Everything You Need to Know About Dip Powder

Aug. 9
There is so much to tell and so little time; so without wasting any, let’s get going. We’ll try to cover the topic of Dip Powder Nails and just as the title says, we’ll try our best to include everything you really do need to know.
What is it?
To start off, it is a technique to decorate your nails currently in trend. No, it isn’t something new but it is getting quickly popularized by social media. It can give your nails a flawless and immaculate look for up to a month without chipping off. Also called the SNS nails, the process involves using colored acrylic powder that is either brushed-on or nails are dipped in the powder and then covered with a sealant. It is a sort of hybrid between acrylic extensions and gel nail polish.
The Process of Application:
The process is quite simple and experts even say that if you can paint your nails at home, then you can dip powder your nails at home as well. Of course, there are a variety of kits available in the market that you can use, but the process of application is usually the same for all; even at beauty salons, they use the same method (more or less).
  • The first step is to prepare the nails by cleaning them and ensuring that there is no dirt or oil. It is here that you may chip off any hangnails by pushing back the cuticles.
  • The next step is to apply a bonder (it’s a matter of choice) so the acrylic powder may stick to your nails. Applying an even layer will lessen the chances of lifting.
  • The next step involves doing one finger at a time. Apply the base and just after that dip the nail in the acrylic powder (use a tray) or apply it using a brush. If you are dipping the nail in the powder, be sure to brush or tap off the excess powder from the nails. You may want to dip your nails multiple times to get the desire color or opacity you would like.
  • Then let your nails dry for a while (2 to 5 minutes will do); use this time to foil them into the desired shape.
  • Finally, apply a top coat and seal the deal.
The process is quite simple but requires delicate handy-work with attention to detail. Once done right, you will get smooth and perfect looking nails that will last you almost a month. Beauty salons opt for brushing on the powder instead of dipping due to hygiene concerns; but if you are doing it at home, you might as well dip rather than brushing. You can tap or brush off the excess afterwards.
Pros and Cons:
Now that we have seen how it works and what the process of application is; time to weigh-in the yay and nays.
  • First, you don’t have to dry dip powdered nails using harmful UV light.
  • Along with that, there are now plenty of do-it-yourself kits available in the market with an endless choice for colors. 
  • Most importantly, it will last you almost a month without cracking or chipping off, which makes it perfect for those with a busy schedule.
The cons include:
  • Bulkier/thicker look than regular nail polish.
  •  Some people are allergic to the bonder (a type of monomer which is allergenic) used for dip powdered nails.
  • Lastly, the removal is a difficult process.
In comparison to gel, dip powder is making quite a disruption in the nails decoration industry; so if you haven’t had your nails done yet, what are you waiting for?
Best Reviews
Glass skin? Uhm YES!
Glass skin? Uhm YES!
This mist is so fun to use. You can use it with makeup or on its own! I tend to use it on bare skin for a natural glowing look. It is a fine mist that moisturizes, nourishes and helps fight damage. It also helps fight irritation and calm the skin. I will be posting a video a little later of me using this before makeup application! Makeup glides on after using this to prep the skin. What’s in it: peach extract Hyaluronic acid Reishi mushroom lotus extract cica ceramides much more! This product has so many awesome ingredients, it’s hard not to love! PEACH & LILY - Glass Skin Veil Mist I will give this a 5/5! Pros: can be used to refresh makeup can be used on bare skin hydrating calming gives a wonderful dewy glow smells nice Cons: $30 for a mist is a bit pricey but this mist does so much in return 💞 let me know a mist you love!
Trying out a new brand! I love it!
Trying out a new brand! I love it!
I was lucky enough to try these new products from Dermtella ! This is a science based brand founded by doctors. I have to say I was really surprised at how well the products worked with my skin! I used the Centella Purifying Gel Cleanser. What’s in it: ⚡️ Centella Asiatica Extract ⚡️ Matcha Green Tea ⚡️ Squalane ⚡️ Oat Amino Acids #Dermtella - Centella Purifying Gel Cleanser[products]#[FiveStars] At first I was surprised when I saw the color of the cleanser but then I realized there was matcha green tea. It did an amazing job of cleaning my skin without feeling dry or stripped. I really enjoyed this cleanser. Next I used the Glow2O™ Brightening Toner. What’s in it: ⚡️ Niacinamide ⚡️ Colloidal Oatmeal ⚡️ Hyaluronic Acid ⚡️ Probiotic Enzymes ⚡️ Centella Asiatica Extract #Dermtella - Glow2O™ Brightening Toner[products]#[FiveStars] This toner has amazing ingredients. It also has no fragrance and no scent at all. It leaves the skin feeling really clean and balanced. It is so hydrating and does an amazing job of prepping the skin. Last I used NiaSkin™ Face Moisturizer. What’s in it: ⚡️ Niacinamide ⚡️ Peptides ⚡️ Oatmeal Amino Acids ⚡️ Hyaluronic Acid ⚡️ Ceramide Complex #Dermtella - NiaSkin™ Face Moisturizer[products]#[FiveStars] This moisturizer is amazing. All the products are so calming because they have oat ingredients within them. They are all super hydrating as well. This moisturizer glides on and leaves skin feeling amazing. Over a week just using these products I noticed my skin get brighter and feel more hydrated and firm. I really am grateful to have received these products because now they will be a staple in my routine. 🌟Products were gifted🌟
Update regarding November 23rd posting bug
Update regarding November 23rd posting bug
Hi cherie fam! We experienced a bug yesterday which caused a number of published posts to disappear without any notification or warning. We have investigated the issue and have since retrieved all affected posts. We apologize for any confusion and will ensure it does not happen again! And please feel free to contact us using the feedback button at any time if you experience any other issues ✨
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Exclusive Giveaway for My Cherie 🍒Community
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My AM routine while rocking cherie merch!
My AM routine while rocking cherie merch!
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