Hot for summer - why we love half-dip nails!

Aug. 9
It’s the nail trend everyone’s crazy about - fresh, eyecatching and it’s all over Instagram this summer. 
It’s a look that your nail technician will be desperate to create for you, but it’s pretty straightforward to replicate at home too. We love how clean and minimalist the contrast between solid color and negative space looks - and the playful variations that are emerging too!


For a simple half-dip effect, you’ll need a base coat, color polish of your choice, topcoat and a fine brush (plus nail polish remover). After applying the base coat to the whole nail, paint the nail with color polish from the halfway point to the tip, and then run a fine brush soaked in nail polish remover along the edge of the color polish to create a dividing line between the bare nail and the colored part. This can make all the difference between a scruffy mani that looks chipped, and a crisp line that looks smart and chic. Alternatively, the same effect can be achieved using tape or stencils. Finish with a topcoat and admire!
Rules, what rules?
We’re enjoying all the different ways that you can personalize this look!
Playing around with the amount of bare or negative space on each nail can be fun.


So is playing around with different colors on each nail.


Or maybe you could play around with both?


Instead of contrasting half-dip color with bare nail, why not contrast with another solid color?

And maybe go diagonal for a change?


This almond-shaped, not quite French mani is so stylish!


And who could resist this cute combination of rainbow colors and quirky nail art?


Mix it up with horizontal, vertical and solid color.


The subtle white line on these terracotta half-dips really makes the color pop!


This pink shade looks just adorable with the addition of these sparkly stars.


And for an artistic look, we adore these monochrome flowers drawn on a white half-dip background.


These retro swirls are evocative of the seventies (ask your Mom!).


Glittery and green! Looks kinda mermaidy…


We’re dotty about this red look…reminds us of a ladybug.


The hand-painted flowers on this yellow half-dip mani are sooooo beautiful. How could you stop looking at your nails all day????


Half-dips AND half moons? Yes, please!


This chrome dip with stars looks like it’s from the future...take us to your leader…


Wow - this blue flowery half dip looks absolutely amazing!


When you wish upon a star...and get these gorgeous gold shimmery half dips.


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It’s our birthday! 🎉😭🍰 Let’s celebrate!
It’s our birthday! 🎉😭🍰 Let’s celebrate!
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What is the best way to apply spf and how often?
What is the best way to apply spf and how often?
Understanding what products to use in your routine can be overwhelming, add trying to figure out how much sunscreen you need to put on your face makes it all that more complicated. Thankfully there are some tips to know exactly how much sun protection is the right amount. Proper sun protection is extremely important for everyone, especially if you are also into skincare or use actives (also known as exfoliants or acids). The best way to apply sunscreen or spf is to use the 2 to 3 finger rule for liquid sunscreens. This rule was popularized by Tiara aka MakeupforWOC who is an esthetician on Twitter and Instagram. This method involves using the index and middle finger length of sunscreen, with the option of adding your ring finger to ensure full sun protection for your face, neck and ears. To make sure you have enough sun protection before leaving the house use a full teaspoon to cover the face, neck and ears, then apply whatever else is left over on the back of your hands and half a teaspoon for only your face. When applying sunscreen, make sure there is an even application, rubbing it into the skin and wait 15 minutes before any sun exposure. Reapplication is recommended every 2 hours after the initial application. If you are also wearing makeup there are the options of spray, powder, cream/lotion for spf. The rule of thumb for reapplication of sunscreen is to blot your face before, as the oils from your face can breakdown the spf. My two fav sunscreens are LA ROCHE-POSAY - Anthelios XL Ultra-Light Fluid SPF 50+ and EVERYDAY HUMANS - Resting Beach Face SPF30 Sunscreen Serum #CheriePartner
Textured Skin?? 3 Tried & Tested Products!
Textured Skin?? 3 Tried & Tested Products!
Up until I really started understanding🤔my skin and how certain ingredients work... I always had textured skin due to acne, blemishes and lack of regular exfoliation. Well here’s my experiences from lessons learnt throughout the years for all those people who are on the same boat as I once was.. I’ve learnt the key🔑to smoother skin is knowing the underlying issue and the reason behind your skin’s uneven texture and incorporating exfoliants in a regulated skincare routine. ⁣ When treating the uneven skin texture, you need to ask yourself whether or not you are using exfoliants (both physical and chemical)? If your answer is NO, then you have bumpy skin and you need to start incorporating an exfoliant into your skincare routine. Lactic acid is a good place to start as it suits all skin types. However, what really works for my skin type (oily/combination) is Salicylic acid. Be sure to start with an exfoliant by using once or twice a week and only take it up to using it 3 times a week. No more than this please ☺️ ⁣ If your answer is YES, then ask yourself:⁣ “How many times am I using the exfoliants and how strong are they?” If you’re using exfoliants more than 2 to 3 times a week and you still have bumpy/textured skin then there’s a high chance your skin’s barrier is not happy. Work on repairing and strengthening your skin barrier by using products geared towards providing hydration💦and moisturization. Periodically, exfoliating definitely will help improve your skin texture! Here are some of ⁣My Tried & Tested Products for bump-free skin: 1. GOOD MOLECULES - Pineapple Exfoliating Powder 2. PETER THOMAS ROTH - Peptide 21 Amino Acid Exfoliating Peel Pads 4. dermalogica - Hydro Masque Exfoliant Follow & Glow! ✨ #cheriepartner ⁣ ⁣
Let’s learn a criss cross braid!
Let’s learn a criss cross braid!
Start with your hair in 4 quadrants or sections. Begin a Dutch or French braid on either front section and continue until the end of the section When you drop your next section, drop from the opposite side. Continue braid and secure with an elastic Continue braid on opposite front section. When you reach the previous braid hop over and grab hair from the new section. Secure with an elastic. That’s it! You have a criss cross braid! Xo