15 Tips to Wearing the Perfect Gel Nail Polish Perfectly

Jul. 30, 2020
Painting your own nails can save you both time and money, but it can be a pain try and get your nails to look like you’ve had them done professionally. Somehow, there’s a perfect art to nails and, frustratingly, many of us would rather pay for someone else to do it than be seen with a half-assed polished nail. Clearly, if you’ve found this article, you want to get the hang of creating the perfect gel nail, and luckily we have our tips to finally make your dream a reality.
1. Clean your hands and nail beds before starting your manicure. Any oils, dirt, or leftover polish on your nails can keep the new gel from sticking properly. 
2. File your nails enough to get any snags off and don’t go overboard on cutting your cuticles, because it can result in germs and infection.
3. Make sure your nails are completely dry before application. Any moisture that can get trapped under the polish can lead to them rising up and off your nail. 
4. Start with a base coat. Putting the gel color directly on your nail can result in staining and will make it much more difficult to remove the gel later on.
5. Keep your coats thin. It’s better to have multiple, thin, and separately dried coats than to make them so thick that there isn’t enough time for them to fully dry, which can lead to peeling and bubbling.
6. When using lighter colors, less is more. It’s better to have more coats than thicker ones, to ensure that you can’t see the nail through the polish.
7. Be sure not to get any paint on your skin or cuticles. After your gel nails are dry, this will cause the paint to peel away from your skin, which will result in dirt getting underneath. You’ll have them all picked and peeled off within the day. 
8. Try painting from the bottom, close to the cuticle and up to the left. Lift the brush and paint up against and to the right then again up the center. Finish by taking the brush and lightly swiping it over the top rim of the finger (capping the free edge) to seal in the gel.
9. Don’t forget that final topcoat. If the gel polish you’re using says “no wipe” it means you don’t need to wipe with alcohol afterward to get rid of the stickiness, but if it’s a standard gel polish, you will need to wipe the nail with a piece of paper towel or tissue soaked in the alcohol to finish.
10. When using a UV light for your gel nail polish, be sure to keep the light over your hand for each coat of nails for at least 1:30 seconds. Try not to bump the nails against the light or sides of the light to keep them from scratching.
11. Use the same brand for your base, topcoat, and color. If you mix and match brands (especially choosing the cheaper ones or those that are on sale) you run the risk of them peeling prematurely or not coming off at all.
12. Be patient. When it comes to gel nails, you need to give yourself time to get each coat right without rushing. Going too quickly will only result in having mistakes to fix or having to start all over a couple of days later.
13. Do it one hand at a time. When you’re doing your own nails, it’s important to start with one hand and finish completely before painting the next. Doing one coat for both hands at once can lead to overdrying and an unwanted finish.
14. Instead of shaking your color before using, which is a popular method for many at-home manicurists, try rolling it in your hand instead. This will result in a more even mixing of the color and its primer. 
15. Finally, always work on a flat and sturdy surface (that means not on your lap!) and make sure there is an ample amount of light. You want to be able to check under a light to make sure you haven’t missed any spots or left any imperfections before you cure the gel.
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Reviewing My Followers Skincare Routines pt. 1
Reviewing My Followers Skincare Routines pt. 1
Hey y’all! In today’s post I’ll be reviewing my followers skincare routines! I went through some of y’all’s accounts in search of some routines, then messaged everyone to make sure they were okay with me using their routines in this post! This is only pt. 1 because this post got wayyy to long to include everyone at once! Let me start by saying I’m not an esthetician or dermatologist, nor have I ever claimed to be. I am just a fellow skincare lover who knows a lot about ingredients in skincare. We’re starting off with @Chloe_McRae. Sometimes she decides to double cleanse, and when she does she starts with the#Holifrog - Kissimmee Vitamin F Therapy Balmy Wash[products]#[FourStars] which is $42 for 2.5 fl oz. This has a ton of great hydrating oils, as well as Vitamin F, which is great for helping cell turnover. I would say it’s a great first cleanse for those with dry skin. Next she uses theDRUNK ELEPHANT - Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser Deluxe Sample which is $32. I would say this is a good cleanser. The cleansing agents are gentle and non stripping, and it also has glycerin which is hydrating, and cantaloupe fruit extract which is a hydrating extract full of antioxidants. Other than that, this is a pretty basic cleanser. Next she uses the HERBIVORE - Prism 20% AHA + 5% BHA Exfoliating Glow Facial l which is $58. Because the name is confusing, it’s a gel face mask. This stuff looks gorgeous and the ingredients are too. Along with AHA and BHA, it has aloe and rose water which help your skin to retain moisture. I don’t think it’s worth $58, but it’s pretty good. Next is the PEACH & LILY - Wild Dew Treatment Essence which is $39 for 3.38 fl oz. This essence has glycerin, Nicinamide, and Hylaronic acid. For $39 I expected a lot more. In general, essence is less effective than a serum, so this seems a little expensive for what you get. Then comes theDRUNK ELEPHANT - Sweet Biome Fermented Sake Hydrating Spray which is $42. Yes, $42 for a face mist. Now looking at the ingredients this has glycerin and a small amount of Hylaronic acid. The rest of the ingredients are extracts. Thankfully there isn’t fragrance, but this is a no because it’s so expensive. And finally is the COSRX - BHA Blackhead Power Liquid which is $24. Really this has some Willow water and Nicinamide and that’s it. Okay I freaked out at this point. Nowhere in this routine is sunscreen or moisturizer!!! Nooooo!! We need less acids and more of the basics. Overall I’d say this routine has too many steps. I think you could simplify down to a double cleanse, a cheap but good serum with Hylaronic acid and Nicinamide which seem to be the ingredients that work well for your skin, and the a moisturizer and some spf. Our next routine comes from @WillWorkforMascara. She starts her routine with theCeraVe - Foaming Facial Cleanser For Normal To Oily Skin w is $17. This product is great for oily skin, which she has. It has glycerin, nicinamide, and Hylaronic acid so it’s super hydrating. Next she usesThe Ordinary - Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution witch is $8.70. Along with glycolic acid, it has aloe vera water and glycerin. Some people think it’s overly stripping, but for oily skin its great. Now this is where this routine becomes international. She goes in with theMUJI - Boosting Essence Lotion which is $7 for 50 ml. This essence has aloe vera juice and glycerin. It does have quite a bit of fragrance though which makes it a no from me. Next she goes in with the#Pearlessence - Argan Oil + Vitamin E facial oil[products]#[ThreeStars] which is $11.89 for 1.83 fl oz. This product has two ingredients. Vitamin E and Argan oil. Now this is where we really go international. #Human Nature - Sunflower Eye Cream[products]#[TwoStars] and found out that 295 Cuban Peso is $12.29. Now as for the ingredients this eye cream has sunflower oil and glycerin. And fragrance. Fragrance can especially be irritating around the eye area so this is another no. Instead try some thing likeTHE inkey LIST - Caffeine Eye Cream She also uses a eyebrow and eyelash oil called Peach Thy Lash which is 150 Cuban Peso or $6.25. I don’t know anything about this kind of product so I can’t really say if it works. And finally is theLANEIGE - LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask which is $22. This mask has Vitamin C, Hylaronic acid, and glycerin. It seems good to me, but this sort of product is more about the experience, and I haven’t tried it. Again! We need moisturizer and sunscreen! This one also has too many steps so let’s simplify it to cleanser, toner, moisturizer, sunscreen, eyelash oil, and lip mask. Unfortunately this post would be super long if I included everyone, so look out for pt. 2 coming soon! Please cheer for this post if you liked it, comment below your holy grail skincare products, and follow me to join the family and for similar content! -Mae
Black Owned Makeup Look
Black Owned Makeup Look
So I decided to use the products I pictured in my first photo (minus my highlight shade and lipstick) I used the #Ace Beaute - Nostalgia Palette[products]#[FiveStars] for my entire eye look. I definitely enjoyed these products. My only advice is to shake the UOMA BEAUTY - Say What?! Foundation before use (because it can come out watery) but the coverage is absolutely flawless. I was shocked with the consistency the coverage I got. What’s your favorite black owned brands? (I do not own right to the song)
All about Cherie Spotlight
All about Cherie Spotlight
Hi all! 🎉🥳 New year, new (and improved) Cherie Spotlight! There's a lot of new faces, so a big welcome to all those who are new! We want to (re)introduce Cherie Spotlight - a really fun and engaging way to get involved with the cherie community and even win some free beauty prizes - so you don't miss out on all the fun things happening within cherie! ABOUT CHERIE SPOTLIGHT The great thing about Cherie Spotlight is that anyone can participate. You don't have to be a seasoned creator or a professional beautician. Start creating and posting, and you're in the running! Each category has 5 winners, for a total of 15 winners every two weeks - that’s 30 winners a month!! You can find the information about Cherie Spotlight, the winners from last week, and the prizes for the current week in the designated area in the app (more on that later!). THE CATEGORIES There's a few different ways to get involved and win. Here's what you need to know! Cherie’s Picks Cherie's Picks is a selection