If You Like Vintage Makeup, You'll Love These Looks From The 1940s

Aug. 20, 2020
1940s makeup was known to enhance a woman's natural beauty with just a few tools. We love that "vintage" makeup trends are making their way back into our modern beauty routines. 
Back in the 1940s, even athletes wore makeup! It was the cultural norm to rock a semi-glam look no matter where the day would take you. Women loved to imitate the shades worn by the most famous Hollywood starlets, and by 1948, around 90% of women wore lipstick. 
We're taking a peek at some of the most iconic looks women wore throughout the 1940s. 


The Iconic Red Lip


Nothing says a bright cherry-red lip like the 1940s. Bold lips were arguably the most important part of the '40s face. Did you know women used bright lipstick to keep their spirits up during wartime? The lipsticks were hues of red, red, and more red! By the end of the 40s, women were introduced to lipstick liners. Women used them to outline their lips before applying lipstick perfectly. 
Bright Pink Cheeks


In the 40s, women would wear rouge (a reddish powder or cream) on their cheeks. This brightly pigmented cosmetic product is what gave women those bright, rosy cheeks we see in so many vintage makeup looks. They would apply it to the apples of the cheeks and swipe up to the cheekbones to add definition.
Remember, this was before the days of contouring and highlighting!
Pin-Up Model Makeup

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Pin-up girls were a huge part of pop culture in the 1940s. Classic pin-up makeup was actually done with very minimal products due to the shortages of materials during WWII. This "natural beauty look" was achieved with foundations, red lipstick, blush, and heavy liner and mascara.
A Bold Wing


While eyeshadows remained pretty neutral in the 1940s, women did love a good flick of a liner to enhance their eyes. To get this classic eye look, women would apply a neutral eyeshadow that resembled their skin tone on the lids and finished the look off with a thick, bold black eyeliner. 
An Arched Brow 


Women filled in their brows with a natural-looking pencil and focused on creating more of a higher arch. Eyebrows were on the thinner side in the 40s, especially compared to the bold, fluffy brow looks we have today. Arches were well-groomed, and brows weren't over-tweezed. Instead, they would remove any stray or out of place hairs and then further define the brow with eyebrow pencils that were somewhat darker than the natural hair. 
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💄Share your favs in 🏷 Lip Gloss Mania
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resolve to rock a red lip and worry less 💋
resolve to rock a red lip and worry less 💋
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My 15 min natural full face ??? In 60 seconds?🤨
My 15 min natural full face ??? In 60 seconds?🤨
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CMON MADDIE..... Really ? 😒
CMON MADDIE..... Really ? 😒
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