Press on Nails: meet your new nail obsession!

Aug. 5, 2020
Nails – they can make or break a look. But what happens when that costly manicure you treat yourself to once a month doesn’t go with every outfit in your wardrobe? There must be times when you wish you could just magically change that manicure colour or style. Instead, you find yourself locked in with the same nails for a month - or more!
The good news is, it doesn’t have to be like this. Because press-on nails are the hot new nail trend that allow for flexible and affordable nail style!
What are press on nails and how do they work?
Press on nails are usually made of acrylic resin. And the process of putting them onto your nails couldn’t be simpler!
When you purchase the press on nails, they come in a kit that includes the nails, a cuticle pusher, a file and a nail glue. Most packs also have multiple sizes of press on nails for each nail so you don’t need to worry about sizing. If you still cannot find a perfectly fitting nail you can easily file down the existing ones with the file included in the kit. 
The first step to putting on your press on nails is to clip and clean your own nails to ensure they provide a clean base for the press on nails. Then, as soon as you have selected and filed the press on nails you can start applying them with glue one finger at a time. To get a strong hold, press the newly glued press on nail onto your actual nail with pressure for about 20 seconds before letting go. Then, you can paint the nails or decorate them as you wish! 
Why are press on nails so good?
There are plenty of reasons why press on nails are so popular right now – in this article we will focus on their low price, flexibility in style and safety for your nails.
They are affordable 
Firstly, by switching from manicures to press on nails you’ll be saving a small fortune! Press on nails are available in most supermarkets and beauty stores and most kits can be picked up for a few pounds. Whereas most professional manicurists will charge you ten times that at least! 
If you treat your press on nails with care, they can last a long time – up to two weeks for most sets! And, if you treat them well you can easily re-use them and reapply them to your nails.  
You have flexibility in style
What’s more, if you fancy a new style with a manicure you have to book another appointment and give over even more cash – which means most customers choose to wear the same style until their next appointment (no matter how scraggly their nails look in the wait!). In contrast, with press on nails it is easy and cheap to pick up a new kit and rock a new nail style that very same day! 
Plus, as the press on nail industry expands there are more and more shapes, styles and colours available! In particular, companies and brands such as Static Nails, Très She and The Nailest are forerunners in the industry!
And remember, press on nails do not discriminate. They are supplying more sizes than ever. It is now the norm for press on nail kits to contain numerous sizes per nail. If your kit still does not provide enough sizing options it is easy enough to shop for press on nails online to find unlimited press on nail brands!
They do not damage your nails
If you regularly use gel extensions and acrylics you might have noticed a reduction in the quality of your natural nail. To put the gels or acrylics onto your nail manicurists have to buff your natural nail down until it is paper thin and weak. Then, to remove the gels or acrylics your nails have to be soaked for up to fifteen minutes in harmful chemicals such as acetone. This can often lead to a vicious circle where as your natural nail quality diminishes you become more and more reliant on gel extensions and acrylics which go onto further damage your natural nail. Press on nails can be the saviours to your natural nails in this scenario!
Press on nails can be applied to your nails and left on, allowing them to grow naturally strong and healthy underneath. Then, unlike with gel extensions and acrylics, as long as you are careful about soaking your glued-on press on nails in warm and soapy water, rather than ripping them off, they will detach safely from your nail without any damage! 
This makes press on nails the safest nail extensions available! 
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