Get Salon-like Pedicure At Home In 6 Easy Steps!

Jul. 30
While pampering your own self, you always forget the little beauty features, which is actually an enhancer. Or, you are up with some financial issues, and because of this, a pedicure is not in your to-do list of the month. Although it's a small part of the body, an under-groomed foot can give the other person a wrong impression. But why to stress so much, when you can do a salon-like pedicure at home, and surprisingly, it's not only highly affordable, but anyone can do it with ease in six easy steps!
Steps to do Pedicure at home:
Before heading to the steps, there are few essentials that you will require. Find a good foot scrub and nail scrub for yourself along with a cuticle pusher. If you don't have any, then being a beauty lover, you have to buy it, and it will never go in vain. Keep a tub of warm water, and your favorite bath salt, and follow the below-given steps.
1. Remove your old nail paint
Use a cotton pad to remove your old nail paint, as the cotton balls don't clean up nicely. Find yourself a good quality nail paint remover, or else stick to acetone. 
Gently remove the nail polish by applying remover on the cotton pad. Before wiping, take care that the liquid has appropriately soaked. Clean up the nails twice and thrice until the paint gets removed properly. 
2. Soak your feet
So here is where you get the real relaxation. Take a warm water tub and just add your favorite fragrance or any essential oil along with the bath salt or shampoo. 
This step reduces the inflammation and the pain if you have any, and also makes the foot softer. You can even add lemon juice for the special spa-like treatment. Give a gentle massage to calm your nerves. 
Soak your feet for at least 30 minutes, play some soothing music in the background. Later, dry it up with a soft towel. 
3. Scrub, trim and file a little
Just after you have dried up your feet, scrub a little in the heel part, and at other rough spots. Remove the cuticle carefully as you may get hurt at this stage. Use an exfoliate to exfoliate the areas between the toes and side of the feet. Get your favorite clippers and trim your nails. Now here you can decide what shape fits you like oval, pointed or sharp nails. 
4. Don't forget to moisturize!
A good moisturizer gives the perfect shine and glam to the feet. Rough skin is a thumb down, and on the other hand, a nourished and moisturized skin glows a lot. You can even give a good foot massage to the feet and ankles at this step.
If you don't have any moisturizer, then select any almond oil or olive oil of your choice. It nourishes and enhances blood circulation. For fragrance, add any essential oil and give a soothing massage. 
5. Glam up your nails with your favorite nail paint
Now you are all set to add the actual glam by your favorite nail polish. Choose your favorite shade, or go for some tricky nail arts. But see to it that there is no oil left on the skin as it may not give the desired texture.
Apply a thin base coat; this is optional and selects your go-to shade. To get better consistency, rub the bottle with your hands a bit. Start with some thin layer and end up my smooth strokes to give a better finishing look. 
Once you have applied the first coat, wait a minute and let it get dried. Apply the second coat with proper grip; if you have shaky hands, then you can even use some gripping tools.
6. Finish it off with a final topcoat 
Use a top coat to give extra shine and lock to the nail paint. And if you have any color marks left near your nail, then dip an ear bud in the polish remover and clean it off. Even this is exceptional, but why let your hard work go in vain when you can actually give a better shot. You can also use a cuticle serum daily after this glowing pedicure session.
You can save a lot by following the above six steps, and it obviously gives the spa-like feels. Also, if you have rough skin, then try this pedicure session as much as you can. Make a habit of using a moisturizer and a cotton sock daily, as it will make the skin supple. And, why let some bucks go when pedicure is everyone's cup of tea!
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