6 Grunge Makeup Looks: Try This Sultry 90's Trend

Aug. 16
Grunge makeup looks are sensuous and bold. You’ll need to go heavy on the smoky eye, whip out your red lipstick, and prepare to get messy.
The grunge trend is making a comeback, and we’re here for it. Baggy chemises, dark nails, and beaten-up sneakers—what’s not to love?
Grunge makeup is all about making a statement—get ready to make yours. We explore 6 grunge makeup looks to complete your gritty-sexy vibe.
1. Smoky Cat Wings 


Cat wings pair perfectly with the grunge aesthetic: keep your wings thick and sharp.
Blend scarlet eyeshadow over your lids, and add wine-colored lipstick to finish up. If you want to make this look pop, add a touch of color to accent your inner eyelids!
2. Glossy Dark Pout 


This grunge makeup look involves sheer black eyeshadow and voluminous lashes. Blend burgundy eyeshadow above your lids to emphasize the smoky eye. 
Use falsies for the best effect, and definitely don’t hesitate to go heavy on the lipgloss.
3. Subtle Beauty

Credit: Pinterest

If you want a subdued grunge look, this is it. Line your lids with black eyeliner—notice the flick on the inner eyelid. Blend white and gold eyeshadow on your top lid, and line your bottom lid with vermilion eyeshadow.
#4. Scarlet Gaze 


Scarlet is a popular color in grunge makeup: it’s dark yet vivid. Draw on a cat-eye and keep the wings thin and razor-sharp. 
Liberally apply your eyeshadow around the entire eye—almost up to your eyebrows.
You can go for a pinker lipstick here, but try to stay within the deep-purple range.
#5. Neon Rockstar 


If you’re eager to jump aboard the grunge trend but you’re a color-fanatic, check out this neon look. Bright colors were totally a ‘90s thing too—remember Lisa Frank?Apply bright blue eyeshadow with wings: angle the wing upward. Use pink eyeshadow for a contrasting halo. 
Finish up with bold, Courtney-Love-style lips.
#6. Sexy and Smudged


If you’re not big on lipstick, no worries—make your eyes the focal point. Use a shimmery dark grey, green, or black shadow all around your lids. 
Use a blending brush (or your finger, if you want) to smudge it up. As you can see, a dash of purple at your inner lid completes this grunge makeup look.
You can keep your lips nude or contrast with pale pink. 
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🎊 GIVEAWAY Winners are... 🏷 Love Body Care
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