Sheer Makeup – the look that’s good for you and your skin!

Aug. 18
Sick of heavy make-up that makes your skin feel like it is suffocating? Makeup that melts off as soon as the temperature begins to rise? Well have no fear, because sheer makeup is here! Sheer makeup is the hot new trend in the beauty world. 
So, what does it mean? Sheer makeup means less of, well, everything! It means a lighter make up look that feels weightless! And the good news is, it doesn’t require a whole new set of beauty products. In many cases it just means re-learning how to use your current ones!
Step one: Glowing Skin 
There’s no worse look or feel than cakey foundation on your skin. All it’s going to achieve in the long term is a reliance on more foundation as your skin starts breaking out! 
Now more than ever we are putting time into our skincare routines – so why not show off the results? 
Switch from a foundation to a serum. Serums will act as a brightening agent and give your complexion a healthy glow! Make sure not just to wipe the serum on your face and leave it there, instead dedicate some time to applying the serum properly by massaging it onto your face. Not only will this allow for a smoother application, by applying pressure to your facial muscles you also end up boosting blood flow that will give your skin a rosy shine that no blusher or highlighter could match – shown in Instagrammer Aimeetwistartistry’s image! 

IG@ aimeetwistartistry

If giving up that foundation is a step too far, do not worry. You can still achieve a sheer make up look with foundation – just make sure it is the right one! We would recommend foundations that have a moisturizing benefit. This is because they tend to blend more naturally onto the skin and give off a more sheer and natural feel.
Concealer should be applied sparingly – and only to the areas that actually need it! In particular, under the eyes. But before you start lathering it over those bags, make sure you are smart in the application. You only need a few dabs of concealer and place it mostly in the inner corner. If you drag the concealer all the way to the lash line you risk making your skin look aged.
You might only associate highlighter with heavily contoured looks, but highlighter plays an important role in sheer makeup looks as well. By applying highlighter to upper cheekbones, brow bones and the bridge of your nose and chin your skin will shine at every angle. The proof is in the pudding in Instagrammer Andremex’s image. 


Step two: your facial features
With a sheer make up look it’s a no brainer that you won’t be reaching for that neon eyeshadow palette. But sheer eye makeup doesn’t just have to mean nude colours. We would recommend a rose gold tint for an eyeshadow glow that will match the rest of your sheer complexion! Just look to Instagrammer Havva_fit’s image to see how well this eyeshadow look goes with a sheer complexion. 

IG@ havva_fit

Just because a sheer makeup look doesn’t involve vibrant lipsticks doesn’t mean you shouldn’t factor in your lips! Tinted lip balms can add a splash of colour to your look while sticking with the sheer theme – as seen in Instagrammer Scoutbeautymd’s image. 

IG@ scoutbeautymd

If you want a slightly more out there colour for your lip tint you could always try mixing in a bit of your favourite lipstick! 
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