Black nails! A ultra-modern and versatile color!

Aug. 11
The holiday season is upon us and you are probably toying between which neutral tone of nude or brightly coloured polish for this week's manicure, right?; well, have you considering black? Usually only dusted off for Halloween or to welcome in those chilly winter months, black nails are an ultra-modern and versatile colour choice that screams sophistication.
Nothing makes as big a statement as an all-black, freshly polished manicure, chic enough for after-work cocktails but also professional enough for that 3 o’clock meeting, a black manicure or accents of black nail art (if you aren’t yet brave enough go whole-hog) is the height of chic with a tasteful edge. Not quite a neutral colour but certainly not a dramatic bright, black sits somewhere in the middle of the two, holding its own ground, demanding attention and oozing style. 
Hues of vampy moody colours on nails certainly aren’t groundbreaking but can still be an intimidating choice when browsing the colour wheel. Breaking with your normal traditions and trying a new colour doesn’t have to be a major commitment; combining black with negative space, experimenting with nail art or even opting for shorter styles can be a subtler alternative. On the other hand, you might already be all too familiar with an all-black manicure, in that case, you will already who just how fierce the colour is and how cool of a signature look it can be. 
From timeless classics and fresh takes on old favourites below are just some of the fun and inventive ways you can try this classic colour for yourself. 


High gloss gives high impact from this pure black sleek manicure, set on the eye-catching coffin shape. No gimmicks, no extras if you are after the perfect black manicure this one could be the one for you. 


Not feeling brave enough for a solid black colour just yet? Opt for a simple gloss manicure with a minimalist trace line, ultra-current but as simple as it comes.


You can’t go wrong with a classic and these perfectly stripped, graphic black and white design on an effortless almond shape prove that less really is more.


Alternating a solid tone on one nail with a marble design on the next, as well as aesthetically pleasing this technique can elevate any finished manicure.


Negative spaces are having a moment. Incorporate an angular black tip onto yours for one of the most lust-worthy nails trends at the moment. 


Can't decide if you want matte, gloss, shimmer or nail art? Why not do it all? 


Reminiscence of a swirling oil spill this diffused black trickle of colour on these otherwise naked nails is not too overwhelming but remains striking.


Can't get through the week without your colour fix? Start off with a solid black base and layer on bursts of colour. The longer the nail, the bigger the space to play, so why not try an eccentric ombre flame design like these? 


Ultra-current cow print on alternative nails with a high gloss finish is a major yes! The short round cut means the nails aren’t too overpowering but are as playful as they are impressive. 


If you are not ready to dive headfirst into the black nail trend, try this minimalist take; this monochrome offering softens the dark look by experimenting with floral line drawings and alternating the nail colour.


Coffin shaped, matte and long, to add an extra touch of excellence, experiment with transparent patterned nails. 


Chic and modern, these round opaques with a thin black tip prove you don’t have to rely on a solid colour or long length to make a statement.


