Go Wild with Animal-print Eyeshadow Makeup : A Step-By-Step tutorial !

Aug. 18
Yes, you read it correctly. There is now an animal-print eyeshadow makeup and people are going wild over it. It basically entails the natural patterns that we can find on animals like zebra and especially big cats like cheetah, leopards, and tigers. With a little bit of creativity and experimentation, this look can further be decorated and diversified to fit the occasion and complement your look. 
Imagine nailing your animal printed outfit with the perfect animal printed eyeshadow makeup. Sounds like a dream come true no? Well, it won’t be just a dream anymore. In this piece, we will highlight for you all the important details pertaining to animal printed eyeshadow makeup. The trend isn’t just limited to drawing cheetah or leopard pattern on your eyelids; depending upon your skills, you can opt for any design you like.
Getting Started:
Before you get started, here are a few tips to follow to get on the track:
  • Make up your mind. Don’t be afraid of trying something new.
  • Create a mental image. This means that you must have a clear idea of which design you want on your lids.
  • Use liquid eyeliners instead of pencils. Pencil eyeliners can become smudgy which will ruin the entire look.
So now that you are mentally prepared, let’s see start with the makeup. We have decided to provide a guide on cheetah or leopard pattern but if you can nail this, you can nail or copy any design you like.
  • Start with primer and concealer. This is to evade any form of creasing on the eyelids.
  • Next step is to apply eyeshadow. Go for a golden yellow or golden brown shade and apply it around the crease of the eye. Extending the shadow to the inner corners of the eye will create a cat-eye illusion and give your lids a smoky look. Dab a little bit of yellow/golden shimmer to both, the upper and lower part of the eyes.
  • Create a winged eye using a soft brush to make it appear bolder and intense.
  • This part needs to be done with care. Use a liquid black eyeliner and make C shapes and a few spots in a random manner. Start at the crease of the eye and keep expanding; be sure not to oversaturate your eyelid.
  • And finally, use mascara to draw a defined line around the eyes to complete the look.
  • And there you have it. The final look will be something similar to this:
    It’s ok to experiment around yourself. Add in a few extra shades if you like. It’s just a matter of taking the first step and that’s it. You are on your way to achieving that perfect animal-print eye shadow makeup. Once you have your eye makeup done, you can top it off with bright red lipstick. You can also opt for other colors that better befit your getup and overall looks.
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    Share your story in 🏷 Beauty Thanks
    Share your story in 🏷 Beauty Thanks
    ❤️We are so moved and inspired by our creators’ stories and so grateful that cherie could accompany them on their beauty journeys during this tough time. Check out these creators’ posts and share your own story in 🏷 Beauty Thanks with the community! Creator: @MelaninSkinCareAddict “I’m very thankful for the beauty on the inside. This has been a tough year for me as an ICU nurse fighting covid. I can't even begin to tell you about the awful things I have seen but I will tell you that my coworkers have so much beauty on the inside…” Creator: @RedheadSkincare “This year I’m very thankful for my father’s health (everyone in my family honestly). I’ve been so worried about him due to the fact that he has Parkinson’s. I am thankful that he’s been feeling okay. I’m also thankful that I get to be apart of the Cherie community…”
    Glass skin? Uhm YES!
    Glass skin? Uhm YES!
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    Kylie x Grinch - Worth the Hype?
    Kylie x Grinch - Worth the Hype?
