How to Remove Acetone From Your Routine

Aug. 4, 2020
Oops- there’s a chip in your at-home mani and no nail polish remover in sight. We’ve all been there. Or maybe you’ve got plenty of acetone, but can’t stand the smell. Perhaps you’ve been reading about the environmental impact of your beauty products, and want to be a bit more earth-friendly.
Acetone is effective, but it isn’t the only way. We’ve scoured the internet for alternative products that are tough on polish, gentle on everything else. 
Should We Even be Using Nail Polish Remover?
Most of us have a bottle of polish remover in our bathroom. It’s the product we’ve always relied on, why would you try anything else? 
Here are a few reasons to consider making the switch:
Gentle Alternatives for Delicate Skin. Traditional polish removers can be drying on the skin. The skin around your nails is delicate, and your cuticles are designed to keep bacteria at bay. If they crack or peel, it can cause infection. Using nail polish remover once in a while is no big deal, but we all know most at-home manis need frequent touch-ups. 
Stronger Nails. The drying effects of acetone can compromise your nail health, too. People with thin or brittle nails should steer clear of acetone. It can lead to thinning and breakage, which leaves you open to infection.
You Feel Better. Nail polish removers host a tonne of chemicals like isopropyl acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, and n-methyl-pyrrolidone. Inhaling these chemicals can irritate your sinuses and even cause dizziness or nausea. Small amounts won’t hurt you, but if you’re using nail polish remover more than once a week, it's time to look elsewhere.
It’s Better for the Earth. The chemicals in these removers are airborne and have a negative environmental impact. Trace amounts can also get into our water and soil after disposal, and that adds up over time. 
It's time to switch up our routine and try something new.
Alternatives to Acetone
Hydrogen Peroxide and Warm Water: Hydrogen Peroxide is naturally occurring, and breaks down easily. It’s a slower process than traditional polish remover, so saturate a cotton pad and wrap it to your nail with foil. You can also let your hands chill out in a bowl of the solution, but it may not be the most comfortable.
Sit back for about 20 minutes, then scrape off your polish with an orange stick or metal cuticle tool. Hydrogen peroxide is concentrated and can be harsh on hands. Dilute with 1 part water for every 2 parts peroxide for the best results.
Vinegar and Lemon Juice: These naturally acidic ingredients work similarly to loosen your polish. Mix 1 part vinegar to every 2 parts fresh lemon juice. Then grab your cotton balls and foil, and get to work. This will also take about 20 minutes to take effect.
For this solution, you’ll want to do a patch test first. If you have sensitive skin, it may be uncomfortable to soak in this acidic mix.
Hairspray: Try a non-aerosol spray for environmental brownie points. Hairspray is surprisingly efficient as a nail polish remover, and smells nicer too. Saturate a cotton ball, then scrub away.
Hairspray may be drying, but it’s much gentler than acetone polish remover. Follow up with your favorite hand lotion, and you’ll be fine.
The New Remover in Town
The above methods work great in a pinch, but they’re a little on the slow side. If you’re looking for a long-term alternative, you may want something more efficient. Luckily, the beauty world has answered the call.
Soy Nail Polish Remover: Works like a regular remover, but is full of skin enriching oils. Our favorite is the lavender-scented soy remover from Ella + Mila. It’s cruelty-free, vegan, and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.
Cream Nail Polish Remover: Cream and gel removers nourish your skin while removing your nail polish. We love The Sign Tribe’s Remove and Chill because it’s easy on you and the earth. It sits on the nails for 3 minutes (no awkward tin foil required) and rubs off, removing your polish like magic.
Give up on acetone, not beautiful nails. You may need to experiment, but we are confident you’ll find your perfectly polished match. 
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My Farewell To Cherie
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Wednesday Wellness 🙏🏾
Wednesday Wellness 🙏🏾
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We’ll Miss You!
We’ll Miss You!
To our cherie fam who has inspired us deeply over the last year and a half: thank you. We are so grateful to have been a part of your beauty journeys and the community you created with us was nothing short of amazing. It's with sadness that we announce that cherie will be closing our doors on April 8, 2021, and your posts will no longer be available. While our platform will no longer be available, we encourage our community members to continue finding ways to create and allow their authentic voices to be heard.
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