Short Wavy Bob Haircuts Trending On Instagram

Aug. 3
We’ve rounded up inspiration for your next wavy bob hairstyle, courtesy of Instagram. Short haircuts require commitment, but they don’t have the maintenance requirements of long hair, which makes styling a bob much more fun and easy. It's no wonder that short hair is becoming so much more popular recently. Whether you’re considering a change of style or have just had a fresh chop, below, we’ve rounded up our favourite short wavy bob haircuts.


Calling all low maintenance girls – this one’s for you! You can use straighteners to create this subtle wave effect, which adds a little lift to short hair and a hint of shape if your hair naturally falls poker straight. It looks great on super short lengths.


You’ll need frequent trims to keep on top of a blunt-ended look like this one, but it’s totally worth it. Use tongs to create the wave and keep hair loose as you twist it around the wand. Remember to follow the same direction with each strand in order to create the smooth wave effect.


Waves are the perfect way to show off a fresh ombre colour. You’ll need to section your hair and curl in opposite directions in order to show off the different layers of colour and recreate this eye-catching look.


THis blunt-ended choppy style looks great on freshly-chopped locks. Start by adding texture-enhcning products like salt sprays or curl creams to damp hair and tousle your hair with your fingers as you blow-dry it. Rather than dry it all the way, let it air-dry to enhance the choppy effect.


For those lusting after a French girl-inspired style, sweep your hair to the side and create a voluminous effect by tightly curling hair then brushing it out with a soft-bristled brush. All you need now is to add red lipstick and a beret.


Take inspo from one of our favourite celebrity bobs, Kaia Gerber, and recreate this effortless soft wave effect by twisting curl cream through damp strands. Once dry, finish the look using curling tongs and a comb to brush hair out into a softer shape.


Instagram is packed full of 70s-inspired hairstyle right now, and we’re obsessed with this face-framing wavy bob. You’ll need curling tongs with a narrow wand to carefully create shape in the front strands so that they sit around your face in this cheekbone-enhancing style.


There’s nothing better than a layered wavy bob for accentuating your cheekbones and jaw line. It's a daring look and will require daily styling and regular salon visits, but if you can pull it off, it’s 100% worth it.


Pastel ombre is a great way to enhance a wavy bob, but even if you’re not bold enough to experiment with colour, this soft wave style is super flattering. Use straighteners to create the shape without over-curling.


For those who want a stylish but low-maintenance ‘do, this style proves that waves, a bob, and a fringe are not mutually exclusive. Bring it to life with plenty of wave or texture spray on damp hair and lots of finger tousling.
See, wavy hair is a short style’s BFF! With a little help from some styling products and heat tools, you’re minutes away from rocking this Insta-trending look.
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Join the trending topic 🏷 Beauty Year-in-review
Join the trending topic 🏷 Beauty Year-in-review
2020 has been a rollercoaster, but 2021 is right around the corner! Share on cherie what your year has been like when it comes to beauty. Have you learned anything life-changing, tried a new treatment, maybe experimented with a new look? Join the trending topic tag 🏷 Beauty Year-in-review and tell us what you've tried, loved, hated, and discovered this year! 💫Did you work on a beauty concern? What was it and what did you do to improve it? ❄️Did you try a new look or life-changing product? What inspired you to try them? 🌟Did you discover a new product, ingredient, or technique that has changed your beauty routine?"
Another beautiful HA serum other than Glowrecipe
Another beautiful HA serum other than Glowrecipe
Another beautiful Hyaluronic acid serum! I am a fan of Farsali products and this is no exception 😍❤️ MOISTURE REPLENISHING SERUM QUENCH by Farsali ✨💧 fARSÁLI - Quench I found it similar to Glowrecipe one in performance and details while the consistency is a little different. It's a hyaluronic acid serum that helps to replenish moisture in the skin by using a unique complex of low and high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid. The staggered molecular weights of the Hyaluronic Acid are designed to help promote multi-depth hydration on both the skin's surface and in the epidermis. Enriched with replenishing Provitamin B5, the skin's elasticity appears improved as well as feeling and looking softer. ❤️INGREDIENTS: 💧Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid is a lightweight, versatile hydrator that attracts and binds 1,000 times its weight in water. Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid is such a tiny molecule, it's able to penetrate deep into your skin and replenish moisture from within. 💧Hyaluronic Acid High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid, due to the larger molecule size, this Hyaluronic Acid sits on top of the skin, forming an invisible shield that traps moisture. This helps reduce moisture loss from stress, heat, extreme cold and environmental factors. 💧Vitamin B5 Vitamin B5 a naturally moisturizing form of Vitamin B5, otherwise known as Panthenol. This silky vitamin helps replenish skin for a soft and supple appearance. The best part is it's Ingredients list, it's only 7 Ingredients and the formulation is so good that I feel I have been sleeping on this product for this long. It feels so soft and smooth on skin, goes on silky, smooth and doesn't feel heavy. And after few hours skin feels super hydrated and plump. I found this serum to be working the best for dehydrated skin condition. Especially in the colder months. Dehydration leads to broken barrier and dullnes, this targets these issues! It's only 24$ which is a win in my opinion! Their opther products which are my favorite are a bit more expensive than this one! I love it! It goes on perfect under makeup as well! Would you like to try this?
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🌈GIVEAWAY LIVE with Flamingo body care!
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Let’s learn a criss cross braid!
Let’s learn a criss cross braid!
Start with your hair in 4 quadrants or sections. Begin a Dutch or French braid on either front section and continue until the end of the section When you drop your next section, drop from the opposite side. Continue braid and secure with an elastic Continue braid on opposite front section. When you reach the previous braid hop over and grab hair from the new section. Secure with an elastic. That’s it! You have a criss cross braid! Xo
What is the best way to apply spf and how often?
What is the best way to apply spf and how often?
Understanding what products to use in your routine can be overwhelming, add trying to figure out how much sunscreen you need to put on your face makes it all that more complicated. Thankfully there are some tips to know exactly how much sun protection is the right amount. Proper sun protection is extremely important for everyone, especially if you are also into skincare or use actives (also known as exfoliants or acids). The best way to apply sunscreen or spf is to use the 2 to 3 finger rule for liquid sunscreens. This rule was popularized by Tiara aka MakeupforWOC who is an esthetician on Twitter and Instagram. This method involves using the index and middle finger length of sunscreen, with the option of adding your ring finger to ensure full sun protection for your face, neck and ears. To make sure you have enough sun protection before leaving the house use a full teaspoon to cover the face, neck and ears, then apply whatever else is left over on the back of your hands and half a teaspoon for only your face. When applying sunscreen, make sure there is an even application, rubbing it into the skin and wait 15 minutes before any sun exposure. Reapplication is recommended every 2 hours after the initial application. If you are also wearing makeup there are the options of spray, powder, cream/lotion for spf. The rule of thumb for reapplication of sunscreen is to blot your face before, as the oils from your face can breakdown the spf. My two fav sunscreens are LA ROCHE-POSAY - Anthelios XL Ultra-Light Fluid SPF 50+ and EVERYDAY HUMANS - Resting Beach Face SPF30 Sunscreen Serum #CheriePartner