend

Aug. 23
When it comes to defining a generation, the eyebrows have it. From the skinny lines of the 90s to the bright-eyed and bushy-browed 2010s, eyebrows define your aesthetic. In 2020, the eyebrow slit has reached peak popularity among beauty enthusiasts. 
An eyebrow slit involves shaving off a small piece of your eyebrow. The resulting line is usually slightly angled, providing a flattering enhancement to your arch. Some opt for a demure line on one side, while others may shave multiple lines on one or both brows. It’s a fun style, but not a new one.
Slit Personality


The eyebrow slit was originally known as an eyebrow cut. It was worn by the main players of 80s and 90s hip-hop, but MC Big Daddy Kane is usually credited with igniting the trend. So if you want to play with this look, you’ve got to give credit to the originals.
How to Slit Your Eyebrows With a Razor


Tape off a section of your brow, or use white eyeliner to map where you’d like your cut to go. Using either an electric razor or a small, sharp blade made for facial hair, carefully shave off a little line at a time. Go slowly. You can always shave more, but you can’t add hair back once it’s gone. Afterward, remove the tape/eyeliner and tweeze any stray hairs. Voila!
Have Fun with Color


The great thing about eyebrows is they enhance your features just like make-up, but they’re a natural look for a bare-faced beauty. Try dying your brows for a truly transformative experience. 
Wondering if your original brow shape/color will grow back? You may have to wait a few weeks, but don’t worry. This is a temporary change.
If You Like It, Put a Bling on It


Enhance your new lines with a little bit of pixie dust. We love how @filthysilky is always sporting an architectural brow. Don’t you just want to dive into these glistening, deep blue beauties?
How to Slit Your Brows With Make-Up


Some folks shave the ends of their brows off, allowing for a higher arches and more precise make-up application. Here, @makeupbyjanedoe draws the shape she wants, then cleans everything up with concealer and highlighter. 
If you aren’t ready to shave your brows at all, just section a tiny piece and apply a full-coverage liquid concealer. After allowing your concealer to dry, take a precision brush and go in with a setting powder. This method will be less effective on thick brows, but can create the illusion from a distance.
Slit the Difference


If you really want your eyebrow cut to sing, and aren’t one to shy away from attention try a playful two-toned effect. You’re sure to turn heads, especially with a lip color to match.
Best Reviews
Dutch Braid Upstyle💗
Dutch Braid Upstyle💗
My absolute favorite hairstyle is anything with a Dutch braid! This hairstyle is so simple yeah it’s so cute… Here’s how you do it: ✨ take a small section of hair by your forehead and start your Dutch braid doing your outside pieces of hair underneath your middle piece and alternate which side you grab a piece of hair from ✨ continue that till you get to the top of your ear ✨ use texture spray on your braid so it will help with fluffing it out...I use AIIR - Texture Spray ✨ Pull on each loop of the braid to make it as fluffy as possible ✨ elastic the braid ✨ take a small section from either side of your head and elastic that into a half up style ✨ take a cute clip and clip it to the elastic That’s it y’all! So easy and so cute!! Give this a try💗 Xo Johanna
Let’s chat hair color!
Let’s chat hair color!
What is a hair toner? A toner is a semi or demi permanent hair color that either adds or neutralizes tone in your hair- that’s where the word toner comes from. As a colorist, I use a toner on 99% of my blondes. A problem I’ve run into in the past is a new client telling me they do NOT want a toner or that they’ve been told they’re only for fixing mistakes! Let’s pause here. Without a toner your hair color will be what I call “raw blonde” aka whatever your color wants to lift to on its own. This can include uneven color from previous touch ups, or yellow or orange undertones that our hair naturally has. A toner is my weapon to help combat these uneven tones and leave your hair as our desired result. So- next time your stylist uses a toner you can ask, what color are we enhancing today?! The answer might surprise you! Xo
Pull thru braid💗
Pull thru braid💗
I love creating any type of braid and this is one of my favorites! I think it’s because it is so easy but it looks so cute on everyone! You are going to start by putting your hair into a high ponytail and then complete the following steps: ✨ from your ponytail take a section of hair from the left side of the ponytail in the right side of the ponytail ✨ pull behind the ponytail in elastic it together ✨ take the section of hair that is not in the elastic Together and split into two and wrapped behind the ponytail and elastic that together ✨ repeat till you get to the bottom of your hair! I used AIIR - Texture Spray to add texture to the hair before I pulled it out for more volume Give us a try this holiday season! You will love it💗 Xo, Johanna
Cleansers are an essential step in everyone’s skincare routine, but it can be difficult to find the right one for your skin. The new Aveeno Calm + Restore nourishing oat cleanser has been my new go-to daily cleanser and I love it. ❤️🙌 Aveeno has always been a brand to create formulations that target dry and sensitive skin and this cleanser is no different. This cleanser is great for people all skin types but would likely benefit dry or combination skin most. The incorporated oat complex helps restore build the skin’s moisture barrier and soothe itchy skin. There is no stripping effect with this cleanser, which is something too always look for with your cleanser. Other pros about this product are its fragrance free (limiting any irritant reactions) as well as great pricing. On amazon, you can find a bottle for under $10.‼️‼️ TRUTH: If you are trying to fight acne or blackheads I recommend against this cleanser and try finding something with salicylic acid. Have you tried the new Aveeno cleanser? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! ⤵️
My Ulta Black Friday haul ✨
My Ulta Black Friday haul ✨
So upon seeing the ad for Ulta’s Black Friday I told myself I wasn’t going to purchase anything... three separate purchases later I found myself with a completely pink haul (which is completely out of character for me 😂) The first thing I picked up on Black Friday was the ANASTASIA Beverly Hills - Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit which I have used a few times since then. I’m absolutely blown away how stunning this is on the cheeks. I feel like ABH is the queen of highlighters that look subtle but still give you that bam out of this world glow from within. Later on in the night I decided I needed the COLOURPOP - Lux Lip Oilin the shade Truth Bomb and the #Colourpop - Amourex Glitterly Obsessed Mini Duo[products]#. I have two glitter gels by Colourpop and I absolutely love them despite not using them often. The mini pots are super cute and I don’t feel wasteful if I don’t use them. Then, on Saturday I purchased the ANASTASIA Beverly Hills - Haute Holiday Lip Gloss Setbecause it was on sale and I’ve been obsessed with the pale nude colors since this set came out. I also impulse bought the #It Cosmetics - Rose Gold Eye Brush Set[products]#as it was also on sale (I think I paid around $20 for it) and I needed the liner brush in it for my Melt Cosmetics gel eyeliners. This set comes with four brushes which includes my absolute favorite blending brush, the number 105. It Cosmetics has the SOFTEST brushes I’ve ever used. The quality by far surpasses anything I own. It also comes with a really cute rose gold container for it. I’m hoping to have reviews up for these eventually but here is my current Ulta haul 💗 I also plan on posting my Sephora Black Friday haul and my Ulta Cyber Monday haul once I get that. What did you guys pick up for for Black Friday?