Domo Arigato, Lipstick Roboto: Metallic lips for every occasion

Aug. 23
Matte looks have had their day, and we’re ready for shine. Metallic lips are in for 2020, and there’s so much fun to be had with these silvery, shiny shades. Whether you want to embrace your inner alien or punch up a classic look, metallic lips are here to make a statement.
A Pop of Shine


Dip your toe in metallic waters with something soft and simple. Apply neutral shimmer to your lids and cheeks, and let your lips take the spotlight. We’re berry into this delicious purply pink. It’s daring without being a departure from classic shades.
Prom Queen


You don’t have to shout with your metallic pout. Metallics have a light and fluffy side. This frosty pink is giving us major 80s vibes in the best way. So tease up your hair, dust off your mom’s Cyndi Lauper albums, and find a hot date for the big dance.
Keep it Classic


Ruby lips never go out of style. If you prefer faces from Hollywood’s heyday, try switching it up with a metallic crimson pout. You’ll look trendy, retro, and red carpet ready.
Ultra Violet


Why fit in when you were born to stand out? We’re passionate about purple puckers. This look would pair well with a smokey eye, or extend the lilac love with a light purple shadow. You’re sure to turn heads with this space-age shimmer.
24 Carat Magic


Bring some Studio 54 vibes to your next night out. There’s nothing more glamorous than gold, and you deserve to indulge. With gold lips and nails, you can jazz up an otherwise neutral ensemble. We’d love to see this with a black jumpsuit, flirty lashes, and black winged liner. Don’t forget to learn some dazzling disco moves!
Beam Me Up, Hottie


Unforgettable occasions call for extraordinary looks. Punch up a metallic pout with some extra bling, and set your phasers to stunning. You’ll be the belle of the monster’s ball. 
You Can Have it All


