Oh, Gel-No! How to remove that stubborn gel manicure at home

Aug. 9
There is nothing like a fresh gel manicure. If you want to make a great first impression, it gives your handshake that extra oomph. The only downside is, those sleek shiny shades are a little clingy. Your nails grow about 1 millimeter a week and, causing a gap between your polish and your cuticle. Your gel polish will also begin to chip and peel eventually. In short, growing out your gel manicure is not a great look.
If you need to remove your polish, but don’t have the time or money for the salon, Cherie has your back. Just grab a few supplies, follow our simple instructions, and you’ll be back to beautiful nails in no time.
Is Gel Polish the Same as Shellac?
Gel and shellac are similar, but shellac is a bit thinner and will break down faster. You can use the following process to remove either, and we’ll let you know which steps to skip on shellac nails.
Can’t I Just Peel My Gel Polish Off?
Not without damaging your tender nails. As time goes on, you will start to see your gel polish “lift” from the nail. This is natural, but if you start to peel it off yourself, you risk damaging your sensitive natural nail. 
Lifting and peeling is a sign that it’s time to say goodbye. If you leave it on, bacteria can collect in the warm area between your nail and your polish. It's icky, and it puts you at risk of infection.
So let’s set up our at-home salon, shall we?
You Will Need:
  • About half an hour to spare
  • A soft grit (180) nail file 
  • Pure acetone nail polish remover
  • Cotton balls
  • Masking tape, tin foil, or nail clips
  • An orangewood stick, or metal cuticle pusher
  • A cuticle oil or nourishing nail treatment
Get in the Buff
If you have shellac nails, you can skip this step. You need to break the bond between your gel polish and the natural nail underneath. To do that, just take your nail file and gently buff the polish until it’s no longer shiny. 
You may be tempted to remove an extra layer of polish, but this can damage your natural nail. Be gentle and don’t get too over-zealous.
Soak it Up
Saturate your cotton balls in 100% acetone nail polish remover. For efficiency, you can break each cotton ball into 2-3 pieces. Just make sure there’s enough cotton to completely cover your nail.
Stuck on You
Find a comfy way to fix the cotton ball to your nail. This is important, as it will need to soak up all that acetone. There are a few ways to do this:
  • Tinfoil traps heat to your nail, which activates the acetone. 
  • Some people prefer masking tape for dexterity and a tighter seal. 
  • If you’ll be doing this again, invest in some nail clips.
We found a lot of great deals on nail clips from Amazon. Or you can try Etsy.
Sitting Pretty
Sit back with your favorite sitcom and soak it up. This is going to take 10-20 minutes. 
Bye Bye, Gel Nail Polish
This is the most satisfying part of the process. Remove the cotton pads. You should see that your gel polish has softened, and has already begun to lift from the nail.
Using an orange stick or metal cuticle tool, start to push the polish off of your nails. This isn’t a race, so move slowly. Your nails will be a bit dry from the acetone, so don't get too aggressive with your tools.
You may have some stubborn pieces that don’t want to come off. If this is the case, just soak for another 5 minutes and repeat. A proper removal is worth the extra effort, and your nail beds will thank you.
Try a Little Tenderness
Your hands have been through a lot. Acetone can be incredibly drying, and all that pushing and prodding can be stressful. Be sure to treat them to a nourishing nail treatment today, and for the next week. 
We love this shea nail and cuticle oil from L’Occitane. Your nails will look so healthy, you may not even want to go back to polish.
The longevity of gel polish is a blessing and a curse. But with the right tools and a little patience, you can remove that stubborn manicure like a pro.
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Dermatologist tips on pores!
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My Everyday Makeup Routine!
My Everyday Makeup Routine!
