11 Different Nail Shapes Everyone Should Try in 2020: Get Creative

Aug. 10

Credit: Pixabay

From striking ballerina talons to chic coffin nails, we explore 11 different nail shapes to try in 2020.
Are you feeling like you’re out of options when it comes to changing up your manicure? 
If you’ve tried everything from dip powder to jelly nails, you might want to consider changing your nail shape. Find out what you can try!
11 Nail Shapes for Artificial and Natural Nails to Try, Plus Handy Tips
We share 11 different nail shapes for all styles and levels of maintenance. Whether you feel like rocking claws like Billie Eilish or want to keep them short-and-neat, we have it all:
#1. Square


Square nails work with acrylic and natural nails equally well. They should suit those of you with longer fingers, as the shape creates the illusion of wideness. 
Tip: Make sure your edges stay sharp; otherwise you’ll lose that distinctive square shape.
#2. Round


Round naturals are the boyfriend jeans of the manicure world: laid back and comfy. They’re ideal for a low-maintenance look and suit shorter cuts of nail too.
Tip: Keep the curve gentle rather than sharp, or you’ll veer into almond or oval territory.
#3. Oval


This classic nail shape is ideal for long natural nails. Don’t be deceived—filing oval nails can be tricky as the only the tips should be tapered.
Tip: If your nails are super-short, let them grow out before you try shaping ovals. 
#4. Almond


Much like the nut, almond nails are round at the base and taper off to slightly pointed at the tip. This elegant, chic shape can help elongate your fingers if they’re on the shorter side.
Tip: Pay close attention while filing the tips to avoid over-rounding.
#5. Stiletto 


Stiletto nails are a striking statement you can only get through acrylics. As they’re extremely pointy and long—like the shoe they’re named for—natural nails can’t handle this shape.
Tip: Prepare for your new normal with this ultra-high-maintenance statement look. 
#6. Coffin 


Made famous by celeb beauties such as Kylie Jenner, coffin nails are similar to stiletto nails but with a squared tip. They’re a little less maintenance, but still impressively long.
Tip: You can ask for shorter artificial tips if the super-long style intimidates you. 
#7. Flare


Flare nails are a distinctive motif with tips that widen out, like a skirt. It’s not quite as popular as other shapes on this list, but it’s definitely unique. 
Tip: Use artificial nails for a sharper, smoother edge that won’t snag.
#8. Lipstick 


Lipstick nails resemble their namesake—a slanted, sharp-edged tip. Unless you’re blessed with steely-strong nails, this one is best suited to acrylics or gels. 
Tip: Use dual-tone colors to make this nail shape stand out. 
#9. Ballerina


At first glance, ballerina nails could be mistaken for a coffin shape. However, they have slightly convex sides, much like a ballerina shoe. 
Tip: This another nail shape that requires a commitment to live with: consider it carefully. 
#10. Arrowhead Nails


This witchy shape works well with mid-length nails. If you’re brave enough to try this shape on natural nails, make sure you file the edges smooth to avoid breakage.
Tip: These nails are sharp, and can tear clothing and skin if you’re not careful!
#11. Squoval 


Squoval nails are a hybrid of square and oval nails: a rounded tip and ultra-straight edges. It’ll look good on short nails, but the square part might not be as apparent as you want.
Tip: This style is universally flattering and a great option if you’re taking a break from gels or acrylics.
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