Why decide on one flavor when you can taste the rainbow? Metallics blend beautifully for a holographic effect that’s truly outrageous. We love how makeup maven Safai Kelly uses black liner to tie in this multi-colored lip. Life is short, and you’ll never be as young as you are right now. So color with every crayon in the box.
Best Reviews
Twisted bun 😍
Twisted bun 😍
This style is so versatile and I’m here for it! Perfect for this holiday season coming up🎄 All you do is: ✨take a small section of hair, elastic it together and flip thru the middle creating a twist ✨repeat as many times as you’d like...I did 4! ✨keep down or put into a pony or bun I am so excited for this holiday season and I’ll have many more styles coming your way! Stay Tuned!! Xo Johanna
Let’s chat hair color!
Let’s chat hair color!
What is a hair toner? A toner is a semi or demi permanent hair color that either adds or neutralizes tone in your hair- that’s where the word toner comes from. As a colorist, I use a toner on 99% of my blondes. A problem I’ve run into in the past is a new client telling me they do NOT want a toner or that they’ve been told they’re only for fixing mistakes! Let’s pause here. Without a toner your hair color will be what I call “raw blonde” aka whatever your color wants to lift to on its own. This can include uneven color from previous touch ups, or yellow or orange undertones that our hair naturally has. A toner is my weapon to help combat these uneven tones and leave your hair as our desired result. So- next time your stylist uses a toner you can ask, what color are we enhancing today?! The answer might surprise you! Xo
🎯Ingrown hairs—these two little words conjure🎯
🎯Ingrown hairs—these two little words conjure🎯
In our quest for smooth, stubble-free skin, ingrown hairs are an annoyance at best and cause for concern at worst (trust me- you don't want to see what they look like when they get infected)🤐 The cause of ingrown hairs isn't complicated. Simply put, when your hair starts to grow, sometimes it curls inward and gets trapped back under the surface of your skin. This can happen because dead skin cells clog up your hair follicle (so always, always exfoliate), but ingrowns also exist just because of your hair's natural growth pattern—so, unfortunately, those with curly hair may suffer the most! Aspirin-Honey Treatment This recipe is a double whammy. Not only does aspirin naturally contain salicylic acid, but honey also has antibacterial properties, which can help reduce the possibility of inflammation and infection. 🔎Ingredients: 3 uncoated aspirin tablets 1 tsp. honey 1/2 to 1 tsp. water or oil Directions: Add warm water or oil to a bowl Add honey Crush aspirin tablets Mix together Leave mask on for 10 minutes Wipe off entirely with warm water Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub Coconut oil, for example, is hydrating, keeps skin moisturized, and reduces inflammation.4 It's basically our winter skin savior. Mix it with raw sugar and you've got a winner. You can use this scrub daily until you see an improvement, and then you can switch to two to three times a week. Just be careful that the scrub isn't too abrasive. 🔎Ingredients: 1 cup of raw sugar 1/2 cup of coconut oil 10 drops of tea tree oil, or your preferred essential oil  Directions: Combine sugar and coconut oil in a bowl Add in essential oil Mix together Apply and then rinse using warm water Dry with a clean towel Baking Soda and Oatmeal Treatment I am huge fan of baking soda and how amazing this ingredient is! And rediciliously cheap. Baking soda, which is a great exfoliator, helps reduce and prevent ingrown hairs. Oatmeal has a soothing effect, reducing redness and irritation caused by exfoliation. 🔎Ingredients: 1 tbsp. baking soda 1 cup of water 1 tbsp. ground oatmeal Directions: Mix baking soda and oatmeal together Add water to the bowl Stir until it has a paste-like texture Using a cotton pad, scoop up the mixture Apply to the affected area and let sit for 10 minutes Rinse with warm water Oil-Based Serum if you're particularly sensitive, it's best to avoid overly harsh scrubs. Abrasive scrubs like sugar and salt scrubs do exfoliate the skin but often at the expense of causing excess skin irritation 🔎Ingredients: 1 tbsp. castor oil 1 tbsp. hemp oil (optional) 10 drops tea tree oil Directions: Find a reusable glass bottle Combine castor oil and hemp oil Add tea tree oil to mix Apply combination after shaving to prevent irritation alba BOTANICA - Acne Dote, Face & Body Scrub Oil-Free CeraVe - SA Moisturizing Cream For Rough & Bumpy Skin GLYTONE - KP Kit Amlactin - Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion
Dutch Braid Upstyle💗
Dutch Braid Upstyle💗
My absolute favorite hairstyle is anything with a Dutch braid! This hairstyle is so simple yeah it’s so cute… Here’s how you do it: ✨ take a small section of hair by your forehead and start your Dutch braid doing your outside pieces of hair underneath your middle piece and alternate which side you grab a piece of hair from ✨ continue that till you get to the top of your ear ✨ use texture spray on your braid so it will help with fluffing it out...I use AIIR - Texture Spray ✨ Pull on each loop of the braid to make it as fluffy as possible ✨ elastic the braid ✨ take a small section from either side of your head and elastic that into a half up style ✨ take a cute clip and clip it to the elastic That’s it y’all! So easy and so cute!! Give this a try💗 Xo Johanna
Glass skin? Uhm YES!
Glass skin? Uhm YES!
This mist is so fun to use. You can use it with makeup or on its own! I tend to use it on bare skin for a natural glowing look. It is a fine mist that moisturizes, nourishes and helps fight damage. It also helps fight irritation and calm the skin. I will be posting a video a little later of me using this before makeup application! Makeup glides on after using this to prep the skin. What’s in it: peach extract Hyaluronic acid Reishi mushroom lotus extract cica ceramides much more! This product has so many awesome ingredients, it’s hard not to love! PEACH & LILY - Glass Skin Veil Mist I will give this a 5/5! Pros: can be used to refresh makeup can be used on bare skin hydrating calming gives a wonderful dewy glow smells nice Cons: $30 for a mist is a bit pricey but this mist does so much in return 💞 let me know a mist you love!