✨All that glitters – for your lips!

Aug. 21
Glitter and glamour – what more could you want in your beauty routine? The glitter trend started with eyeshadows and eyeliners and moved onto highlighter and blush and now it’s making its way into the lipstick field. And we, for one, couldn’t be happier. Previously you might have reserved glitter makeup for the fancy-dress party or once a year on Halloween – but where is the fun in that? 
Glitter lipstick is the perfect way of adding some extra jazz and fun into your look. And why wouldn’t you want your lips to match your glowy personality?
So, stay tuned to find out about how you can rock glitter lipstick this season!
Add some shine to your red lippie 
Red lipstick is that makeup trend that has always and probably always will be on trend. But why not mix it up a little bit? The next time you fancy sporting a red lippie, why not choose a red glitter lipstick?
Red glitter lipsticks will give you that fun red moment that you are in dire need of. Just like with classic red it works with almost all make up and fashion choices. If anything, it will just make that red look that little bit bolder and better! The proof is in the (glitter) pudding in Instagrammer @jeimy.parra’s stunning pic!


Add some glitter to your favourite coral shade 
There’s a reason coral tones have been a hit ever since hitting the beauty market. Coral shades come in rose and golden shades and are extremely flattering to medium and dark skin tones. 
With a glittery coral shade, you’ll be getting that same coral magic plus some little extra pizzazz from the glitter. It’s a win – win situation as Instagrammer @staygoldencosmetics shows!


Grab yourself a pink glitter lipstick 
As a kid you probably wanted everything to be pink and glittery. It’s time to relive a bit of your childhood by sporting a pink glitter lipstick. 
Pink lipsticks come in countless shades – from peach all the way to berry. By adding some glitter to the mix your pink hue will get some much-needed golden shimmer. This look is subtle enough to wear at any time of day but also sassy enough to make sure you rock that day! Who wouldn’t want to emulate Instagrammer @karinawaclawik’s gorgeous look here?


Get yourself some glitter gloss 
The beauty of glitter glosses is you can pair the glitter with any shade of lipstick in your makeup bag. That means an unlimited range of glitter lipstick shades! Why not go all out with a beautiful blue shade like Instagrammer @dodipi?


Or, if you’re feeling like a dewier look, you can simply wear the gloss. Your lips will be bright and shimmery but not overbearing. So, if you’re not a fan of the bold lip you can still join the glitter parade! Just like Instagrammer @corynn_77 in this hot pic!


Glitter pens to the rescue 
We all love a bargain, and a glitter pen is just that. The pen can be applied on your lashes or your lips! It’s the perfect transportable item, with just a swipe a professional look for the office can transform into a sexy and sassy look for a night on the town!
So, whether you feel like a hint of glitter on your upper eyelids to make your eyes sparkle or a dab of glitter on the centre of your lips you’ll be good to go! Or, like Instagrammer @marenbli, why not rock glitter lids and lips? 


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Skincare Products ( that i have been LOVING )
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