How to Fix Those Pesky Broken Nails At Home!

Aug. 9
Broken nails are the worst. Whenever you are happy with the appearance of your nails that you have waited patiently for weeks and weeks to grow, a simple chip or snag can ruin it all!
So why do nails break? Sadly, the processes you go through to make your nails look as pretty as possible are probably also what is causing your nails to break. For example, repeated wetting with nail polish and appliance of harsh chemicals such as cleaning fluids or nail polish removers apply external pressure which can cause nails to break! Other reasons for broken nails span from climate (for example, when the weather is dry and cold) to daily duties (such as washing dishes and scrubbing down the house).
If you don’t want to get in the situation of discovering a broken nail in the first place then it is important you keep your nails moisturized and trimmed regularly! For the former you should opt for cuticle oils rather than hand creams as most hand creams will have evaporated before ever making much difference to the hydration of the nail. For the latter, keeping your nails trimmed and slightly shorter will make them far stronger and less likely to split or snag. 
Unfortunately, life can get hectic and it is not always possible to stick to your strict moisturizing and trimming nail schedule. It is likely that now and again you’ll look down at your hands and see a broken nail. But you’d have to be a multi-millionaire (with a lot of free time) if you could visit a manicurist every time a nail breaks. The good news is there are ways to fix those broken nails and to do so in the comfort of your own home!
Fix your broken nail with glue
When your nail is split refrain from completely breaking it off. Instead, apply a few coats of nail glue and push the crack back in place. Then, as soon as the nail glue is dry you can cover the nail with some nail polish to keep it in place. 
Please note that glue will not be able to fix the nail permanently but it will keep your nail together until it can be cut neatly or until your next nail appointment. 
Fix your broken nail with a fake nail
When your nail is broken and you can’t bear to wait it out until it grows back naturally a super simple solution is to pick up a press on nail kit. Press on nail kits come in plenty of shapes, sizes and styles so you should easily be able to find a kit that fits with your current nails and then using the glue supplied in the kit you can push the press on nail onto your broken nail. Then your nails will all look uniform and you can rest assured that your natural nail will be growing strong and healthy under the press on!
Fix your broken nail with a silk wrap
Silk wraps are perfect for broken nails because they will bind to the nail like a band aid. All you’ll need is a piece of silk cut in the shape of your nail and some nail glue. While they get to work reinforcing your broken nail you can cover the silk wrap with a nail polish to hide it and provide even more protection! 
Fix your broken nail with gel
You might associate gel manicures with visiting a professional at a nail salon, but it doesn’t have to be so. There are plenty of gel kits available that can be purchased and used at home. By applying the gel to the broken nail, it will add strength to the nail and help repair cracks, breakages and even reattach broken pieces. To add even more strength, try and apply multiple coats of the gel!
Or, if the thought of applying gel polish seems like too much hard work, you can purchase gel strips. Similarly, to silk wraps, the gel strip can be cut in the shape of your nail and then glued on. 
Fix your broken nail with a tea bag
Who’d have thought a tea bag could hold the cure for your broken nail? All you’ll need is your run of the mill tea bag. First you cut the tea bag so it is in a square shape that is roughly the size of the crack on your nail. Then lather the broken area in some nail glue and place the tea bag on top. Then paint over the surface of the tea bag and nail with some nail polish and you’re good to go!
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