The Lip Sauce Gloss-ery: Pucker up with high shine lip looks

Aug. 23
In the 90s and early 2000s, gloss was a go-to. Who could forget those juicy, fruity, colorful tubes? No heartbreaker’s purse was complete without a couple of lip smackers. Well, we’re happy to announce that, Oops we did it again. Lipgloss is back and better than ever. Most brands are even stepping up their formula for a high shine look that softens your pout. Are you ready to make a sweet escape into some modern glossy looks?
Get Naked


If you’ve got a naturally beautiful lip color, why cover it up? A sheer gloss adds a lovely finish to a barely-there makeup look. Perfect for those days when you’re feeling casual, but crave that little extra sparkle.
A Kiss of Color


This color is only slightly more pigmented than Manny’s natural lip, but the extra saturation adds a hint of drama. You don’t have to master color blocking to create a high impact aesthetic. A neutral look with pops of shimmer and shine is a guaranteed hit.
Taupe-ing Skills


Taupes and browns are often thought of as more conservative, but they can party with the best of them. A gentle sweep of gloss adds some much-needed playfulness to more serious palettes. We love how Lizzie wakes up her neutral tones with a dusting of sunny yellow.
Leave Him on Red


Are you less of a whisper, more of a shout? The only thing sexier than a red lip is a red glossy lip. Today’s glossy trend is a high impact, liquid glass look. When executed correctly, it is hot hot hot. 
Start with exfoliated, hydrated lips to set the stage, and use a reliable lip liner to keep that gloss contained. Pair it with a smoky eye for maximum va-va voom, or dress it down with a simple strip of lashes. 
Calling All Aliens


Want a look that deserves its own planet? We love the violet halo on this holographic lip. If you can’t find the lip color of your dreams, here’s a glossy hack: mix a clear gloss with your favorite eye shadow and Voila! A galaxy of colors awaits.
Pop Princess


Your holographic sheen doesn’t have to shout. An iridescent look can be a thing of subtle beauty. Peachy pinks are flattering on any skin tone, so anyone can rock some pastel gradient perfection. 
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No-Heat Style
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Introducing Cherie’s Spotlight! 🌟
Introducing Cherie’s Spotlight! 🌟
Hi cherie fam! We've updated our Leaderboard into a new, more inclusive program now called Cherie Spotlight! Starting November 30th, every two-weeks, cherie will spotlight and award free beauty prizes to new and contributing users & creators in our community at random in an effort to show more diverse content and celebrate everyone in our cherie community. The first winners of Cherie's Spotlight will be announced on December 14th and every two-weeks, we will choose several winners for each category - New on Cherie, Cherie Convos, and Cherie's Picks! New on Cherie Cherie will randomly choose several users who are new to the cherie community and have posted in the current round to win a free beauty prize! Cherie Convos Cherie will randomly choose several users who have created into those week's Cherie Convos topics. Each week's Cherie Convos topics can be found at the top of the Discover page in the banners and on @cherie! Cherie’s Picks Cherie will award our top picks of the most engaging recent posts on cherie. There's no sign-up needed, just post to participate! Happy posting and good luck!! 🌟💫
Dry Shampoo white residue? Don’t worry I got you
Dry Shampoo white residue? Don’t worry I got you
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A Year in review!
A Year in review!
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🌟Creator Spotlight 🏷Beauty Year-in-review
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