Revisiting The Classics: 1940’s Makeup Looks

Aug. 20


Weren’t things just perfect in the plain old ’40s? I mean besides the war and stuff; the times were perfect and most importantly, the era lead to the birth of one of the most popular and beautiful makeup looks of all times that is still considered to be a favorite classic. The simple yet elegant looks of the 40’s is still mesmerizing the onlookers to this day. Although not that common presently, the look is still a head-turner that brings a smile to the face of the onlookers. 


This was around the time of second world war when resources were becoming scarce; primarily alcohol and petroleum products that were essential for the manufacturing of makeup products at that time. That lead to an increase in the use of natural ingredients and simpler looks for women to showcase. 
Home remedies like petroleum jelly mixed with charcoal dust were used to darken eyelashes and beetroot juice was used to stain the lips and make them appear more bright and red. The shortage in cosmetics gave birth to a unique and immortal makeup look that was relatively easy for a majority of women to rock.
The women were encouraged to wear makeup whether at home or at the forefront in different services and industries. It helped them appear more appealing and boosted their morale and the morale of the men as well. The look is rather simple and easy to recreate to this day and we will show you how you too can do it at home. Though the process can be time-consuming, the end result will leave you and the onlookers speechless.


  • First comes the thick foundation that needs to be blended properly while alternating between lighter and darker shades to shape the face. Darker shades to cover or hide areas like big nose or forehead while the lighter shades were used to plump cheeks.
  • A light shadow is applied afterwards but you can choose to go for a smoky look.
  • Next, you can apply blush or moist rogue but it must appear natural.
  • The next step is to apply a ton of powder to the face. It needs to be pressed in with a wool puff and excess powder to be brushed off.
  • You can opt for a powdered rogue afterwards if you want.
  • The next step is to apply simple mascara, eyebrow pencil, and to seal the deal; red lipstick.
No need to contour the face or draw eyebrows. The more natural it appears the better. There is no need to do anything excessive and you can also opt for applying less of anything if you like.


The iconic look of 40’s makeup will live for ages to come. So don’t be shy to rock this look at a vintage party or to try it for a day in your everyday life. If nothing, it will make for some amazing clicks to upload to social media.
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Update regarding November 23rd posting bug
Update regarding November 23rd posting bug
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Join the trending topic 🏷 Beauty Thanks
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Glass skin? Uhm YES!
Glass skin? Uhm YES!
This mist is so fun to use. You can use it with makeup or on its own! I tend to use it on bare skin for a natural glowing look. It is a fine mist that moisturizes, nourishes and helps fight damage. It also helps fight irritation and calm the skin. I will be posting a video a little later of me using this before makeup application! Makeup glides on after using this to prep the skin. What’s in it: peach extract Hyaluronic acid Reishi mushroom lotus extract cica ceramides much more! This product has so many awesome ingredients, it’s hard not to love! PEACH & LILY - Glass Skin Veil Mist I will give this a 5/5! Pros: can be used to refresh makeup can be used on bare skin hydrating calming gives a wonderful dewy glow smells nice Cons: $30 for a mist is a bit pricey but this mist does so much in return 💞 let me know a mist you love!
🎯Ingrown hairs—these two little words conjure🎯
🎯Ingrown hairs—these two little words conjure🎯
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No-Heat Style
No-Heat Style
Let’s learn a no heat style! Start by gathering your hair to one side Begin a rope braid in the front by twisting two pieces. Add hair to each section and twist again. Continue this pattern until you reach your ear. Split the remaining hair into two. While holding the section pop index finger and thumb through. Grab through the other section and repeat! Secure with an elastic. Xo