If your a big fan of accent nails, why not finish off your spectacular manicure with a coat of shimmer for that added bit of sparkle.
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Healed in under 1 week! How I prevented scarring
Healed in under 1 week! How I prevented scarring
🐺So I have a 9 month old Siberian Husky, he’s got way too much energy for me sometimes. He totally booped me in the eye with his teeth & basically bit my eyelid. I was honestly so f***ing worried, eye skin is so sensitive & my skin scar easily, even from bruising. So how did I get this back to normal in 6 days? First things first... Regularly applying (yup, multiple times a day) SUNSCREEN will help prevent hyperpigmentation. ☀️When you get a cut or bruise, even a baby one, your skin barrier has been compromised. Even the healthiest skin barrier will not protect you from UV rays whatsoever & any new skin growing after an abrasion is extremely susceptible to UV damage, regardless of your skin tone! I’m super pale, but even with skin that doesn’t burn easily, newly generated skin tissue will become darker if you don’t use an SPF to protect it. I included a pic of a scratch I got from my dog several months ago, where I totally didn’t protect it from the sun. I can be lazy about body sunscreen & this proved to me that almost any broken skin will scar if it gets sun. I used: KINSHIP - Self Reflect Probiotic Moisturzing Sunscreen Zinc Oxide SPF 32 But honestly any sunscreen you like with a decent SPF is key for scar prevention. Reapply & reapply! I love this formula because it’s so moisturizing! Full review in a previous post. Keeping your skin hydrated & moisturized is super important too, you want to give your skin nourishment while it heals. Which brings me to the second most important thing. 🐌A repair serum: Beauty of Joseon - Repair Serum : Ginseng+Snail Mucin I have fully fallen in love with Snail Mucin after this serum! Because Snail Mucin is a stress-induced excretion, it's comprised of ingredients meant to repair or protect from injury. These include growth factors, which work by triggering the growth of new skin cells & new collagen. This particular serum is really affordable-$17. It contains over 3% Snail Mucin & it’s over 63% Ginseng extract, also amazing for skin repair & evening tone. Allantoin is another component in the secretion; healing properties, calms irritation & stimulates cell regeneration Also fragrance/alcohol free! Sulwhasoo - First Care Activating Serum Limited Edition This is also packed with Ginseng & other reparative botanical extracts. This really helps me retain moisture in my skin, I use it 2x a day & have noticed generally brighter & clearer skin in the last few months. You use this after cleansing or toning, before other serums. TATCHA - The Silk Peony Melting Eye Cream After a couple days I added this. ETUDE - SoonJung 2x Barrier Intensive Cream Great for sensitive skin & has vitamin E. I alternated between this &: TATCHA - The Dewy Skin Cream Also used this: Beauty of Joseon - Glow Serum : Propolis+Niacinamide Almost 60% Propolis + 2% Niacinamide
Join the trending topic 🏷 Love Body Care
Join the trending topic 🏷 Love Body Care
Check out @madihomewoodcandid review on her body balm and share your own winter secrets in 🏷 Love Body Care “With the cooler months rolling in, I’m always on the hunt for great body care products. My skin can get really dry and flakey, especially on my shins. This year I’m trying to get ahead of the flake craze and really keep my skin hydrated. But sadly, this product wasn’t the one for me 😔...”
☁️Coco Cloud shave & Blueberry Kush scrub💨
☁️Coco Cloud shave & Blueberry Kush scrub💨
These 2 Truly products were a hit & a miss for me. *☁️Before trying Coco Cloud, I was just using an unscented Dove soap bar to shave🪒 🧼— I know. I was really stuck in a rut for years-even though it wasn’t really working for me (including Venus razors) I think I was scarred by a few 2000s scented drugstore shaving creams that irritated my legs so much! 🍦🥥TRULY - Coco Cloud Luxury Shave Butter $20/4 oz What’s cool is the one I have is almost entirely Organic (only 2/10 ingredients aren’t & they’re Vitamin E & Coconut Oil (last on list) Now I say the one that I have, because I could not find a matching set of ingredients for this product on, Truly’s own website, or this jar (ordered from Truly) I included all 3 on the last slide. I remember seeing it on Ulta, but ended up purchasing on Truly. I wouldn’t have added to cart if I saw that ingredient list though! All 3 are wildly different, & that’s a huge problem, because although I found this product a total game changer, how can I confidently recommend it to you guys if one says it has retinol in it! (I have zero retinol experience) I’d really like to repurchase this with confidence, & it could be a mistake on the site, but Ulta’s differs so much from the product I received as well.. 💻Truly had responsive customer service before, so I’m gonna email them to ask... I might not have found out these discrepancies, but I didn’t know what “Organic Bath Whip” meant as the 1st ingredient, I think it means Glycerin & Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, but not sure how that could be organic? My experience: The Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Virgin Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vanilla Extract, White Tea & Argan Oil, ARE ALL ORGANIC! The only other 2 ingredient are Vitamin E & Coconut Oil. 🥛I love that it’s naturally fragranced with real Vanilla!