of our favorite, top engaged with content that is selected by Team cherie. Content that is loved by the community and cheered for, commented on, saved, etc. are considered for Cherie's Picks. New on Cherie So you're new around here... Welcome, we're so glad you're here!! It can be intimidating to create a new account and start posting, but we're here to cheer you on along the way and maybe you can get a free beauty product while you're at it! Share your first posts on cherie for a chance to win the New on Cherie prize. It's THAT simple! Cherie Convo On cherie, we're all about encouraging conversations and listening to what YOU have to say! For this category, we want you to post into the topic of the week with your stories, opinions, and more. You can check out the weekly topics at the top of the Discover page or on this account @cherie and share what's on your mind! Make sure you use the Topic tag to tag the weekly topic in order to be considered for that week's Cherie Convo. WHERE TO FIND CHERIE SPOTLIGHT The Cherie Spotlight page is where you can find all the information regarding Cherie Spotlight. Here, you can see last week's winners & their prizes, as well as this week's prizes. To find the Cherie Convo topics for each week, check out the Discover banners or this account @cherie. There are three ways to view the Cherie Spotlight page in the cherie app: Discover banner Go to the Discover page and find the rotating banner. Click on the banner titled "Win Prizes with Cherie Spotlight!" to be redirected to the Cherie Spotlight page. Notification page Go to your Notifications page and find the uppermost banner labeled "Cherie Spotlight" Insights Go to your profile page and click the "Insights" button. From here, you will see a "cherie spotlight" banner. This will take you to the Cherie Spotlight page! Happy posting! If you have any questions, DM us on cherie or comment below 🍒
Hi Army!
Hi Army!
Beauty is always evolving. That's why I'm never afraid to switch up and thing or two. When I started my beauty journey, I only wore eyeliner. I was so afraid to try other products because of the stigma that was on "makeup" and how it would make your skin look, etc! But once I realized my passion for Beauty such as makeup, skincare & hair, I asked myself "Why am I listening to everyone else?" and from that day forward, I've been discovering so many great things about my skin, what products are my favorite and what I do & don't like. Finding the perfect products for you can be a mission, but lately It's been a bit easier on my friends & I by using the Cherie beauty app. Not only do I get to explore products that I'd probably walk past in the store, but I get to read reviews and watch people with the same skin & hair type as me express their love or hate for the products! Now instead of listening to people say beauty is bad, I get to be in a community full of people all around the world who share the same passion. It's exactly what I wish I had at the beginning of my journey! Can’t wait to share more with you guys! 💕
LOVE YOUR SKIN ❤️ From Junkie to Skincare Junkie
LOVE YOUR SKIN ❤️ From Junkie to Skincare Junkie
I have had quite a weird relationship with my skin throughout the years. This last year I have shown it the most love & care than I ever have throughout my life. For over 7 years of my life, I was a heroin addict. From the ages of 16 to 23 all I cared about were drugs & having “fun”. I certainly didn’t care about my skincare. I picked at my face, popped pimples, cleaned it with whatever I could find. I had no love for myself & I felt ugly inside & out. Luckily, over a year & half ago, while 5 months pregnant, homeless & living in my car with my boyfriend, a miracle happened. We got arrested. That arrest forced a chain of events that brought me here, today, writing this post. Right now, as I lay in my new house with my son asleep on one side of me & my husband on the other, I am clean & sober. & sobriety is the best gift I ever gave myself & I am so thankful for it. Through sobriety I found myself. My likes, my dislikes. Things I’m good at. Things I’m really not good at. (Cooking 😬) & it turns out, I really, really love skincare! It’s not a perfect love though, I still have my ups & downs. My breakouts & my imperfections. (Currently there are 3 pimples developing on my chin laughing at me😂) Regardless of that, I am happy & I enjoy every second of life today. I have come from using wet wipes to clean my face, to using the worst of the worst in early sobriety (St. ives - I remember you😖), to now having a good, healthy & consistent routine! I now pay attention to ingredients in my products & I know what they mean & what they do. I understand what my particular skin needs! & what to use to help it stay clean & radiant. I am so happy with my journey & so thankful that I’m alive to share it with you guys today. I am living proof that we do recover but that recovery, just like skincare isn’t going to be perfect. It’s real. There are good days & bad days. But no matter how “bad” a day could be while sober, I look back & remember how far I have come & how far I plan to go. Thank you for reading! ❤️ @cherie@Cheriebeauty@CheriePick