Lip Gloss is back - and it’s more grown-up than ever!

Aug. 21, 2020
When you think of lip gloss, you might be forgiven for thinking of the sticky, sickly-sweet smelling rollerball glosses from way back when. And if you didn’t blow your allowance on lip gloss when you were in middle school, ask your mom - she probably did!


Recently lip glosses have had a real resurgence in popularity and a good lipgloss can be a real staple of your makeup bag. Here, we’ve found some interesting makeup looks that make the most of those shiny lips - from ultra-minimal to out there!


How can we put it? This Butter Gloss from NYX Cosmetics is simply...glossy AF!
We dare you to find anything more glossy than this!


This brick-red Vinylic Lip lacquer from Glossier looks irresistible on model Chainky - cool and uber-sophisticated (and no strawberry scent to be found!).
Is this the girliest lip gloss ever? We reckon it probably is! Lancome haven’t held back with this glittery bright pink gloss from their revitalized Juicy Tubes range, and we have to admit, we’re smitten!


And while we’re talking pink, this Semi-Gloss Lip and Eye Paint from Stila looks so fresh and summery. And you only need one product for both eyes and lips? That tiny purse is looking more promising by the second!


Keeping it clean and simple on your lips can allow you to experiment more with other aspects of your makeup. How striking is this look fro Urban Decay - bold lashes, bright purple eyeshadow teamed with glossy lips? Absolutely gorgeous, we say.


We love this minimal look from Patrick Ta Cosmetics - and their Major Glow Softening Lip Masque has the added bonus of being designed to lock in moisture and provide hydration with no sticky residue. Soft lips and gorgeous shine? Yes please!


We’ve shown you subtle, now we’re showing you sublime! We’re captivated by this stunning look using Fenty Beauty products (plus a few pearls here and there) created AND modelled by Vanessa Gyimah - just majestic!
Why not add a lip gloss (or two, or three…) to your makeup collection? They’ve come a long way since our days in middle school, with a whole new level of sophistication and variety. From barely there to in your face, there’s a new twist on an old favorite for everyone!
Best Reviews
Body Hair removal tool: worth it or waste?
Body Hair removal tool: worth it or waste?
This is the FINISHING TOUCH FLAWLESS - Flawless Legs Instant and Painless Ladies Hair Remover I’ll start by saying I love it! It works sooo well and it really does a great job at removing hair. It’s completely painless and rechargeable so you don’t have to worry about batteries. It gave me a pretty clean finish and my legs were pretty smooth. It’s great to have on-the-go for those days when you forget to shave! 🪒 If you swipe through the pictures, I have before and after photos of my legs 😊 *I do not recommend this for hair in the armpit region or any where else besides the arms and legs*
5 minute face lift!
5 minute face lift!
In the previous post, I talked about the nuface and want to document my journey to see if microcurrent truly works. In this video, I am showing how I use it. - I start with a clean washed face - Then I use a mask like layer of the hydrating leave on gel primer on one section of my face - I turn on the nuface mini and wait for it to beep - Then I drag the mini in lifting motions across my face and wait for the beep until I repeat - I end up doing each section about three times - I run the nuface on either side of my cheeks, jaw, forehead and neck I personally feel like I see immediate lifting which is why it motivates me to continue to use it. It also feels like a facial massage. I’m going to use this consistently for 30 more days and then we can compare my results! NuFACE - Mini Mini Facial Toning Device
XMONDO Wavetech Foam Review
XMONDO Wavetech Foam Review
The XMONDO Wavetech foam definitely surprised me. This foam claims to define waves/curls while keeping them bouncy and soft. After using it on both my curly hair and my straight hair, I can confirm that this is one on my new go-to’s. I love using this foam on my curls because it defines them without adding the crunch. Not to mention this is one of the best smelling hair products I own. I recently started using it to smooth down my wigs as well and it’s been performing great in that area too. Now $27 for a foam is quite expensive in my opinion. It is cruelty free, sulfate and vegan, so you are paying for a quality product. However, there are other foams on the market that have the same ingredients, work well for my hair, and aren’t as expensive. I was gifted this item but I don’t think I would repurchase it solely because of how expensive it is. Overall, this is a great product and if it’s in your budget I would definitely recommend it.
Moisturizers depending on skin type!
Moisturizers depending on skin type!
🚨Moisturizers depending on skin type!🚨The breakdown is pretty simple. oily skin=lightweight Dry skin=thicker/heavier consistency Combo skin=not too thick/not too thin Normal skin=preference really Personally, I feel like having both a lightweight option and a thicker option available is handy. Because there are outside factors *like temperature* that play a role in deciding. For ex: when the weather gets a bit warmer I like to use a more lightweight gel-like moisturizer even though I am super dry. All of these options are great, my newest obsession is tiger grass calming gel cream. It’s just been super soothing and smells great. My long time love is the jet lag mask. I’ve gone through way too many tubes of. But I ain’t mad about it. What’s your fav moisturizer and why? Any questions? Ask away!
💖My 2020 top 5 for beauty💖
💖My 2020 top 5 for beauty💖
Hey beauties! This year is coming to an end and it’s weird because 2020 feels like it was soooo long while also being too fast. Like how are we already entering 2021 when we barely got anything out of 2020?? Despite how traumatizing this year was, I’m grateful to have made it safe and healthily, and with my loved ones also being healthy. Honestly if you made it to the end of this year, there’s already so much to be grateful for 💖 Now, onto my top 5 this year! 1. My fave product - #Heraux - Molecular Anti-inflammaging Serum[products]#[FiveStars] This serum was a gift from the brand when they first launched, and I’m so grateful to have been a part of their launch. This serum has honestly given my skin a chance to deeply heal! I feel like a lot of skincare is about chasing your best skin thru AHA’s and retinol, but sometimes you just need deep healing. This serum gave that to me and seriously helped with my acne issues! 2. My fave trend - not-so-basic French tips! I LOVED French tips this year and did so many iterations! From rainbow, chrome, jelly pink, and abstract tips, it was basically the only nail look I wanted to rock! These checkerboard ones in my photo were my latest set 💅🏽 3. My best look - 90’s matte brown supermodel look I saw the tutorial for this on YouTube by Hung Vanngo and had to try it! I wasn’t as skilled as he is while applying my makeup but I was shook at how nice it turned out! This is one of my fave makeup looks I tried forsire. The warm colors really compliment my skin tone and I feel like I should’ve been rocking this look! 4. Fave creator on Cherie - @bealizbeauty Honestly I love SO many creators on cherie! There are so many amazingly talented people on this app! I want to shout out @bealizbeautybecause her makeup game is fierce. She’s also so consistent and really does what she puts her mind to and that’s so inspiring! She def inspires me to keep creating 💕 5. What I learned - acne will come whenever it wants to! Take care of it while remembering you are still beautiful! I shared my acne journey on this app and got so many a amazing comments, similar stories, and tips from the community. I’m so glad I shared my journey with you all because it was a struggle for me at first. I never had severe acne growing up and so to be 27 and hit with all these pimples that literally wouldn’t go anywhere really took a toll On me. I felt out of control and like I did something wrong which is why I was breaking out. Thru my acne journey I really learned that sometimes, things just happen. It doesn’t mean your any less beautiful or worthy, sometimes it’s just life. You have to do what you can to help your acne without taking jabs at yourself. I learned how to keep my spirits high even if I wanted to feel down on myself. I also learned that it’s ok to be down on yourself because of your skin! Let all your feelings out, then get to healing!