    Review time!!! I just received the entire Kylie Cosmetics Grinch Collection in the mail this week & I want to break down each product and tell you what I loved and didn’t love. Palette: I’m not one that reaches for tons of colour usually but all the greens in this palette are gorgeous! There’s a mix of matte and shimmer shades, and as usual, the shadows blend like a dream! The good thing about this palette is that there are still some neutral shades rather than just greens. I definitely appreciate the mixture of shades. Shadow Sticks: The Kylie shadow sticks are probably one of my favourite products they have ever released. They are so extremely pigmented, and so easy to apply. They’re basically fool proof, and they set as a shadow. If you haven’t tried them out, I highly suggest you do! In this collection we have a super pretty light shimmery green, light gold, and two rosy toned shadow sticks. Shimmer Eye Glazes: This product is insane. They are a super intensely pigmented eyeshadow that leaves the lids looking wet & dripping in glitter! One swipe of these on the lid is literally all you need for that intense shimmer. If you’re someone who loves super shimmery eyeshadow, I recommend giving the Kylie Cosmetics Shimmer Eye Glazes a try. This collection came with 2 shades: a minty turquoise green and a gold - & I’m obsessed and so happy to be adding these to my collection!! Olive Kyliner: My go to liquid liner is the black Kyliner, so i wasn’t surprised when i loved the easy application and long wearing quality of this olive Kyliner! The liner applies a lighter olive green and dries down to a deeper olive shade. It’s definitely not something I’d reach for everyday, although it’s definitely cute for the holidays or even for a pop of colour to a neutral eye! Blush: I am a huge fan of the Kylie Cosmetics Blushes as opposed to the other blushes I’ve tried from the brand this one had some shimmer in it! It’s quite similar to the NARS “orgasm” blush but with a stronger pink hue. I love the shimmer in it, it adds a pretty glow to the cheeks, perfect for the holidays.. or any day really :P Highlight: Def on theme, but probably my least favourite product in of the collection :( Don’t get me wrong, it’s super blinding and glowy. Although, once I applied to my face it showed off as very green. Personally I don’t want a green glow on my face! But hey, if that’s your vibe that’s cool! Definitely not a highlight I’d reach for everyday. Lip Kit: Obsessed. This red is EVERYTHING! This Lip Kit is one of the best reds I have ever tried. It has a matte finish and is extremely long wearing. I know it’s sold out but a similar shade would be “BOSS” by Kylie. Lipsticks: These shades are gorg for the holidays and I love the shade range! Long wearing & comfortable on the lips. High Glosses: Kylies high glosses are high shine, but very sticky! So if you’re not a fan of sticky glosses you won’t love these. These shades are perf for the holidays and everyday!
    Full Face Using Products from Nov Boxy Premium✨
    Full Face Using Products from Nov Boxy Premium✨
    Hey Cherie Fam! 🍒 I finally received and unboxed my November BoxyCharm premium. For those unfamiliar with Boxycharm, it is a subscription service that gives you 5 full size make up products monthly. The base box comes with 5 items for 25 a month. If you want premium, it is 35. You get 2-3 more items than the base box. I used the star ⭐️ of the show (or rather star of the box) which is Illamasqua artistry palette. This retails for $47 USD. This palette performs well. The mattes were not patchy and the shimmers were impactful. There’s quite a fall out so I recommend doing your eye first before complexion. Then I used DoC single block eyeshadow in the shade Night Sky. This is perfect for a cool toned Smokey eye look. I used this for a pop of blue on my lower lash. #Dose of Colors - Block Party[products]# The realher lip liners come in a duo. I love the packaging because it doesn’t require sharpening. The formula was so pigmented and creamy. I was pretty impressed to be honest. I received a pencil eyeliner from the same brand on my last box and I didn’t like it at all. The Too Faced canary diamond highlighter, Lilly Lashes triple x mascara and Alamar’s gloss are from the pop up. I got them 80% off retail price! I wasn’t a fan of the mascara at first, but after applying it with a lash primer, it was amazing. It lengthened, darkened, and gave me volume. The highlighter was okay. It’s pretty but it’s quite chunky. I’m more of a subtle, glow-from-within type of highlighter. If you’re a fan of blinding highlighters, this is for you. I am a huge fan of the packaging. The lip gloss is ok. I wouldn’t pay full price for it however. Too Faced - Diamond Light Highlighter Lilly LASHES - Triple X Mascara HOURGLASS - Arch Brow Micro Sculpting Pencil aLamar COSMETICS - Desnudeas Lip Gloss Coqueta So far I am pretty satisfied with my box this month. If you are subscribed, what is your favorite product from your box? Xoxo, Francesca 💋