All in One Makeup Palette: Juvia’s Place Blush Palette Volume II

Aug. 9
The appeal of a single makeup palette that be used for all of your makeup needs is almost universal. Whether you're a busy person who wants a quick, simple, and compact makeup solution for every day, or someone who really wants good value for money, a good all-in-one face palette can be your best partner in crime.
The Saharan Blush Palette Volume II 
Juvia's Place is a great brand offering high-quality makeup products that cater to a very diverse range of skin tones. The Juvia's Place product line is highly inclusive, and offers a range of must-have makeup products at very reasonable prices, especially considering the quality of the makeup itself.
Juvia's Place currently has two blush palette's availalble, The Saharan Blush Palette Volume I, which is most suitable for medium to deep-dark skin tones, and Volume II, which is most suitable for light to medium dark skin tones. Each palette has six unique blush shades, mostly made up of warm tones in a soft powder formula.

The Saharan Blush Palette Volume II by Juvia's Place

The Saharan Blush Palette Volume II is a great multi-purpose powder palette that can be used for more than just your cheeks. In fact, I find it to be one of the best all-in-one face palettes I've ever owned, offering great pigment, soft texture, and long wear time.
How to Use the Volume II Palette for Your Whole Face
I use this palette on an everyday basis for makeup looks that are easy to create and still very effective at enhancing my best facial features, all day long.
The Saharan Blush Palette Volume II includes a somewhat russet brown shade, Yara, orange-brown in colour, which is very warm and highly pigmented. I use this shade lightly on the perimeters of my face as a bronzer.
For a simple, monochrome look that lifts the cheeks, I bring the bronzer shade towards the apples of my cheeks, and use it all over as an eyeshadow to define my eyelids. This is the simplest and quickest look you can create with this palette.

Monochrome Bronzed Makeup Look

The Volume II palette sports three shades which I use for blush: Bee (a cool toned mauvey purple), Leena (a bright bubblegum pink), and Tau (a warm muted red shade). I use these three shades as blush to add lift and colour to my complexion, and as matte eyeshadow shades.
The two metallic shades in the palette are Zoba, a duachrome rosey gold colour, and Sola, a stunning metallic fuschia shade. Here are some swatches:

Swatches of The Saharan Blush Palette Volume II in Sunlight on Fair Skin

Swatches of the Saharan Blush Palette Volume II in Natural Light

The pink, purple, and red shades can be used in a similar way as above. When I want to create a brightly-coloured look in just a few minutes, I use the pink Leena shade as a transition/crease colour, then swipe metallic shades Zoba and Sola over the inner and outer portions of my lid, respectively. I put Zoba on my cheeks, too, as a highlighter.
My advice for Zoba, though, is that it is more suited to light to medium complexions as a highlighter. On my very fair skin, it can be a bit dark. As an eyeshadow, though, it is gorgeous.

Bright Pink Makeup Look using The Saharan Blush Palette Volume II

Pro Tip: You can match your lip colour to your eye makeup by swiping some lip balm on your lips, and lightly tapping a blush shade over the top. This tints your lips with the same shade as your cheeks!
The Ultimate All-In-One Face Palette 
I believe that The Saharan Blush Palette's are some of the best on the market, as far as value for money, pigment, and staying power are concerned. The palette's are perfect for beginners with makeup, people who want quick and easy makeup looks, or who are looking for one palette to answer all their wishes.
I highly recommend the Palette for all of the above, and believe that is a great addition to anyone's makeup collection. This travel-friendly palette really is the ultimate all-in-one face palette that you've been looking for.
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