The Prettiest Nail Colors That Complement Deep Skin Tones

Aug. 5
If you’ve ever had a manicure at a nail salon, you will know the overwhelming feeling that comes with choosing the perfect complementing nail colour. Sometimes, the compulsion makes you pick a shade that you later regret. But we say, “no more”! 
This article is the ultimate quick guide to finding the right nail polish colour/s for darker skin tones.

Image Credit - Oleg Magni: Pexels

Getting your nails done is bliss, or at least, it should be! You should be able to choose your colours with confidence - knowing that you’re going to walk out of the salon looking fab! And that’s where we step in to help. 
“Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, it’s handy to know that light colours radiate elegance, while dark nail colors give off a bolder look.”
Here Are 5 of Our Favorite Cute Nail Colours to Suit Dark Skin Tones (No Matter the Season)
1. Pink Polish

Image Credit – Akader: Pixabay

If you’re a sucker for pink, you’ll want to wear it right. For example, avoid light baby pinks that will blend into your natural nail pigmentation. Instead, Elle suggests leaning towards more neon or bright fuchsia pinks.[1]
2. Purple Polish

Image Credit – Pinterest

Both pastel and darker shades of purple will bedazzle darker hands and feet. The choice is yours; are you looking for a dainty, mauve pastel purple or would you like to emphasize a bold and daring dark burgundy?
3. Blue Polish

Image Credit – Pinterest

The key to wearing blue nail polish is to avoid white undertones. Instead, learn to embrace the bluest of blues - the bright cobalt shades that can really stand out on your skin. 
4. Nude Polish

Image Credit - Allure

Nude nail polish on dark skin tones emanates a beautiful feminine effect. Look out for light nude colours that are beige or cream-like shades. Both matt and shiny nude shades look great on darker skin, so, the choice is yours.
5. Red Polish

Image Credit - Essie

Almost all red nail polish colours look amazing on deeply tanned skin – so, we encourage you to play around with the different shades. Think of what type of mood you’re in. Are you feeling brazen and up for a daredevil red? Perhaps summer is calling for something more coral? Or maybe you’ll flaunt a vintage look and stick to wine-red hues? 
What about Neons?
Neons look fantastic on all skin tones. If you’re feeling funky, head for bright neon colours such as orange, yellow, and bright fuchsia. These shades are always safe and will give your hands a young, eccentric look and feel. When in doubt, go for neon - you won’t regret it!

Image Credit – Nappy: Pexels

Don’t let the nail colour swatches stress you out. Getting your nails done is supposed to be fun and relaxing! Take time to think about how you want to look and feel – and then choose a hue that fits your mood. You’ve got this (and you’ve got this guide)!
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