(personal fav) It smells so good, like vanilla coconut milk! It creates a nice froth & makes shaving super comfortable. Immediate results for me! No more razor bumps & irritated pores! I use the TRULY - Mini Gold Spoon + Satin Pouch ($5 each) to apply & keep sanitary, they’re perfect! Used w/: Venus Gillette - Venus Spa Breeze Razor With Refills Usually $8-$15 No complaints with the handle part, I’ve had the same one for years. Gillette - Venus Spa Breeze Women's 4 Razor Blade Refills Usually $15-$24 I’m switching to a more eco-friendly option, but it’s back-ordered. These don’t hold up for that many shaves before I have to toss them. Like 2, maybe 3- so the price adds up & the soap strips probably aren’t great. TRULY - Blueberry Kush CBD Body Scrub $33/6 oz with 300 mg CBD This product arrived pretty melted/separated & leaking. It was nicely refunded, but my rating is purely on how I feel about the formula itself: It smells very strong of candy, but once you start using it with water it smells kinda weird, like grass? Also leaves a yellow dye-like residue?
It’s Just....Eyeliner. 🙄
It’s Just....Eyeliner. 🙄
A part of me was actually REALLY excited to have one of Makeup By Mario’s products. I didn’t realize that it wasn’t really worth it until I counted how many weeks it’s been sitting on my desk. But I did try it about three-four times! There were good things and bad but I couldn’t get over the fact that it was so easy to find a similar product and formulation on the market. I was looking for an eyeliner that didn’t drag on the teeny weeny parts of my eye. There are only two colors that come in the pencil liner, black and brown So here’s the breakdown- 1. Formulation The formulation is much creamer than some eyeliners. The texture is similar to NARS - High-Pigment Longwear Eyelinerand from the looks of the ingredients there are several emollients(ex: Isododecane), waxes(Ex: Carnuba Wax), and stabilizers that ensure the formula doesn’t separate. Emollients help lubricate the skins surface and provide a soft/smooth appearance and feel to the product. Waxes help give product more form and are often used in cosmetics to give the product more thermal stability. This is good if you live in a hot climate, because it prevents the product from melting easily. It’s a classic formulation overall with a couple tweaks in ingredients to give you more blendability. 2. Performance The eyeliner is great on its own if you’ve never tried a pencil liner before. There was typically less skipping the first time I put it on. However, I did find it more difficult to glide onto my eyeshape when I have powder eyeshadow on. I feel like because the formula gets in contact with a powder, some of the emollient features disappear and you aren’t able to blend it into the eye as nicely. It was difficult to get a clean line on the highest points of my eye. When it’s on, it did last over 6 hours of wear in a dry climate. Those of you who have smaller-set eyes like mine, you may end up sharpening the pencil more often than others in order to get a small crisp wing. One of the highlighted features to the pencil was the brush. Looking at it now I’ve never not wanted to roll my eyes so hard to the back of my head. 😆 It’s merely there for convenience and I find that the bristles are way too long and flimsy to really get into the nooks and crannies of the eye to create a perfect smudge. It’s also not the best choice to have on a product when it comes to being eco-friendly. When you swatch it in the hand, it feels amazing. However, your hand is a flat surface with fairly tight skin and the eye area is more delicate. Therefore, you may not get the same result on the eye. I had to lift and shift some of the skin on my eye to get a clean line, which can be annoying if you’re in a pinch. 3. Final Verdict It’s a brown liner. You can literally get the same thing from FENTY BEAUTY - Flyliner Longwear Liquid Eyeliner or 3CE - Super Slim Waterproof Eyeliner 3CE Liners are awesome and go for 13 dollars! Overall, you can skip this
Dermatologist opinion: facial oil dupe
Dermatologist opinion: facial oil dupe
Marula oil is extracted from the marula tree nut found in Africa. Benefits of marula oil: ✔️Rich in antioxidants- which help fight off free radicals from pollution and UV exposure. ✔️Anti-aging – the antioxidants also help with its anti-aging properties to help keep the skin looking youthful. ✔️Rich in fatty acids- (oleic and linoleic fatty acids) that soften and moisturize the skin. ✔️Lightweight - What’s great about marula oil is that it hydrates the skin and absorbs well without being too heavy or greasy. ✔️Immediate glow- I definitely notice my skin is radiating after I wear this oil. I love to use this instead of a moisturizer as a last step in my nighttime skincare routine, especially during the winter months! DRUNK ELEPHANT - Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil Drunk elephant - $72. yes the packaging is beautiful, but that price point is way too high. It only has one ingredient: marula oil. Why is it so expensive? It is likely due to the processing. It is cold pressed with a patented process of unheated extraction. It is unclear if this process is necessary to maintain all of the benefits of marula oil. The Ordinary - 100% Cold Pressed Virgin Marula Oil Ordinary- $8. Also 100% cold pressed marula oil. The processing may be slightly different. The application is a little less light weight, and for this reason slower to absorb, but still blends easily into the skin and gives an immediate glow. Final thoughts: after trying both, I would choose the ordinary product because they are both so similar! What would you choose?