🎨Watercolour Makeup: Tutorial &Inspirations

Aug. 18, 2020
Watercolour makeup is the latest beauty trend that the best of the best in the beauty community are currently obsessing over! The look features a stunning ethereal watercolour effect being painted onto your eyelids. A work of art that you can wear on your face! And if you are a beauty fanatic it will give you the opportunity to play with all the colours on your eyeshadow palettes (sometimes all at once!).
How do you apply it?
Just like in watercolour paintings, the first step is to add some water to your paint – or eyeshadow in this case! But don’t go dipping that expensive eyeshadow palette in the sink. Instead try and spritz some water over your eyeshadows or onto your eyeshadow brush. 
We would recommend choosing an eyeshadow palette with vibrant colours to get the most impressive watercolour makeup looks. To get these looks we would also advise using a flat and dense brush for application as well as a fluffy brush for blending.  
To get your eyelids ready tap some primer over them. This will transform your eyelids into blank canvasses and the perfect surfaces for your watercolour makeup looks. 
Then choose your base colour and apply it! To add intensity, focus other complimentary colours on the outer edges and creases of your eyes. Try not to overlap the different eyeshadow colours as the muddying effect could ruin the watercolour effect. Unlike with less dilute colours, you don’t need to be so wary of staying in the lines. Some of the best watercolour makeup looks feature eyeshadow reaching all the way to the eyebrow – because the colour is not as concentrated it doesn’t look overly harsh or bold. 
If you want a softer tone for your eyes you can always soften the edges of your watercolour makeup by applying white matte eyeshadow. Or, if you’re looking for the opposite effect and want your watercolour makeup to stand out to the extreme have a go lining your lids with some black eyeliner and putting on some eyelashes. This will draw attention to your eyes and contrast sharply with the watercolour hue. 
Time to get inspired
Now you know how to apply watercolour makeup all you need is some inspiration of how to do it. Depending on what colours you use your watercolour makeup can take on different vibes. Luckily for you, we have gathered the hottest watercolour makeup trends out there!
A warm glow 
You rarely get to rock orange and yellow eyeshadow – that is unless you are applying watercolour makeup! The colours blend together perfectly to give your eyelids a glowing warmth reminiscent of a beautiful sunset as can be seen in this post from VogueBeauty: 

IG@ voguebeauty

Contrasting colours 
Your watercolour eyeshadow colours don’t need to be complimentary – if you’re bold you can rock some contrasting colours! Remember, unlike other eye makeup, watercolour makeup is nowhere near as opaque so you can be less wary of colours clashing. And a contrasting watercolour makeup look can look divine - as can be seen in Instagrammer’s Jazcrushartistry’s image below! 

IG@ jazcrushartistry

Outside the lines
Remember how we said you didn’t have to be so careful about staying in the lines when it comes to watercolour makeup looks? Normally eyeshadow reaching up to your brow and dropping under your lower lashes indicates a fashion faux pas – but when using watercolour makeup, it looks like a work of art! As you can see, Instagrammer Sarahcraindesign’s beauty look could fit in an art gallery or on the runway! 

IG@ sarahcraindesigns

Mix with some glitter
Your eye makeup doesn’t have to stop at watercolours! If you want to go the extra step why not add in some glitter to your lids? The glitter look goes perfectly with the already vibrant watercolour makeup and will add that extra shine to any occasion! In Instagrammer Makeup_by_vj’s image below you can see the watercolour makeup and glitter look being rocked in a Pride inspired aesthetic! 


Pair it with eyeliner and lashes
Bold eyeliner and lashes can be the perfect partners to watercolour makeup. Not only will they add a touch of glamour to your makeup they will also bring out the vibrant watercolours even more! This is illustrated in Instagrammer’s Aimeetwistartistry’s image.

IG@ aimeetwistartistry

Trendsetter and beauty guru Kylie Jenner was recently pictured on her Instagram rocking a pink and green watercolour effect. She chose to pair the look with a bold and clean cat eye. We think she’s never looked better!

IG@ makeupbyariel

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