This has been my go-to routine for so long! Only takes me 30 minutes (haha sounds short to me) but seriously such an easy way to look glam! My Basic Steps for a good everyday look are in order from 1. Brows 2. Concealer (I pack on a bit more for extra coverage) 3. Contour (Using a darker concealer) 4. Baking (Using a dry beauty blender, this will help keep my makeup on all day!) 6. Contour (This sets the darker concealer/contour shade) 7. Highlight 8. Lashes 9. Gloss of choice (preferable nude or clear to keep it neutral for me) 10. And boom! An everyday glam look! Products listed below (: - Elf Lock on liner and Brow Cream #e.l.f. - Lock on Liner and Brow Cream[products]#[FourStars] In shade “Medium Brown” - Elf Hydrating Camo Concealer #e.l.f. - Hydrating Camo Concealer[products]#[FiveStars] in shade “Light Sand” - Elf Hydrating Camo Concealer #e.l.f. - Hydrating Camo Concealer[products]#[FiveStars] in shade “Deep Dark” - Makeup Revolution “Translucent” baking powder #REVOLUTION - MAKEUP REVOLUTION Loose Baking Powder[products]#[FourStars] - Makeup Revolution Bake and Blot in shade “Deep Dark” #REVOLUTION - Bake And Blot Pressed Powder[products]#[FiveStars] - NikkieTutorials Highlighting Trio by Ofra Cosmetics #OFRA - NikkieTutorials Highlighting Trio[products]#[FiveStars] - Lashes from #EYLURE - Luxe XL Lashes[products]#[FiveStars] - Morphe Lip Gloss in color “Free Bird” #MORPHE - MORPHE Lip Gloss [products]#[FiveStars] Comment below if you’ve tried any of these products! (:
🤦🏻‍♀️Hyperpigmentation Around The Mouth🙅🏻‍♀️
🤦🏻‍♀️Hyperpigmentation Around The Mouth🙅🏻‍♀️
You have got great skin. But the one thing that stops you from stepping out naturally without any makeup is the dark skin around your mouth. Is this true? You have tried everything from DIYs to skin lightening creams. But the pigmentation around your mouth has remained your stubborn friend, right Why Is The Skin Around My Mouth Dark? 1. Hyperpigmentation 2. Weather Conditions Sun exposure and darkening of the skin. In very cold weather, if you lick your lips and the area around it too often, it can discolour the skin and make it look darker How Do You Get Rid Of Hyperpigmentation Around The Mouth? 1. Exfoliate If you exfoliate the area around your mouth regularly with a gentle exfoliator, it can remove dead cells and help to lighten the skin. Opt for a chemical exfoliant as it will not scrape the skin which in turn may worsen the condition. 2. OTC Skin-Brightening Creams Skin brightening creams can be effective in reducing the dark area around the mouth. Look for ingredients such as glabridin (a licorice extract), kojic acid, vitamin C, grape seed extract, azelaic acid , arbutin, curcumin or niacinamide, These block the production of tyrosinase which is needed by the skin to make melanin. 3. Acid Peels Your dermatologist may use a salicylic acid or glycolic acid peel to treat the dark skin around your mouth. However, these peels do not offer a permanent solution and the pigmentation can return. These peels penetrate deep into the skin to repair the damaged cells. Post treatment precautions like staying out of the sun, applying sunscreen and protecting the skin can make the effect of the peels last longer 6. Natural Remedies You can also use natural remedies to treat the dark skin around your mouth. Most of these natural ingredients can be found in your kitchen. Unless you have an allergy to any of these, you can try using them to get rid of the pigmented skin. Exfoliate with Papaya Papaya has fruit acids known as alpha-hydroxy acids, which is a chemical exfoliantAHAs are used for dry skin and to anti-age, and works to improve skin by removing the top layers of the skin through weakening the lipids that bond them together, thus removing dull and dead skin cells and revealing healthy skin cells. Soothe Skin and Reduce Spots with Almond Oil The presence of Vitamin E and niacin help with hyperpigmentation and improving skin tone,” she says. Because sweet almond oil is non-comedogenic (meaning it won’t clog your pores) you can add it to your nightly routine as a makeup remover or moisturizer to help protect the skin barrier. Reverse Photo Damage with Tomatoes Tomatoes are naturally rich in lycopene, which has multiple health benefits, including sun protection Brighten with Yogurt breaks down dead skin cells thanks to lactic acid, which is found naturally in dairy products. Using a yogurt with cow’s milk could be effective in calming the skin, since it has lactic acid. Lactic acid is an AHA, which improves discoloration and age spots
It’s our birthday! 🎉😭🍰 Let’s celebrate!
It’s our birthday! 🎉😭🍰 Let’s celebrate!
We know this has been a hard year but we wanna celebrate our wins 🥂 Here’s to a year filled with beauty ups and downs, perfect finds, great advice, friends and 🔥 looks. Watching our community grow is a beautiful sight. We ❤️ you!
Hi guys! Here is a very accurate nighttime routine that I do every night... with the exception of exfoliating which I do twice a week. Makeup remover: GARNIER - SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1 Cleanser & Makeup Remover Toothpaste: hello - Activated Charcoal Fluoride Free Whitening Toothpaste Face wash: face reality - Ultra Gentle Cleanser Exfoliator: Cure - Natural Aqua Gel Ice roller or an ice cube Lash serum:GRANDE COSMETICS - GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum Spot treatment: #Face reality - Acne med 5%[products]#[FiveStars] Serum:SKINCEUTICALS - Retexturing Activator Face Exfoliator Moisturizer: ELEMIS - Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Facial spray: PACIfICA - Cherry Matte Setting Spray Lip balm: DRUNK ELEPHANT - Lippe Balm Body lotion: #Bath&body works - Body cream Almond essential oil[products]#[FourStars] Brush/braid hair If it helps I have combo, sensitive skin. I hope you enjoyed this video and thank you for watching! 🌒💗