Why We Will Never Get Bored of Acrylic Nails

Aug. 12, 2020
Like an old best friend who never lets you down the acrylic nail has been our trusted companion for as long as we have been getting our nails done. The failsafe choice for those of us who struggle to grow our nails or keep them from snapping when they reach a certain length the acrylic has done us well over the years. A whole host of creative ideas have been seen on acrylic nails from celebrities such as Cardi B, Rihanna and the Kardashians who have helped to elevate the profile of acrylic nails. 
Although they can get a bad rap in relation to damaging the real nails, with proper care (and the correct removal!), this shouldn’t be the case. Acrylics nails are known for their sturdiness and longevity lasting between three and four weeks, ideal if you don’t have the time to make weekly trips to the salon. They also don’t have to be totally crazy and outlandish, a simple short French manicure can easily be achieved, giving you flawless nails day after day. 
Here we have a selection of the finest ideas for you to try now. Don't blame us when your struggling to type on your phone next week!


Cow prints are everywhere at the moment, so why not on your nails as well? This is a fun alternative to take your nail game to the next level. 


Acrylics don’t have to be over the top to make an impact, as seen here on these iridescent mint crystal almonds shapes. Sweet and feminine. 


All the colours of the rainbow; the nude rainbow that is! Shades of mocha, caramel and almond are mixed together with negative spaces to create this modern manicure. 


Logomania is still a big deal as seen here with these chic square nails. 


A great mix of colour for those summer days, these logo nails incorporate gradient tones of neon yellows and greens, topped off with ornate gold and crystal jewels for some extra sparkle. 


If you love a French manicure but want something a tad more daring, look no further than this half-French manicure and half-rainbow nails set, with a clear nail bed and varying shades of pinky tones on the tips.


Can't decide which colour you want? Well, thankfully, the latest Instagram trend allows you to have them all! It is time to give these rainbow nails a go!


Accentuated pink tips with dazzling jewel-encrusted accent stiletto nails are an upgrade on the French manicure.


A different take on the timeless red manicure, these coffin-shaped jelly nails are so current.


Have you tired the shattered glass trend yet? These striking nails mimic the look of ice perfectly.


Pretty in pink, these logo-princess barbie nails take bling to the next level with jewel-encrusted and embellished accent nails. 


A take on the classic French manicure these glossy beauties use an ombre effect to fade the peachy colour to the white tip.


Pastel two-tones nails have been given an upgrade with these ever so cute daisy appliqués added.


Extra-long and extra fierce, why not experiment with animal print to create this stunning finish.
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Black Owned Makeup Look
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Black Owned Intimate Care ✨🌹
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Drink of water for your skin!
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Double Your Lash Length With Sky High Mascara!
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